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1. Device activation problems (discussion in the topic -I can not activate, requires Apple ID)
2. Rollback of the device (all information is presented in the topic -[FAQ] Rollback instructions (downgrade))
3. Power consumption of the device (discussion in the topic -IPhone battery life)
4. Comparison and discussion of processor performance (discussion in the topic -Comparison of iphone processors (all) from tsmc and samsung)
5. The need to upgrade and select the firmware;
6. Discussion jailbreak and everything connected with it;
7. Discussion of device selection (there is a section -Selection and Comparison)
8. Third-party questions about any problems associated with the programs, operating system, iTunes, network, components (ask there:iOS - First Aid)
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11. Problems with the "Refurbished" refurbished devices (discussed in Section- Marriage and repair of Apple devices)
12. Questions about repairing the phone are discussed in the topic -iPhone Repair
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Basic information:
Colors : black, blue, yellow, white, coral and (PRODUCT) RED
Memory : 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB
CPU : A12 Bionic
RAM : presumably 3 GB

Additional Information:
Physical dimensions:
  • Length: 150.9 mm
  • Width: 75.7 mm
  • Thickness: 8.3 mm
  • Weight: 194 g

  • Display Liquid Retina HD
  • Multi-Touch LCD display on the entire front panel. With a diagonal of 6.1 inches and IPS technology.
  • 1792 Г— 828 pixels, 326 ppi
  • 1400: 1 contrast ratio (standard)
  • True Tone Technology
  • Extended color gamut (P3)
  • Brightness up to 625 cd / mВІ (standard)
  • Oleophobic coating resistant to the appearance of fingerprints
  • Supports simultaneous display of multiple languages ​​and character sets
* The iPhone XR display is a rounded rectangle. The diagonal of this rectangle without rounding is 6.06 inches (the actual viewing area is smaller).
Useful experience
For those who want to increase the fonts in the browser Safari -Way
Deciphering geolocation services that can be turned off to save battery power -Here, thankinterceptor13

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mixa611408 @ 27.02.20, 08:25*
Weather application works without animations

sort advised to remove the "extended interface"

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Hello. I plan to go with android on XR. The main thing for me - whether Google photos and what cards you use for navigation? Already accustomed to Google Photos and Google MAPS + subscription to 100GB.
And how can we make any melody on a call? C '4' had this nuances. And increasing the volume of the signal.

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krezimax1975 @ 27.02.20, 11:04*
whether there is a picture Google

there is
krezimax1975 @ 27.02.20, 11:04*
And how can we make any melody on a call?

krezimax1975 @ 27.02.20, 11:04*
And increasing the volume of the signal.

in sound editor

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* krezimax1975,
About the increase is not, at least nominally. But when the ringing phone sensors sees you face the id, the volume of music gets out for a minimum)
It is currently down)

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For the year to the iPhone Xr 94% Accum. This is the norm?

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edhappy @ 27.02.20, 12:04*
For the year to the iPhone Xr 94% Accum. This is the norm?

I have 95%, especially not trust these figures

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* edhappy, if you believe this figure is more than excellent result

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Senator @ 27.02.20, 09:43*
sort advised to remove the "extended interface"

Yes, the increased interface probyval clean ... make standard and earned! Thank you very much)))

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IPhone XR best selling smartphone in 2019

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krezimax1975 @ 27.02.20, 10:04*
What cards do you use for navigation?

Yandex, Google, 2GIS, maps.me, Magic Earth, Sygic, Hudway.go, Karta GPS.

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iTunes grit can not dostuchatsya to iPhone, make it the Restoration Factory settings.
How to make a backup?
The installations included iCloude, he says that if it is connected to power, and is WiFi, it does something.
How to verify that a copy and can be reset? And every creature write in VotsAp, and history is necessary, and do not turn off the WiFi (Simcoe pulled) ...
Help: thank_you:

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In the command prompt to configure two automation that manage networks, everything was fine a couple of days, but soon stopped coming pushes them, tried to delete and create new the same, does not work ...

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How to properly omit Apple, that over them the whole world laughed, and the downs have begun to move and fix your software and to require the other to software was palatable at least, I'm not talking about easily digestible.
PS I asked Siri to help with the usual operations - fool sent me on apple.com. Sister Alice from Yandex, from the same litter: rofl:

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* klimovs, What such conventional operations? Can be an example?

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@lxndr @ 27.02.20, 21:07*
Can be an example?

Put iTunes it says, do not have access, to reset:
Attached Image

I do reset (Settings - General - Reset - Reset All Settings

iTunes can not connect ... What could be the problem?

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klimovs @ 27.02.20, 21:07*
I asked Siri to help with the usual operations

I wrote about it. About your situation with iTunes I can not prompt for the license windows 10 native cable problems at all any arose when first connected, all to pick up a couple of seconds now yuzayu via WiFi without cable at all. itunes store stands with windows, the latest version.

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Poke, now on display here is:


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* klimovs, that from the beginning happened to the phone? You want to connect it to the Tuna and gave a picture about the reset? Prior to that, he worked as a?

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amora1 @ 27.02.20, 23:41*
that from the beginning happened to the phone?

I am the first owner, the serial number - the new phone.
I have bought a couple of months as only hands reached go to him, and behold, on the third day - a brick, this is the first phone with me
Before connecting to iTunes updates, to backup to iCloud.
Votsap wanted to move to android. Bought dr.phone, it did not work, written in support, check that iTunes works with your phone. So I ditched the iTunes phone .... iTunes run with Vindous 10, Eplan I do not have.
Try it today on the new computer to hook the phone, some help.
Does not help - go to the service.

Dvuhsimochnik owners, you are running iTunes? : Thank_you:

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klimovs @ 28.02.20, 08:27*
Dvuhsimochnik owners, you are running iTunes?

Yes of course.

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