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iPhone XS Max (2018) - Discussion
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A12 Bionic processor (frequency not disclosed yet)
Versions for 64/256/512 Gb
12M cameras
Touchscreen 120 hertz
Most importantly, wait! Iphone Xs and Xs MAX will receive 2 sim. (For China market)

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Additional Information:

Overview of the two-part version from Wylsa
PWM on AMOLED screens - video

The list of operators supporting eSIM. Talk eSIMhere.

Question: How many WhatsApp programs can be installed on an Apple device with ESIM?
Answer: Two programs are the usual and version of the "business".

Question: How many Viber programs can be installed on an Apple device with ESIM?
Answer: One program.

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Benwar @ 09/13/18 5:00 p.m.*
but in that year I managed to send 2 X in one parcel without tax.

It’s elementary Vaston, I’m chasing every year ... every iPhone to a different recipient ... At the ShF it is allowed, two iPhones in one package, but the recipients are different.

Posted on 09/13/2018 16:04:

Benwar @ 09/13/18 5:00 p.m.*
Yes, and what's the point of waiting? For example, I want to sell the first phone that I order) then it will not make sense
Yes, and if there is no guarantee it will not.

Similarly))) I will take all the same, I don’t know only sim = fries or T-Mobile.

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* Denpech,
So I sent 1 person)

Posted on 09/13/2018 at 16:38:

Denpech @ 09/13/18, 16:02*
I just don’t know only sim = fries or T-Mobile.

If there is no guarantee then cf free) people have at least fewer questions where the clip is and there is no notification before the activation that Simka does not plow

Rep: (10338)
benwar @ 09/13/18, 17:38*
If there is no guarantee then cf free) people have at least fewer questions where the clip is and there is no notification before the activation that Simka does not plow

It is logical))

Posted on 09/13/2018, 16:44:

benwar @ 09/13/18, 17:38*
So I sent 1 person)

Tell me! as managed.

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Does everyone charge due to screen size? While on the top ten, I don’t even know if it makes sense to switch to a shovel?)

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Comparing sizes xs max and 8+

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Pchelka Maja @ 09/13/18 17:42*
Does everyone charge due to screen size?

Screen size, improved moisture protection, stereo sound recording, larger battery capacity, better energy efficiency of the new chip, improved touchscreen and camera. For me, this is enough for an update. Although, yes, without a larger diagonal, everything looks not so attractive.

Rep: (10338)
* Bursar
But I changed my mind after X to take + the device, the battery is not so hot as it is better than on X, and the usual X is better in the hand ... Although before that 3 years passed with pluses.

Rep: (26)
* Denpech, I, on the contrary, when I took X, I thought that the screen was just right, and after half a year I understand that it is not enough for me personally. If everything is fine in height, the width is clearly not enough.

Rep: (10338)
* Bursar
I agree with the width, too narrow ...

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And I am not satisfied with the width in X, why did they make such proportions?
The device itself is not bad

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I think the max width will be approximately like 8 plus

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* Gleb.samoz
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I watched the video review with a vilsack, max will be too long (
When playing video wide fields on the sides (

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* Gleb.samoz
77.4 against 78.1 at 8.
* Pchelka Maja,
Change only if you need a large screen, and you can sit until the 12th. : rolleyes:

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At the very galaxy s9 plus, while staying in thought.

Rep: (10)
In the next, there may be a noticeable upgrade of the hardware filling)
While in thought, to change or not ... I did not have the effect of wow

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The same garbage, for the first time in 8 years, there is no wow effect and feature for which you would like to pay and change the top ten for XS

Rep: (10338)
* devil-2009
And from 6 to 6S did the wow effect go? Out of habit, I am changing already ...

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Who needs 2 physical SIM cards, you need to take from Hong Kong, NK. There are no other options. Usually, they are the barges of the huckster from Asia, since they are all non-loyal, and in China the price is a horse.

Posted 09/14/2018, 00:19:

And, on the contrary, I have a wow effect. Screen size, and 2 sims))) Especially the second paragraph. It’s strange that the presentation didn’t mark it as an incredible, unparalleled innovation))))

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Well, what guys, sim free take?)

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