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A12 Bionic processor (frequency not disclosed yet)
Versions for 64/256/512 Gb
12M cameras
Touchscreen 120 hertz
Most importantly, wait! Iphone Xs and Xs MAX will receive 2 sim. (For China market)

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Additional Information:

Iphone xs 64 GB 87 990.00 pyb.
Iphone xs 256 GB 100,990.00 pyb.
Iphone xs 512 GB 118 990.00 pyb.

iPhone XS Max Display 6.5 inches *
iPhone XS Max 64 GB 96,990.00 pyb.
iPhone XS Max 256 GB 109 990.00 pyb.
iPhone XS Max 512 GB 127 990.00 pyb.

The start of sales in the Russian Federation is scheduled for September 28, 2018

Overview of the two-part version from Wylsa

List of operators supporting eSIM - List

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* chinabozor
not :)

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* Mtvhlam,
I then bought 8 Plus X popolzovavshis week and realized that he was too small for me. Give the child, I bought myself Xs Max.
If anything, the hand I have rather small) but nevertheless with Xs Max I feel comfortable.

Posted on 02/18/2020, 22:13:

* Elephant_ekb,
I read in the normal version, it is not small, very comfortable)

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* Arabesque ,
Max bomb
Buy the third Galaxy Note and accustomed to the big screen, evaluating their usability and potential, so apart from the other models of iPhone Max is not considered.
When 6.5 inches and can not buy the planchette.
I think that Apple has a diagonal increase of their flagships will be general beauty

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* Arabesque,
Vertical orientation meant a slip.

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* Harry Zimm,
Here) I'm on the X have the feeling that I was robbed - after 8 Plus. Therefore Xs Max. 11 Pro Max has not considered due to the idiotic design cameras. On Xs Max everything exactly the way I like it)
* Elephant_ekb,
Yes, I realized I, too, about the vertical and answered.

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all privet.Takoy issue and controller of the xbox 360 can be connected via blutuzu?

Rep: (52)
wc4 @ 24.02.20, 19:11*
xbox 360

360 no. Near the controller does not have bluetooth.

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Good afternoon members of the forum!
Phone Xs max
The situation is as follows:
The system for repair under warranty, replace the display. After this "repair" was found dust in the main chamber. And small Kotzk between the display and a steel frame, it seems that the "opened" casually.

Reacted again device, the dust removed from the main chamber. Now dust appeared in the front chamber.

Perplexity of a given situation.

How now? who to contact for help ???

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* ner.xolopov2 In the protection of consumer rights bodies or try to solve the issue peacefully with the warranty department. Independent examination, if they kick and try to pre-trial proceedings.

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MurS7 @ 03.03.20, 18:58*
And there is such a topic?

Whatsapp messenger

Rep: (494)
MurS7 @ 03.03.20, 20:18*
Apparently it is a common theme of votsap, without separation on the axis

It does not happen: rolleyes:

Attached Image

Posted on 03/03/2020, 20:31:

MurS7 @ 03.03.20, 20:18*
That's fine and immediately receive notification votsapa, then for some reason the system freezes and yet will not take the smartphone and lock screen lights up

Can onlypower saving modethat happens?

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Please advise what to take xs max or 11 (normal), right now they are about the same, and I broke my head that it is better) 11 poidee will live longer, but the IPS screen is somehow really quite dull it seems

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* Alilidor,
11 Why treat for me so nedotelefon! either max or xs xs take the best offer price! I for xs max 52 took New Year's Eve! except the screen clicks (in apple area) more minuses gave, well, what version of the max - "winter phone" (because of the size)

Posted on 04/03/2020, 18:39:

* Alilidor,
if interested, if I turn back time, I would have taken over the top 10 supported by 30K and Uzal without any covers and films! the size of the most perfect! max version is too large ..

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* Alilidor,
And I would have taken 11. Better camera, more powerful still and update already focused on the latest phone models. And most of the autonomy that I think a big plus.

Rep: (1456)
AkA6Er @ 5.03.20, 8:23*
Better camera, more powerful all the same

I argue about the camera. Not if you do professional photo, then yes. If as an ordinary user-difference at all no.
Power as well: if you are a graphics processing from your phone (video conversion, photo processing at a professional level, I might add, in a professional, rather than the ordinary) then small, but you will see a performance boost. those. if you pick up the phone for you on it will work, not just sots.seti juzat, vidosiki watch and all in this spirit, then be sure to take 11. And so I do not see sense. 11 iPhone Plus is only for back matte cover, what it does not he want from your fingers. That's it for me kaef: girl_wacko: because technology prefer to use without covers.

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MiNeR_32 @ 05.03.20, 12:20*
if you pick up the phone to work That you have on it will work, not just sots.seti juzat, vidosiki watch and all in this spirit, then be sure to take 11

For what "it works"? : Rolleyes: What exactly can be done at 11, and Max is not?

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NT User @ 5.03.20, 17:01*
For what "it works"? : Rolleyes: What exactly can be done at 11, and Max is not?

Re-read my post. The question was about a human performance. I told him, in any case, and what tasks they will see a performance boost.
If you would like right now poumnichat unfortunately you could not.

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Lord, how many did not change the iPhone, the difference between adjacent phones is almost negligible. Feel the speed boost if you change your phone in a generation, if not two.
I switched from 8+ to max, the one to one, the difference is not noticed at all, here is a new Experience, yes. Gestures as compared with button heavens and the earth.

Rep: (1318)
magol2007 @ 06.03.20, 04:21*
how much did not change the iPhone, the difference between adjacent phones is almost negligible. Feel the speed boost if you change your phone in a generation, if not two.

Plus. The difference between the 10-Coy and 11th iPhones can be seen only in the tests or intensive games. Well, in the obvious - in the third chamber. For the rest, there is no difference. Maxim went on to 6S + - that's where the difference was.

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* ChiefTech,
Also went with 6s plus. Generally I do not see sense to pass from generation to generation. It should be at least 2 years to use the phone, and the difference did not feel at all.

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