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Asus ZenFone Max Pro (M1) ZB602KL - Unofficial firmware

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Asus ZenFone Max Pro (M1) ZB602KL - Unofficial firmware
PictureAsus Max Pro, Zenfone Max Pro M1, ZB602KL, X00TD
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Drivers and Utilities
Unofficial firmware
Android R
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Android 9.0 Pie
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Official builds with regular updates
AospExtended (AOSP)
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Colt-Enigma (Abandoned) (AOSP)
crDroid (LineageOS)
Descendant ThreeDotZero (Project Treble) (AOSP)
Evolution X (AOSP)
FrankenRom (Abandoned) (AOSP + LineageOS)
Havoc-OS (AOSP)
ion-OS (AOSP)
LeanOS (Abandoned) (AOSP)
MSM-Xtended (AOSP)
Nitrogen OS (AOSP)
Pixel Experience (CAF & AOSP)
PixysOS (AOSP)
Reloaded-CAF (abandoned) (CAF)
Resurrection Remix (LineageOS)
RevengeOS (CAF)
Superior OS (AOSP)
Vortex (AOSP)
ViperOS (LineageOS)
XenonHD (LineageOS)
ZirconiumAosp (AOSP)

XDA builds, unofficial builds, builds with sluggish support

Android 8.1 Oreo
NFC does not work on all custom, and on some it is a fingerprint. In addition to some of the author’s assemblies
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Ports from other smartphones.
Firmware Project Treble
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Installation Instructions
We sew in Fastboot mode through the terminal with the command
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

Respectively, the file must be renamed or the command to score the file name.
Addition to installing TWRP

Firmware (modem)
What is firmware? These are necessary libraries and configs from stock firmware, for the best work of custom. Install as well as firmware via TWRP without wipes
Small info on modems

660_Gen_pack-1.150426.2.151513.1 - 316th stock
660_Gen_pack-1.150426.2.151513.1 - 318th stock
660_Gen_pack-1.163366.0.163573.1 - 326th stock
660_Gen_pack-1.163366.0.163573.1 - 327th stock
660_Gen_pack-1.163573.0.166136.1 - 331st runoff
660_Gen_pack-1.163573.0.166136.1 - 334th stock
660_Gen_pack-1.163573.0.166136.1 - 337th stock


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* D.Arti , not

Rep: (42)
Hello. Tell me please. I should
miui 11.1 by xiaomi.eu 9.10.17 Beta

The problem is that Megafon emotions
During a call, the sound is there is no picture. I reviewed all the settings. Safety. Working in the background, and permitted on the locked screen.
Ready to move to any bare firmware only be earned emotions. But of course it would be better to stay on miui.
Good people tell me how to put the firmware

Rep: (109)
* QvasiK_07 And what kind of Project sakura so in a nutshell ...

Loading paid there or something ...?

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Who puts (or would put) MSM-X v13.0 - does not work payment NSF. Collector laid out a patch - worked with him.

Attached fileCtsFix-X00T-MsmV13.zip(927.28 KB)

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Rep: (210)
🆕 Project Infinity Kernel
RELEASE DATE: 18/09/2020
BY: mranonymz
Attached file[2B] ProjectInfinity_HMP-v4.4.236.zip(13.83 MB)

Attached file[2B] ProjectInfinity_EAS-v4.4.236.zip(14.01 MB)

• Added drivers Intelli Thermal Processor for improved cooling.
• Support for dynamic FPS.
• Added audio control functions in the nucleus.
• Fixed overheating during charging.
• An updated range of scenario I / O schedulers best.
• Gpu is now working with a maximum frequency to 588 MHz for safe play.
• Superior DeepSleep compared to all previous builds. (Only in the balance and range of the battery).
• You can fully control your heat drivers to use this controller Smart Pack nucleus.
• The maximum GPU frequency is 588 MHz, so do not be afraid to fry SoC. And for games Zenfone Max Pro M1 588 MHz is sufficient, or buy a new phone. XD
Gee !!!
• Added Intelli Thermal drivers for advance CPU cooling
• Dynamic FPS support.
• Added Sound control feature in the kernel.
• Fixed Overheating while charging.
• Updated spectrum script with best I / O schedulers.
• Gpu is now clocked max up to 588 MHz for safe gaming.
• Improved DeepSleep from all previous builds. (In Balance and Battery spectrum only).

• You can fully control your thermal drivers, Use Smart Pack kernel manager for that.
• GPU max frequency will be 588 MHz, So no fear of frying SoC. And 588 MHz is enough for gaming in Zenfone Max Pro M1, else buy NEW PHONE. XD

Rep: (212)
* lar-1va,
We were cover those errors with the previous version and added one more - not working Double tap turn on the screen ..
let sawing the mind (such junk we do not need: D

Rep: (112)
Slavik1000 @ 18.09.20, 17:09*
It was cover those errors with the previous version, and added another

I put roughly. 12.5. There's not one to add ...))) But maybe because the draft, although 10.5 updated over the air - only gathering plants simok the bell flew stably) Why it is released -. Did not understand. From the statement of changes - 80 percent do not work or work through the times as they want. Although it may also, because it is not completely set. But to put clean-nepoymi that sense I do not see. While rollback 12.5 and wait for Android 11! ))

Rep: (109)
* lar-1va Should not already put it just now, and took just not my thing ... It's the same elk, I do not use without customization

Rep: (112)
metallist10 @ 18.09.20, 17:41*
This is the same moose, I do not use without customization

I think even less: 875Mb with gugloservisami - there is certainly only dialer and SMS are. )))

Rep: (210)
🆕 Lineage OS 18.0 R : beee:
RELEASE DATE: 18/09/2020
BY: nazrielcz


• The original release of supplier R R
• The access point is fully working
• It is not GSI
• Requires firmware 060
• Flash Gapps after flashing the ROM (BitGapps)
• Initial R release with R vendor
• Hotspot fully working
• This is not GSI
• Firmware 060 required
• Flash Gapps after flashing ROM (BitGapps)

Well scho, still I am going to pour!
The nucleus is slightly higher stuck

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Rep: (212)
* lar-1va,
By the way about his patch nfc there are two files build.prop (one in the system, the other in the vendor
a system / build.prop- added line:
# system prop for NFC DT
ro.nfc.port = I2C
in vendor / build.prop:
ro.hardware.nfc_nci = nqx.default
and all!

Rep: (112)
Slavik1000 @ 18.09.20, 18:11*
By the way about his patch nfc

I did not understand. Yesterday collector chirkanul to the PM on the XDA, that does not work payment via NFS - ctf-check does not pass, although the device is certified in the Market. This morning he put patches. I Tried - works. I bought mineral water without problems. Came home from work - roll back to 12.5, nafig us such Tribute ... =))

Rep: (212)
* lar-1va,
I'm talking about what we need to take note of these lines (suddenly some firmware ride too: smile:

Rep: (112)
Slavik1000 @ 18.09.20, 18:29*
I'm talking about what we need to take note

I send complaint to your message with a request to add to his cap. On MI5 Redmen 4X - works. I checked before. )) + 1

Rep: (212)
lar-1va @ 18.09.20, 22:37*
On MI5 Redmen 4X - works

Rows added to build and worked on a hamster?
Now I looked at the drain Dozens (where the same line there (Indian spied means not invented himself: D

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Rep: (215)
* Going to the river ... I have on it and atomQ no problems

Rep: (210)
🆕 Bootleggers 5.2 Raged Q & P
RELEASE DATE: 17/09/2020
BY: thehardgodgamer

Tonnes system-wide performance improvements from different ROM, including but not limited to, benzo, Pa.
• Switch Style
• alert R
• Volume Panel POSP (we added it in the first few months ago, all the others have chosen it after us)
• The September security update
• Disabled many system-wide debugging
• Various data QS tiles, icons flashlight
• Manager activity / process improvement list
• Correct faults Package Installer
• Using the data in the header QS
• Battery panel lock screen
• Sew TRB latest version of the ROM after
• Tons of systemwide perf improvements from different ROMs including but not limited to benzo, pa.
• Switch Style
• R notifications
• POSP volume panel (we added it first months back, everyone else picked it later on from us)
• September security patch
• Disabled a lot of systemwide debug
• Different QS tiles data, flashlight icons
• Activity manager / process list improvements
• Fix Package installer crashes
• Data usage in QS header
• Lockscreen battery bar
• Flash Latest TRB after the ROM

Rep: (24)
Who put Project Infinity Kernel? How is it?

Rep: (77)
QvasiK_07 @ 18.09.20, 16:47*
Project Infinity Kernel

Crap which is almost all the assemblies suffer from idle drain, this does not sleep
Attached Image

Installing from a reinsertion, should be put smokey and sialo standards.

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Rep: (112)
Slavik1000 @ 18.09.20, 18:40*
Rows added to build and worked on a hamster?


Posted on 09/18/2020, 23:01:

* maximgorbilev,
This question - Energy Performance in the subject would be logical.
But vskidku - reboot in rekaveri-Cleaning-Spot cleaning - cleaning the cache and reboot the system.

Posted on 09/18/2020, 23:02:

Slavik1000 @ 18.09.20, 18:40*
Rows added to build and worked on a hamster?

Yes. Yes, Bro! =)))

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