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Asus ZenFone Max Pro (M1) ZB602KL - Unofficial firmware

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Asus ZenFone Max Pro (M1) ZB602KL - Unofficial firmware
PictureAsus Max Pro, Zenfone Max Pro M1, ZB602KL, X00TD
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660_Gen_pack-1.163366.0.163573.1 - 327th stock
660_Gen_pack-1.163573.0.166136.1 - 331st runoff
660_Gen_pack-1.163573.0.166136.1 - 334th stock
660_Gen_pack-1.163573.0.166136.1 - 337th stock


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* lar-1va , * Old Communicator Guys talking about fastbut mode, and here debugging of USB? Debugging is only needed for the ADB. But the man is clearly a computer on AMD Ryzen, just question marks. There have to dance ... First, be sure to insert the cable into a USB 2.0 port instead of 3.1, 3.0. Secondly, iskhitryatsya and it will not work the first time, first on the PC to run the command type fastboot flash recovery imya_obraza_twrp.img, then cut down the phone completely, including bodies without destroying the cable and holding the volume rocker up, maybe a ride. Not prokatit- phone again to cut down and try to include a swing while holding up ... At the very Reisen and really ask only single files and QFIL, and the service has no way, there is locked after flashing sections 2-3

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A small review of RR 20.08, at katabatic core. GPS, Wi-Fi, OTG - everything works. As usual, a lot of settings, including "smart charging". All applications are running normally and stably. So far only the first day - we'll see. I am posing with opengapps mini. The only thing noticed - translation. RR settings are not converted (but there everything is clear) and a shutdown and reboot "curse" on Inglish. Sound good.

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singh Kernel v3.7-Eas by mpschahal16
* Upstream v4.4.235
* Use common keycodes for fp gestures
* Disable audit log spam
* Disable some logs.
* Wl_blocker: add cdfinger and radio_interface to default list
* Default tcp: westwood
* Zram: set default algo to zstd.

Attached files

Attached fileSingh-x00t-v3.7S-Eas-06-Sep-2020-15 55 27.zip(11.76 MB)
Attached fileSmartpack_kernelmanager-v13.2.apk(7.31 MB)

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deman555 @ 06.09.20, 14:31*
firmware where there drain chamber or a chamber with the same operating both the drain bokeh

I would not have sought the firmware and prog) AfterFocus, in an Internet fullvideohow to work with it.
Attached fileAfterFocus + Pro + 2.2.3.apk(46.82 MB)

PS. ..sdelaet bokeh is that not everyone can SLR)

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* BORETS24 Yes, with these Ryzen strange things: a neighbor on the desktop and could not sew. And how many times did you - did not work! I had to take my laptop and sew. A few days ago another neighbor took a new laptop Lenovo on Ryzen3 3200U - plugged my phone in the usb 2.0 port - normally see. For fun, I am asking for another TVRP - normally beg. What determines - is not clear. Mystic...))

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Or try to disable the notebook Bios xhci for USB or converted to 2.0 if available.

Rep: (122)
* QvasiK_07 , vortechx

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c2h5oh_07 @ 5.09.20, 8:37*
A couple of weeks used EvolutionX (Android 10)
Can be a reference to the version that was used?

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I want to install custom firmware, which sections to clean What section Asus?

Attached images
Attached Image

Rep: (212)
globus17 @ 06.09.20, 22:29*
I want to install custom firmware, which sections to clean What section Asus?

The lower three sections do not touch, as well as the phone memory, or memory of the device is.

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* tutaf,
Here are all versions of the Evo ..https://androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=313937

Rep: (2557)
The first is not to touch it, because dalvik-cache - part / data, cleared when a wipe / data, the rest is not necessary, the images / boot, / system, / vendor, do overwrite all ... So, if you are already dekriptovat firmware, it is sufficient only selectively / data.

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* Slavik1000 Duc I'm interested about which version of firmware in question

Posted on 09/06/2020, 19:13:

* Slavik1000 And here what? https: //sourceforge.ne...olution-x/files/X00TD/

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* Slavik1000 , Talking about all the tens, or just about Evolution X? The only problem that I encountered in the dozens, it zhor battery.

Rep: (39)
Slavik1000 @ 6.09.20, 19:33*
in the extreme as it Usov
and it is what? For nearly six months, used by tens.

Rep: (392)
tutaf @ 6.09.20, 23:28*
problem that I encountered on dozens, it zhor battery.

The drain is not Jora. Those. the same rate as in 9.

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Good time of day people. After testing at Havoc on the 10th bucket with the drain core of about a week with a wild zhorom, then with the core dorkonah. Came to the conclusion that 10 android in our machine is not for me ... after two weeks started to crash adjustment. Often could not unlock the double tapom and periodic minor interface errors, application performance.
As I understand it the most stable and energy efficiency firmware on the 9th bucket. And I want based on your experience of colleagues, to ask for advice in choosing a stable 9-ki. a priority EEPROM vrodi Havoc mean customization.

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* tutaf,
It's one thing if you use the firmware as a dialer (if yes all scores are good, and no bugs in your: D
Read reviews of those who truly tested dozens.

Rep: (212)
sanya1335 @ 07/09/20, 6:57*
I came to the conclusion that 10 android in our machine is not for me ...

The device is a good and decent hardware (even for the 11th android ..
Just most developers oblinilis and correct mistakes (one wrestler only works .. (I corresponded with many developers and error logs overthrown them, but they do not want to work with it,
release rawhide -bablo cut down and following the same with a different name rivet ..
While that remains to choose the nines: D

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Slavik1000 @ 07.09.20, 04:55*
Read reviews of those who truly tested dozens

Because really it? To engage in phone all day running everything? ))
I spring to the 10-ke MSM-X and critical bugs were found.
Starting with version 7.0, it is normally finished. Android has 10 On the 10th version of the tree. Kernel change without problems. Manually set the maximum frequency does not reset. On DrakoneZ Jora do not have a battery. (On the other wrestler, and others too, not seen, but the test a little, used to the Dragon) Per night (6-7 hours) 0-2% charge less, depending on the signal strength. Translation is almost 95%. Animation in Settings pleasant ...))) Connection to the audio in a car without any problems and a normal sound (BOSE system). NFS without dancing with a tambourine as GPay. Bank bend - working without problems. GPS in seconds catches satellites from 12-13 and 5-6 records in the apartment. (B NAVITEL machine does not manage to boot fully, as already established connection with the satellites.) Record calls without any problems, that in the machine that by pressing the record button. Audibility is good communication. Even I put on a habit +2 on the microphone - people are complaining that it is very loud and wheezing. I put to 0 - normal. The network normally catches. Broadcast on-screen work. Awakening of a double-tapu not use, easier and faster awakens fingerprint. You just have time to look - Ambient operating normally - lifted machine - highlighted date and time. Problems when connecting to a computer there. Notifications Vatsap carts come without problems. Dumps wifi never was. Speed ​​is quite normal. Samorebutov was not even once. None of the 80 established privychinyh applications do not crash. The Google-camera crash with slow motion, but it is also a 9-kah almost everyone has. I put to a slow-motion Footej Camera (suddenly one will need a slow recording) - write normally. Customize the color, display colors works. Night mode - works. Auto Brightness - works adequately. It is only necessary to set a minimum number of times when when changing light resets to the full and at least get used to the set minimum. Flashlight by long pressing on the power while the display is off normally switched on and off. The application does not unload from memory - in the section for the developer to set the maximum value of the background processes and allow applications to fit my work in the background is not limited and does not unload them. Update - the air there. From the observed bugs - installed SIM cards for calls to the mode of "Always ask" if reboot always resets to CHAR2. But it is not critical, set again by hand is not long, but I'm doing a full reboot is extremely rare. What else is needed? What a lot of bugs that ??? )))

Posted 07/09/2020, 7:01:

* gameprodi15,
On MSM-X v12.5 normally added to the card and run it. But I Magisk hidden for GPay of habit in Magisk Hide section may not have this problem ...

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