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Asus ZenFone Max Pro (M1) ZB602KL - Unofficial firmware

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Asus ZenFone Max Pro (M1) ZB602KL - Unofficial firmware
PictureAsus Max Pro, Zenfone Max Pro M1, ZB602KL, X00TD
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Unofficial firmware
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crDroid (LineageOS)
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Evolution X (AOSP)
FrankenRom (Abandoned) (AOSP + LineageOS)
Havoc-OS (AOSP)
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LeanOS (Abandoned) (AOSP)
MSM-Xtended (AOSP)
Nitrogen OS (AOSP)
Pixel Experience (CAF & AOSP)
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Reloaded-CAF (abandoned) (CAF)
Resurrection Remix (LineageOS)
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ViperOS (LineageOS)
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ZirconiumAosp (AOSP)

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Installation Instructions
We sew in Fastboot mode through the terminal with the command
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

Respectively, the file must be renamed or the command to score the file name.
Addition to installing TWRP

Firmware (modem)
What is firmware? These are necessary libraries and configs from stock firmware, for the best work of custom. Install as well as firmware via TWRP without wipes
Small info on modems

660_Gen_pack-1.150426.2.151513.1 - 316th stock
660_Gen_pack-1.150426.2.151513.1 - 318th stock
660_Gen_pack-1.163366.0.163573.1 - 326th stock
660_Gen_pack-1.163366.0.163573.1 - 327th stock
660_Gen_pack-1.163573.0.166136.1 - 331st runoff
660_Gen_pack-1.163573.0.166136.1 - 334th stock
660_Gen_pack-1.163573.0.166136.1 - 337th stock


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🔔 Pixel Experience Plus
: D
10 Official Edition Android
BUILD DATE: 18/08/20
Maintainer: alex_mercer09


Change log
Updating Pixel Experience source - Several debugs are removed all over the wood - the original kernel to .232 tagged with CAF - general improvements. ✅ Thanks to all testers for help with the correction of errors and everything else! ✏️ Notes: min. Firmware 059 is available incremental and OTA. ️ The assembly was tested from August 15, random hangs / outages were not observed. The release date of the assembly may be the 18th, but this is because test assemblies remain on the PE server only a limited time and, therefore, rebuilding today only with additional corrections in SRC. So, if you are still encountered with any problem, check the problems on your side and do not worry about problems without details and Logcat.
Lllllllll clublllll club
- Upstream Kernel To .232 with caf tag
- overlap improvements.
✅ Thnx to all testers for help with bug fixing and everything!
✏️ Notes:
min. Firmware 059.
Incremental & Ota Available.
! ️ Build Was In Testing Since 15th Aug and No Random Freezes / Shutdown Were Observed. Released Build's Date Maybe 18th But That's Because Test Builds Only Stay for Limited Time In PE Server And Hence Rebuilt Today With Only Incremental Fixes in Src.
SO If You Still Faceing Any Problem Check Issues At Your End and Don't Bother Reporting IsSues Worth Details & Logcat.

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AICP 15.0
: beee:
- UNOFFICIAL | Android 10.
Updated: 16/08 / '20


Device Changelog
• Initial Build
• Merged August Security Patch
• Latest AICP Source Changes
• ZenParts: Selinux Switch
• FW 063+ Recommended

By Vigneshtn36.

Rep: (43)
Has anyone tried new Resurrection Remix on the top ten? Do you have impressions? Or while waiting for something more modified than the initial release? ;)

Rep: (24)
* DonSanches, without Russian translation add. The settings did not impress.

Rep: (5)
Tell me how to enable the recording of the conversations, I pick in the settings of the dialer, I can't

Rep: (4)
Hello. Advise the firmware from which you can delete unnecessary system applications (do not disable, namely, completely delete the folder with the application) and at the same time do not literate the bootlup.
For some incomprehensible reason to me in Havocos and Paranoid Android after removing the system phone ceases to boot, although I do everything as usual.
Preferably based on Android Q.

Rep: (113)
* MarkSergeev ,
Yes, at all, if there is a root, you can delete any system. Do not boot - it means they deleted what you do not need, and you need to firmware ... but in general - it's better not to delete, but freeze (disable) + Disable services, receivers, activat applications Because when updating the firmware you will again have every again You can delete an unnecessary application, and the disabled and will remain off ...

Rep: (211)
MarkSergeev @ 19.08.20, 7:53*
Delete a folder with the application) and at the same time do not catch the bootlup.
Will not work!

Rep: (2559)
* rainbow_sparx , recording or automatic recording? And then it is not necessary to manually pick, item on the call screen. If automatically, I do not remember how there at 8.1, if on the fighter 9, then the phone>three dots>settings>call>extended>call record

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Hello! Tell me please, what is the difference between Pixel Experience from PixElexPerience Plus? And is it worth putting the firmware on this phone? How does the battery hold?

Rep: (716)
Borets24 @ 08/18/20, 11:05*
... I entered the setup, because the voice recorders and voice notes are very quiet ...

Now I looked - on Havka 2.9 stands by default "0" - no one complained that I didn't hear me badly.
Well, in general, most importantly - I found the cause of distortion during the conversation. Now I will know - for my microphone "0" - the most! :)
Attached Image

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The link can be on the last Derpfest.

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From the presence of free time today installed HAVOC-OS V3.8 Official Update. The firmware is good, the kernel is smart, the settings are a lot, the translation is almost full, only here is one problem: no WiFi is connected (reports: "Failed to save the network"). Has anyone come across it? Firmwar 429.

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* Razot256. Difference only is that in Plus versions a bit more functions (for example, a long screenshot built into the system) and visual settings. It is worth flashing only if you do not use often Bluetooth. In the latest versions there is a bug that when Bluetooth is enabled, the processor does not fall asleep (Deep Sleep). Well, so firmware are good, work smoothly and quickly. Choose them if you do not chase for customization (I talked about official versions). I also advise you to pay attention to the official Paranoid Quartz 4. Also, there are little customization, but the same fast and stable, I sit on it now, everyone is pleased.

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The people raised the question has not once, but still ask again. After okerpichivaniya and gathering imei phone simply refused to see the 3g network, there is only 2g and 4g, on any operator. Maybe someone has a problem, and how to choose? Firmware modem does not work, the service is also firmware. Where digging is not clear.

Rep: (241)
andrewkamuk @ 19.08.20, 11:22*
After the okealing and the IMEI club ...

So IMEI was restored? At the same time, check out or no serial.

Rep: (212)
Greetings to all !
Who wondered brightness led-display,
in vendor / lib / hw lights.sdm660.so have a file this file is responsible just the same for led-display and screen brightness,
I took the file from the custom bikes (which led bright) and ask him to patch the drain of nine (since the drain brightness led leaves much to be desired ..
Well after the firmware patch file lights.sdm660.so-taken from the custom bikes, the brightness of the led remains the same,
hence also in the nucleus is necessary to raise the voltage across the led ..
What a question to those who decided it, whether it is possible to flash the kernel on custom bikes (of course In accordance with the version of android) on stock firmware?

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* flynt,
Yes, I have long restored everything, and have a serial. I go so half a year, and no solution

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Guys pull the nose where the last Miui 12 on 9 android

Rep: (211)
Unofficial | Android 10.
Updated: 19/08 / '20
By im_the_batman_who_laughs.


• Gapps are enabled

• Added QS header styles • Added status string brightness control • Added locking lock or ambient screen when You have added information about using QS header data • Improved battery style • Battery text style: Show icon when charging • Ambeint EDGE PULSE Added Animation Entity Pulse • Added EDGE PULSE Accent Color • Added switch for conditions and detection of monitoring panels • Fixed configuration of rounded angles for status bar • Fixed additions in a status bar for display sealing devices • A configurable title image is added • Added QS Image • added Screen with off screen • Random color for toolbar icons and Accent icon-bg Random • Added double pressing to start a dose • Added option to enable AOD only when charging • Settings: Update system animation • Made space for the IM button E Optional • Added a pair New in the BT panel section • Fixed display of data use on the mobile panel • Added a changeback of the navigation handle thickness • It is allowed to configure the navigation length of the action knob • Settings: SEEKBAR color fix in a light topic • Added a tactile feedback switch with a return gesture • Added Bluetooth Dashboard • Added Bluetooth Panel • Vertical Territory of Systemui QS Tile • NotificationPanelView: Fixed Touch Coordinates • Systemui: Fixed Call Vibration Mode Size • Added Rotation Animation in the Power Menu and Reboot • Added Power Menu Animation • POSP panels added Vol • Improved MIUI brightness slider • Updated QS tile icons • Clear package cache when updating detection • Made space for the IME button Optional • CarrierConfigManager: Enable LTE + icon Default • PIN code is requested when tiling Wi-Fi tile on protected locked Mr. Screen • Fixed voice mail for Bouygues Telecom France • Wi-Fi-EXT deleted • Updated using Pixel Experience • Other fixes and improvements
• Gapps included
• Added QS header styles
• Added statusbar brightness control
• Added choose lockscreen or Ambient on wake gestures
• Added QS Header data usage info
• Improved battery style
• Text battery style: show a bolt ⚡️ when charging
• Added Ambeint Edge Pulse layout
• Added Ambient pulse animation
• Added Edge Pulse Accent Color
• Added toggle for dashboards conditions and suggestions
• Fixed up custom rounded corner setting for status bar
• Fixed up statusbar paddings for devices with display cutouts
• Made header image height user configurable
• Added QS header image
• Added screen off fod
• Got Random Color for dashboard icons and Accent Icon-Bg Random
• Added Double tap to trigger doze
• Added option to enable AOD on charging only
• Settings: Update system animation
• Made IME button space optional
• Added pair new to BT panel slice
• Fixed data usage display on mobile panel
• Added changing navbar handle thickness
• Allowed for customizing the length of the navigation handle
• Settings: Fix SeekBar color in light theme
• Added back gesture haptic feedback toggle
• Added back gesture on IME
• Added Bluetooth panel
• SystemUI qs tile vertical margin
• NotificationPanelView: Fix initial touch co-ordinates
• SystemUI: fixed size of icon of vibrate ringer mode
• Added Rotation anim to Power and reboot menu
• Added power Menu animations
• Added POSP Vol panel styles
• Improved the Miui brightness slider
• Updated QS tile icons
• Clear package cache when upgrade is detected
• Made IME button space optional
• CarrierConfigManager: enable LTE + icon by default
• Asked pin when tapping WiFi tile on secure lockscreen
• Fixed voicemail for Bouygues Telecom France
• Droped wifi-ext
• Upstreamed with Pixel Experience
• Other fixes and improvements

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