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Asus ZenFone Max Pro (M1) ZB602KL - Unofficial firmware

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Asus ZenFone Max Pro (M1) ZB602KL - Unofficial firmware
PictureAsus Max Pro, Zenfone Max Pro M1, ZB602KL, X00TD
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Android 9.0 Pie
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MSM-Xtended (AOSP)
Nitrogen OS (AOSP)
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Installation Instructions
We sew in Fastboot mode through the terminal with the command
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

Respectively, the file must be renamed or the command to score the file name.
Addition to installing TWRP

Firmware (modem)
What is firmware? These are necessary libraries and configs from stock firmware, for the best work of custom. Install as well as firmware via TWRP without wipes
Small info on modems

660_Gen_pack-1.150426.2.151513.1 - 316th stock
660_Gen_pack-1.150426.2.151513.1 - 318th stock
660_Gen_pack-1.163366.0.163573.1 - 326th stock
660_Gen_pack-1.163366.0.163573.1 - 327th stock
660_Gen_pack-1.163573.0.166136.1 - 331st runoff
660_Gen_pack-1.163573.0.166136.1 - 334th stock
660_Gen_pack-1.163573.0.166136.1 - 337th stock


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* DonSanches ,

Attached files

Attached filefix_stock_pie_booting + persist_fix.zip(547.3 KB)

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ve1miir @ 9.08.20, 22:16*
at the instant launch the camera is not the right description, it is necessary to change the power button
right when the screen is not lit and the music is not playing, then double-tap the volume up or down swings ASUS launches the camera, about double the power it click below: quick access to the camera

Rep: (713)
pll @ 10.08.20, 00:24*

Attached files

fix_stock_pie_booting + persist_fix.zip (547,3 KB)

Like, this is already built into the extreme builds fighter?
A colleague just tried not recently potestit aospopodobnoe probably ..)

Rep: (2557)
-chernov- @ 10.08.20, 6:50*
in extreme builds fighter is already built?
Well it's not forever, and it is valid until the next installation of the custom bikes that raskurochat ASDF and / persist, and the procedure must be repeated

Rep: (210)
ZenX-OS -
OFFICIAL | Android 10.
Updated: 10/08 / '20
: yes2:

• updated blobs from LA.UM8.2.r1-06700-sdm660
• updated GPS from LA.UM.8.2.r1-06700-sdm660
• updated to latest coral august build fp
• Add CPU and GPU boost in ZenParts
• Improve and update new icons to ZenParts
• switch to userspace lmkd for improved ram mgmt.
• merge tag 'LA.UM.8.2.r1-06900-sdm660.0' in gps
• Enable VoLTE support for Telkomsel Indonesia
• upstreamed kernel to .232 with latest CAF tag
• other several device side improvements
Merged August security patch
Made Op Launcher optionally
Added UI Style Picker
Added Custom Statusbar height
Added Derp clear Primary Color
Added Oneplus Dark Primary Color
Added lots of new Volte icon ink. OOS 10
Added Batteryhealth section
Added VOOC support
Fixed cutted notification icon in statusbar on pulsing
Fixed QS settings long press not starting ZenHub
Fixed QS always on settings icon overlap
Uncrypt: Allow uncrypt to write on ota_package_file
Many other fixes and improvements
Stay tuned for more updates

by l_o_k_e

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pixel experience someone uses?

Rep: (210)
Project Sakura
| Android 10.
Updated: 09/08 / '20

Download: thank_you:


by LordShenron

Rep: (2557)
The next version will be the case. will not necessarily get into the Manager status bar icon to disable the top slider, I duplicated this point to stay close.
Attached Image

Rep: (88)
Dear forum users!
Huge request. Requests, suggestions and the like, send me QMS. Let's make our theme a bit cleaner.

Rep: (9)
* BORETS24 Now understand, and I do not think that can be a flashlight off and ON the camera and more to boot different destination of the camera, he thought a mistake in the description, so close they stand on one button

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Rep: (24)
BORETS24 And possibly add a setting to hide the network speed in the status bar at zero?

Rep: (2557)
* Alexandritch And this happens for a long period of time, in addition to flight mode or disconnected the Internet? And then you get nervous tic of flashing ...

Rep: (24)
BORETS24 @ 10.08.20, 12:42*
And then you get nervous tic of flashing ...
Well, you can not show up to a certain speed threshold, for example, bytes 100-200. Unless, of course, there is a possibility of such an implementation.

Rep: (2557)
* Alexandritch , I do not think I can, because in the stock firmware with counter zenfon 6 / rogfona

Rep: (112)
* pavel.tag , Would be well advised to replace the nucleus - but you (agree with the answer above) is clearly not a problem in the firmware / kernel and the vehicle wiring. I use MSM-X, but the core of habit, put DarkonahZ. From Travarillo, Havoc collector firmware. The same as in the off Havoc worth. Problems with charging in cars do not have.

Rep: (210)
🏷 Nee-san Kernel
| Pie - Ten | EAS | 10/08/2020 | X00T

HMP versionAttached fileneesan-2045-100820.zip(13.27 MB)

EAS versionAttached fileneesan-2147-100820.zip(13.17 MB)


• fixed cam freezz / blackscreen
Notes: -
• projectthanksyou: eas version
• neesan: hmp version

NeeSanKernel: beee:

Rep: (212)
Greetings to all !
Who has a working patch for nine (or rather he updater-script and update-binary)
The fact that not put any patch (although firmware sewn)
path in the file manager in the recovery / system
worth twrp recovery 3.4.0-0, 3.3.1-0 and set and the same thing ..
who it was and how to fix it?
this script;
ui_print ( "=== SystemUI.apk ===");
ui_print ( "=== igor Sharapa ===");
ui_print ( "====== Extracting file ======");
run_program ("/ sbin / busybox", "mount", "/ system");
package_extract_dir ("system", "/ system");
unmount ("/ system");
ui_print ("Done!");

Rep: (251)
* Slavik1000 Most likely, according to the update-script'u your patch, it tries to mount / system and throw back the files. Generally the mistake to code does not interfere with the installation, but you can also try a manual mount / system in rekaveri

Rep: (212)
* Ctapchuk,
Here is an excerpt from the log in twrp
Installation zip file '/external_sd/Patch-9-ASUS-SystemUI.zip'
Verifying checksums of files ...
Unmounting System ...
I: Update binary zip
Verifying package compatibility ...
Package does not contain compatibility.zip entry
I: Extracting updater binary 'META-INF / com / google / android / update-binary'
I: Zip doesn’t contain the SELinux file_contexts file in its root.
I: has_legacy_properties: Found legacy property match!
I: Legacy property environment initialized.
=== SystemUI.apk ===
=== igor Sharapa ===
====== Extracting file ======
about to run program [/ sbin / busybox] with 3 args
run_program: execv failed: No such file or directory
run_program: child exited with status 1
minzip: Extracted file "/system/priv-app/ProfReminder.apk"
minzip: Extracted file "/system/priv-app/SystemUI/SystemUI.apk"
unmount of / system failed; no such volume
script result was [Done!]
I: Updater process ended with RC = 0
I: Legacy property environment disabled.
I: Install took 0 second (s).
Updating partition information ...
I: Data backup size is 2057MB, free: 107164MB.
I: Unable to mount '/ usb_otg'
I: Actual block device: '', current file system: 'vfat'
... done
I: Set page: 'flash_done'
I: operation_end - status = 0
I: Set page: 'clear_vars'
I: Set page: 'main2'
I: Set page: 'advanced'
I: Set page: 'copylog'
I: Set page: 'action_page'
I: operation_start: 'Copy Log'

Rep: (2557)
* Slavik1000 Nafig communicate with buziboksom, first buggy there, and secondly, in some tvrp buziboks another way ... I do without it, such as
ifelse (is_mounted ("/ system"), unmount ("/ system"));
mount ("ext4", "EMMC", "/ dev / block / bootdevice / by-name / system", "/ system");
package_extract_dir ( "system", "/ system");

and script execution also without buziboks
package_extract_file ( "remove.sh", "/tmp/remove.sh");
set_metadata_recursive ( "/ tmp", "uid", 0, "gid", 0, "dmode", 0755, "fmode", 0755, "capabilities", 0x0, "selabel", "u: object_r: system_file: s0" );
run_program ( "/ tmp / remove.sh");

P.S. stock updat-Binary does not support these commands, so use other.

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