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Asus ZenFone Max Pro (M1) ZB602KL - Unofficial firmware

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Asus ZenFone Max Pro (M1) ZB602KL - Unofficial firmware
PictureAsus Max Pro, Zenfone Max Pro M1, ZB602KL, X00TD
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Drivers and Utilities
Unofficial firmware
Android R
Android Q
Android 9.0 Pie
Copyright assembliessavagemessiahzine.com(NFC works)

Official builds with regular updates
AospExtended (AOSP)
Arrow OS (AOSP)
Bliss Rom (Abandoned) (AOSP)
Bootleggers ROM (AOSP)
Colt-Enigma (Abandoned) (AOSP)
crDroid (LineageOS)
Descendant ThreeDotZero (Project Treble) (AOSP)
Evolution X (AOSP)
FrankenRom (Abandoned) (AOSP + LineageOS)
Havoc-OS (AOSP)
ion-OS (AOSP)
LeanOS (Abandoned) (AOSP)
MSM-Xtended (AOSP)
Nitrogen OS (AOSP)
Pixel Experience (CAF & AOSP)
PixysOS (AOSP)
Reloaded-CAF (abandoned) (CAF)
Resurrection Remix (LineageOS)
RevengeOS (CAF)
Superior OS (AOSP)
Vortex (AOSP)
ViperOS (LineageOS)
XenonHD (LineageOS)
ZirconiumAosp (AOSP)

XDA builds, unofficial builds, builds with sluggish support

Android 8.1 Oreo
NFC does not work on all custom, and on some it is a fingerprint. In addition to some of the author’s assemblies
Copyright assembliessavagemessiahzine.com

Ports from other smartphones.
Firmware Project Treble
Topic onsavagemessiahzine.comProject treble

Collection of firmware
Technical post with firmware
All firmware with Androidfilehost

Installation Instructions
We sew in Fastboot mode through the terminal with the command
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

Respectively, the file must be renamed or the command to score the file name.
Addition to installing TWRP

Firmware (modem)
What is firmware? These are necessary libraries and configs from stock firmware, for the best work of custom. Install as well as firmware via TWRP without wipes
Small info on modems

660_Gen_pack-1.150426.2.151513.1 - 316th stock
660_Gen_pack-1.150426.2.151513.1 - 318th stock
660_Gen_pack-1.163366.0.163573.1 - 326th stock
660_Gen_pack-1.163366.0.163573.1 - 327th stock
660_Gen_pack-1.163573.0.166136.1 - 331st runoff
660_Gen_pack-1.163573.0.166136.1 - 334th stock
660_Gen_pack-1.163573.0.166136.1 - 337th stock


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* An-30 ,
Is there an opportunity to put one desktop?

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I do not know, I remember that I stated a little played yes. You asked Chinese I and gave a link. There is some other MI in the market.

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D1MPASH @ 07/27/19, 17:44*
In addition to batteryStats.bin, the display-manager-state.xml file has been deleted and there must also be a file in the name of which Daily is ... also XML. Delete them and there will be happiness.

Did not help.

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* flynt,
Removed files and overloaded?
generally reset the team statistics
adb shell dumpsys batterystats --enable full-wake-history
AdB Shell Dumppsys BatteryStats --reset

Rep: (241)
Klush @ 07.27.19, 18:33*
Removed files and overloaded?

Heh :) If the button is reset (if there is such a custom), then reboot to nan :). I want too. Okay, guys, thanks to everyone who participated. Apparently there is no working version of the well-known. Notepad and pencil to help me :)

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Flynt @ 07/27/19, 18:58*
If the button is reset (if there is such a custom), then reboot to nan
The button may be those commands that are slightly higher. Just think, the system writes / reads constantly to this file, the data is loaded into the system's memory, you deleted the files on the disk, and the system did not say anything. She further uses data, only now recording new data will be with an error, because there is no file.

Rep: (241)
Klush @ 07.27.19, 18:33*
adb shell dumpsys batterystats --enable full-wake-history
AdB Shell Dumppsys BatteryStats --reset

Worked without reboot. I will try to study how it is through the thermal to do.

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Flynt @ 07.27.19, 19:09*
Worked without reboot. And if through the thermal to do it, then the syntax is the same?
Yes, without rebooting. Because these teams told the system correct things.
through the terminal without ADB Shell

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* Dinamond, I do not even watch there). I have a clear markerless notification with the words "Your Device using More Energy Than Usual" or the type of one. Everything is already written there. This device has a big battery to steam due to energy efficiency. I have 7 hours of screen in the worst case, and this is a whole day. Therefore, the power profile is a production, all interfaces turned on and forgotten)

Rep: (78)
* flynt, Actually it can be viewed through the ADB terminal. And in general, anything can be viewed through the DUMPSYS terminal Ohm.

Rep: (78)
Type, here is an example of you to make a fair display of resources used from the terminal. Not at all the picture, like here from the system, yes?)
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

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Good evening, tell me, there is a firmware with a built-in voice recorder, so that he wrote from the conversation. I tried to put third-party different programs work not correctly, thanks.

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* NexTwaY, Well, these are different things, Linux statistics and Android statistics. Android superstructure over Linux, with a virtual machine in which the Java applications are launched.

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Ozilly @ 07/27/2019, 13:58*
They wrote that not only on Havoka, also flies on the ne, put 18.1 or 19.3 Magisk

It has passed about a week, and until it flies, although it was before that a couple of times. costs 19.1.

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ZZZZ72 @ 07/27/19, 20:09*
Tell me, there is a firmware with a built-in voice recorder, so that with the conversation wrote.
There are Lineage
Attached Image

I will not say about the quality

Rep: (78)
* klush, Probably it is, if not more difficult. But in any case, in the terminal, it is clearer written)

Rep: (32)
* NexTwaY , SU prescribe forgotten

Attached images
Attached Image

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Aosip Derpfest. by Ozilly

Attached Image

At the moment, the Saurabhcharde collector, but it continues the starts of Ozilly until he returns
Mounting Type: UnOfficial
Based upon: AOSP
Android version: 9.0 Pie
Gapps are missing
Last update: 4/09/2019
Recommended Firmware 053 or newer
From 4.09.
- Granted More Permissions for Google Apps
- Disabled wallpaper-based tint for scrim
- Added capability to allow tethering to use VPN upstreams
- Do not vibrate when in silent mode
- ConnectivityService: Kill some log spam
- ActivityManagerService: Dont Be So Hectic ON CPU Battery Stats
- core: Update default material popup animations
- core: ViewRootImpl: Stop the 'requestLayout () improperly called' logspam
- NavigationBarView: Always Add Shadow On Home Button On Some Cases
- core: Shorten wait time for shutdown time optimization
- Network Traffic: Update Traffic Arrow icon
- SystemUI: Tiny expanding improvement
- Less Boring Heads Up Option: Always SHOW ALARM CLOCK HEADSUP
- Open App WHEN CLICKING ON Icon In App Info
- Substratum: enable FORCE_AUTHORIZE_SUBSTRATUM_PACKAGES by default
- Settings: Move WiFi Mac Randomization to WiFi Settings
- Some more things maybe I can not remember more: P
- Added Stock SnapdragonCamera (Thanks @althafvly)
- Network Improvements (Airtel & Vodafone VoLTE works fine now)
- Performance Improvements
- Improved audio output
- Reworked auto-brightness
- Improved Sepolicy (thanks @Ozilly)
- Added OOS ScreenRecorder for Internal Audio recording (Thanks @Sksbss)
- Added Google Messages and Gboard as default
- Fixed lags when moving from EAS kernel to HMP
- Widevine L1
- App opening speeds are now improved
- Kernel upstreamed to 4.4.190
- Default kernel is Stardust RX1.2 (EAS)

From 7.08.
- Merged August Security Patch
- reworked q clock:
- Based on Aosip's Q Clock
- Brought to CENTER STAGE
- Added Support for 24h Clock (English and German Should Be Fine, Others May Need Changes Again)
- Animate Change in Time
- Make Sure Minutes Text Is in Single Line
- Don't Show Gradient Background for Small Clock View On Doze Screen
- A Shitload Of Caf IMS Fixes
- Added New Add Icon Button From Q Beta 5 for Bluetooth Preferences
- Added Option to Change Lockscreen Clock Widget Fonts
- Added Option to Change Lockscreen Date Fonts
- Added Lock Clock & Date Font Size Options
- Added Pixel-Like Ls Clock Font and Set As Default
- Removed Seekbar From Media Notification If Playback State IS NULL
- Added Accent Tinted and BlurRed Filter Option for Media Coverart
- Added Toggle To Show Battery Fully Charged Notification
- Added toggle for lockscreen weather
- Added Running Services Icon Toggle (Allows to Quickly Open Running Services from QS Panel)
- Added Option to Auto Hide Status-Bar Clock for Notch Devices
- Fixed Default Statusbar Logo for Substratum
- Enabled Apps List in Battery Usage Through Featureflag
- Some more things maybe I can not remember more: P
- Attempt to Fix Translations for Q Clock (Merged Also PR'S for Dutch, French, Russian, Spanish)
- Fixed Unnecessary Truncation in Slice
- Added Smart Charging
- Return to Oreo Fingerprint Blobs
- Update Blobs From Stock 055

from 27.07
- Added Lockscreen Date Styles Back (Still Centered On Qclock)
- Added Powermenu Background filter
- Battery Estimates: Show only in QSB Header
- Launch music player: disabled by default now
- Removed Q settings search bar layout to fix some themes
- Accents: Converted user accents to Q accents
- Updated several QS icons to Outline style (Caffeine, Heads up, Media (Play), Volume panel)
- MusicTile: Cleaned up redundant code
- Updated translations (merged also a PR again to fix qclock translation for pt-BR)
- Added Touch Response Optimizations from Caf
- Added Screen Stabization
- Added Screen Stabilization QS Tile
- Improved Battery Saver Tile
- Increased WiFi Scan Interval
- Added Android Q STYLE WIFI ICONS (Also Color Corrected For Pie)
- Fixed Pop Noise At The Begining Of Next Track
- Splitted Quick Settings Category Up a Bit
- Fixed Battery Bar On Navbar Option
- Added Weather Switch for Celsius / Fahrenheit
- Battery Estimates Is Disabled by Default Now
- Made FP Detection in Pocket Mode Configurable
- Added Music QS Tile
- Improved Weather Client
- Improved Caffeine QS Tile
- Added Missing Icon for Double Tap To TRIGGER DOZE
- Added BT Compatibility for Launch Music Player On Headset Connect Option
- Added Developer Setting to Set The Default GPU Renderer
- Improved sepolicy
- Add ZenFoneParts2 (TNX @Travarilo
- Zenmotions Are Now Separated FROM DT2W (TNX @Nomalchik)
- Add Brightness Adjustment in Ambient
- Enable Volte for Airtel / Vodafone India (TNX @Saurabhcharde)

from 9.07
- Initial Build
- Selinux Enforcing

WITHDownload HomeMade OT9.07.19

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NEXTWAY @ 07/27/19, 20:32*
But in any case, in the terminal, it is clearer written)
It would be trite. Android in principle knows nothing about the kernel, the kernel driver, processes that Linux creates for the operation of the services and applications android. Once again - it's just different things for different purposes. And if you save even deeper, / proc / sys. You can also see what we usually do not see.

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Rep: (78)
* klush, I know almost nothing about Android. Only superficial. But I am generally sitting on Linux. Therefore, MB is closer to me the terminal xs.
* Kulhaker478,
No, I did not forget, I do not have SU)

Posted on 07/27/2019, 20:52:

* Ctarchik, Where can I see the source code?

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