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Hello to gamers!
The game console section welcomes you.

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Despite the fact you are an avid gamer or just starting to not accidentally create a double, try using the search section.
How to do it right
In order not to go far, let's start looking at the site:
You can search in the current topic using the search form and the "Find in this topic" button located on the top right of the page - (a) and bottom left of the page - (b).
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b )
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You can search for the current forum using the search form and the "Find in this forum" button, located at the bottom left of the page, at the end of the list of all topics.
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To search the entire site, click the "Search" link located in the upper right corner and uncheck the "Search this forum only" box.
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You can search on the Internet: so “search "Or like this:" search query ". In the first case, the clarification ""indicates to the search server that the search should be limited to the site
Link to the topic: How to use the search, so as not to ask trivial questions .

Our section is divided into main sections:
Microsoft - discuss consoles from a reputable manufacturer
Nintendo - from the classic NES / FAMICOM / DENDY to the Nintendo Wii and Switch is here
Sony - all Japanese brand consoles live in this section
Android gaming consoles - from Chinese nounayam, to more famous brands of portable consoles on Android
Other game consoles - here we store everything that is not included in the main sections: SEGE Mega Drive, GPD WIN 2 and other curiosities.
Games -: D

Experiencing the pangs of gaming console choices? Then visit the topicsChoosing a home gaming console and Choosing a portable gaming console on Android

If you are “Children of the 90s” and love the “old ones”, and also like to play consoles of that time in Mario, Tanchiki or Rock N ’Roll Racing, then these topics are for you:NES / FAMICOM / DENDY / Game Boy Advance / SP / Micro / Sega Mega Drive (Genesis)

Fan of devices from Microsoft? Then pay attention to these topics:Discussion of games and service Gold for Xbox / One / S / X / 36 0 / Xbox One Gaming News / XBOX360 - Games (Freeboot)

Those who are not indifferent to Nintendo can read and chat on topicsNintendo Switch - Discussion / Nintendo 3DS Hacking Guide, Nintendo 3DS XL / Nintendo Wii - Discussion And passing in main section see themes for hacking and games for these consoles.

The most detailed information about hacking consoles is here:
PS3 hackingSony PS3 PS4 hacking Sony PS4 .
Hacking Nintendo Switch:Nintendo Switch Hacking Guide
Hacking Nintendo 3DS:Nintendo 3DS Hacking Guide, Nintendo 3DS XL
Hacking PS Vita:[PSV] All about hacking
PSP hacking:[PSP] 6.60 / 6.61 PROMOD

Talk about purchasing consoles from SONY can be hereBuying a PS3 and here PS4 purchase .

And if you want to pick up the TV for the game, then look here.Choosing a PlayStation TV

PSP lovers can find like-minded people in these sections.Sony PlayStation Portable and Sony PlayStation Vita .

FansNvidia Shield or GPD WIN can chat in relevant topics.

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