Power consumption (autonomy) Samsung Galaxy Note 9 | Energy talk, tips and cost saving solutions

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Power consumption (autonomy)Samsung SM-N960F Galaxy Note 9

PictureSamsung SM-N960F Galaxy Note 9
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Reason for editing: Battery Calibration

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* Mitriy_85 I do not touch the phone all night. Screen 1% on the photo. For the 6 o'clock ate 100% charge

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* H-L The game in the first place and the associated service. It is visible that this is a problem Jora, not standby or something else.

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On oneui 2.1 began heating decent in simple tasks and minus 1-2 hours active screen. I'm the only one?

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* Ragemod,
Heating and used to be, and night 18 per cent of all leave. Reset does not help the sadness in general.

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Prompt, Google Play battery began to eat silno.Ranshe was norme.Chto do

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HELP guys, tell me it's okay if the services Google and the shell so much time in the background work? Phone did not really yuzal morning an hour and the screen minus 25%
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muh757 @ 26/06/20, 21:21*
Google Play battery began to eat badly

If you have not rebooted, do the reboot and watch the next discharge cycle.
If you do not help, clean the cache system of rekaveri cache google play, remove gplay renovation and re-deliver them to look at the behavior of the system within a few days.

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