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Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 / Plus - MIUI firmware

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Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 / Plus - MIUI firmware
PictureMiPad 4, Mi Pad 4, clover
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Important information!
Drivers and Utilities
The firmware for Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 and Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Plus are the same.
Official (en / cn) without Russian
of stable and developer (.zip)
Use google-translator.
of stable and developer (.tgz )
MiPad4 / Plus firmware section onofficial forum MIUI (eng)

Localized - with Russian language

Collection of Chinese firmware

Poll results
What firmware is installed? Results
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Post has been editeddraiv88 - 04.05.20, 22:58
Reason for editing: Official TWRP 3.3.1-0

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* Kuronek ,
So I think to put xiaomi.eu. Question what number to put?
Anyone or any number get round?

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SF | AFH | dedyk | 9.3.21 xiaomi.eu | 10 | 8.1 | TWRP


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* Lumen1313 With YouTube is understandable, but I need a video player and 2 other prog

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* qwern70,
qwern70 @ 22.03.19, 13:59*
video player and 2 other prog
Do not forget that the applications themselves must support multi-mode.

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* nik-ia , Applications support. Partly solved the problem using bs player, he can play in the box,

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* qwern70, I have three (support) only the choice between the two applications.
Three - does not work
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Firmware EU stable 10.2

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Rebzya, hello. Today I received the device and immediately began to play with the firmware. First set of MIUI xiaomi.eu. Then set Havoc OS 2.3 official, poked it and decided to return the MIUI. But now when attempting to flash the MIUI bug pops up. Tell me, what's the problem?
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* PolkaNew,
Of lice Chinese, then ey.

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* baragoon
Did not help. It pops up the same error. I reset rekaveri - did not help. What to do?)

Moreover, now attempt to establish Havoc also ends this error.

Post has been editedPolkaNew - 22.03.19, 14:09

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* PolkaNew,
not through tvrp and through miflesh \ fastbut.

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* PolkaNew, You system mounted?

Post has been editednik-ia - 22.03.19, 14:17

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* nik-ia,
I do everything byinstructions, Mounts all partitions.

Thanks for the help. Set cotton material through MiFlash, and then re-rekaveri and xiaomi.eu.

Post has been editedPolkaNew - 22.03.19, 14:54

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And what instructions to mount partitions?
nik-ia @ 11.02.19, 23:40*
- the main menu TWRP>mount>mount all partitions

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Hello, please help. There Mipad plate 4 and as I understood from the screenshots Vietnamese firmware how to reflash the tablet to a more stable firmware? Do I need to change the bootloader to do this? He in Chinese at boot unlocked inscription at the bottom - if it indicates that the bootloader is unlocked?

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Hello! I sew tablet firmware from Xiaomi. eu. It seems everything is good, but now it is impossible to establish, for example, wot blitz. Store writes in that the device is not supported. On the flip-flops puts all. What is the problem?

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* sevkatu, Cause: Chinese tablet. Upgrade your version of Market. If you do not help, install the .apk through withsavagemessiahzine.com.
* Andywinter,
1 cap threads>for important information spoiler>to read.
2 links to all the instructions for installing the firmware - in the cap threads
3, all the prerequisites for installing the firmware - instructions
Your task: to read and execute the necessary instructions.
If you need to lay out a screenshot,hide under spoiler.
* Xiaomi>others, If you behind blocked bootloader, the notice warning you that he time locked (unlocked) ... What do you think - should stay or not?
* CapNemRu, Too much? Remove?

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* Xiaomi>others, I do not understand your anxiety))
Not like the phone? But the devices are different.
Firmware is installed? Right? Works? To account attached? The counter is ticking?
If all - "yes", then it is not necessary to worry.
From fastboot can boot the system not through the trip:
fastboot reboot

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Video how to install and how to flash TWRP

If you think it necessary to add the hat!

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* nik-ia ,
Today I will try to flash your tablet. Just how many Xiaomi smarts sewed, mount partitions after formatting never did.

Rep: (599)
* xeika33, Questions about unlocking ask here
carefully readhere
* CapNemRu, Installing a localized or custom firmware you are editing (modify) system partition.
Mounting the connection sections = = permission to edit.

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