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Xiaomi Mi 8 SE - MIUI Firmware

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Xiaomi Mi 8 SE - MIUI Firmware
PictureMi8SE, Mi8i, Codename: Sirius. Model: M1805E2A - China version
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Important information!

Drivers and Utilities
ADB and Fastboot install one of your choice

Official firmware

Official download pages:H www.miui.com
Firmware archive
Semi-official download pagehttps://mirom.ezbox.idv.tw/en/phone/sirius/

China Stable

Recovery - for installation from Recovery it is also "three points", TWRP;
Fastboot - for installation in Fastboot mode (hare) from MiFlash, EDL.

Android 9 Pie, MIUI 10

China Developer

Recovery - for installation from Recovery it is also "three points", TWRP;
Fastboot - for installation in Fastboot mode (hare) from MiFlash, EDL.

Android 9 Pie, MIUI 10

Localized firmware based on official
All localized / custom firmware should be installed only on the UNLOCKED bootloader from TWRP Recovery

Recovery / Root / Kernel


To get Root access, simply flush the Magisk archive from the TWRP.
Magisk is already built into TWRP by wzsx150 LR.Team. Magisk versions between 16.6 and 18.2 on Mi8SE do not work.18.2 working.



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FranticDM @ 26.09.20, 12:25*
to understand that I do not sew, and not going

I apologize for my carelessness, I confused the record under spoiler
"Tvrp no lifetime I was anglokitay, the bootloader is locked, became a brick with miui" I miui to blindly accepted for mirum
It is on the basis of information that I assumed you were trying to install on a locked device kasmtomnuyu firmware. Once again, sorry: rolleyes:

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3151020 @ 26.09.20, 10:35 *
With weekly ey to xiaomi.eu I understand you can go with the date format only?

Get a normal start only after the Data format (in addition to Dalvik / System / Cache).
I had to re-set the application is not made backup.

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* trigi, I have here a little longer to understand how it works. Life used the whole of last year, zero problems with the quarantine is not yuzal. In late August, he changed the tariff for Smart Gadget for 100 UAH, the 'Net is very bad work. In the tariff there are no restrictions. A friend also Life, oneplus 7 pro, it all ok. I put your sim card in his phone only - nothing has changed. My just sucks worked. Or mb coincidence. Support throws up his hands, the store offered only to change SIM cards. Changed - such as zero changes. Dead end.

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* dmytox , There is clearly a problem in the statement

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