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Xiaomi MiPad 4 - Discussion | Tablet, 8 "
Touchscreen in 4 mi Pad
How does your touchscreen Mi Pad4 in PUBG (and other active shooters)?
Wi-Fi version. It works fine [ 146 ] ** [40,78%]
Wi-Fi version. It does not work [ 12 ] ** [3,35%]
LTE version. It works fine [ 181 ] ** [50,56%]
LTE version. It does not work [ 19 ] ** [5,31%]
Total votes: 358

Rep: (939)
DiscussionXiaomi MiPad 4
PictureXiaomi MiPad 4, miPad4, clover
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  • dimensions: 200.2 * 120.3 * 7.9 mm;
  • display: 8 ", IPS, 1920x1200 pixels (16:10), contrast 1200: 1;
  • processor: Snapdragon 660 (14 nm process technology) with an Adreno 512 video accelerator;
  • RAM: 3/4 GB;
  • built-in storage: 32/64 GB;
  • main camera: 13 (OV13855, f / 2.0) MP;
  • front camera: 5 (Samsung S5K5E8, f / 2.0) MP;
  • battery: 6,000 mAh;
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, USB Type-C,
  • OS: MIUI based on Android 8.1 Oreo
  • weight: 340 g;
  • Support for microSD memory cards up to 256 GB;
  • gyroscope,
  • monochrome indicator light (white)
  • OTG support,
  • GPS + Glonass, 4G LTE (only for LTE version)
Not supported:
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History change caps
06/25/18 - Official presentation of the device, the creation of a theme.
06/28/18 - Added clarifications about the LTE version and new photos.
06/30/18 - link added to Photos and Videos shot on mi Pad 4, video review
07/01/18 - link to off. news on the forum MIUI.com, clarification about the lack of support for voice calls.
07/02/18 - Information about global firmware is not.
07/05/18 - link added to the navigatortopic of purchase, adjustmentabout support for memory cards with all versions
07/08/18 - Video Reviews - Anton Grigoriev, mi Pad 4 - A definite improvement
07/16/18 - about Russification through MoreLocale2
07/24/18 - the beginning of sales of the LTE version and about registration for the presentation
07/26/18 - + Useful: Installing Google services (GApps), Section mi Pad 4 on the official forum en.miui.com (eng). Links to the bootloader unlock and Xiaomi club added to the header navigator
07/28/18 - Added a firmware theme to the navigator
08.08.18 - Clarification about the lack of support for 2G, 3G.
08/23/18 - + Useful: Text review from itc.ua. Detailed screen test., Video comparison screens miPad 4 and miPad 2
08.28.18 - Link added to the navigatorXiaomi MiPad 4 - Unofficial firmware
08/30/18 - A link to the Mi Pad 4 Plus discussion has been added to the navigator.
09/09/18 - Useful: Check for viruses multilanguage MIUI from the seller for viruses!
09/10/18 - Useful: Review
09/12/18 - Characteristics are supplemented with data about the gyroscope, the indicator and the absence of vibration.
09/18/18 - specifications are supplemented with information about the lack of support for outputting "video over wire".
09/21/18 - Installing Themes on the tablet.
09/24/18 - Useful: SIM cards with "telephone" tariffs work on the device.
09/29/18 - Results of the poll "What mi Pad 4 did you purchase?". New poll "Are you satisfied with your mi Pad 4?"
10/07/18 - A link to the Mi-account is added to the rubricator.
11/03/18 - Features: Fast Charging - Not Supported.
11/13/18 - Useful: Launch engineering menu, hardware test
11/26/18 - Useful: Shortcut for Topics
11/29/18 - Features: + OTG support, unsupported highlighted in a separate list.
12/06/18 - Reviews are highlighted in a separate spoiler, + Alexey Ignatiev Video Review, Useful + Switch the tablet to Russian (on the official firmware with a locked bootloader)
12/16/18 - Instructions for correcting the Russian font in the Chinese version of MIUI
03/13/19 - Modifications and decorations are added to the rubricator
04/01/19 - Useful: Everything about widgets in miPad 4
04/17/19 - Modifications and decorations mi Pad4
05/11/19 - Useful + Solution with nezagruzkoy from google play and other files with an Access Point
01/20/20 - Close poll "Are you satisfied with your miPad 4?" Added a new poll about the touch.
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Rep: (330)
* pppppppp1 They are usually advised razlochivat from scratch and change the firmware. Sam did not, at first there was no time, and now try to take away} -)

Rep: (69)
* pppppppp1 , Transport film, and Simcoe sd card can be inserted / removed to hot.

Rep: (1)
qwertyua @ 31.12.19, 17:09*
razlochivat from scratch

On the advice of a cap threads chased antivirus Kasper and the Internet, viruses are not found.

"Razlochivat" What's that?

I chose when loading Russian, registered with the Market and installed a pin code.
It all worked.

Post has been editedpppppppp1 - 31.12.19, 18:12

Rep: (330)
* pppppppp1 To install custom bikes require unlocking the bootloader, there is a perception that sellers in China can do it left-back. Therefore were pererazblokirovat advice. Most likely your tablet writes boot Unlocked

Rep: (69)
* qwertyua ,
If there is xiaomi.eu, then of course it unlocked.

Rep: (1)
qwertyua @ 31.12.19, 18:12*
tablet writes boot Unlocked

Yes boot at the bottom of the inscription Unlocked
Installed MIUI by xiaomi.eu (ODJCNFI), installed Android 8.1.0

It turns out that in my case everything is in order.

Rep: (798)
pppppppp1 @ 31.12.19, 16:53*
If anyone knows where you can find a description of the initial movements of device, give the link.
in the cap. There's a link on the firmware. In the header of the theme is and firmware, and instructionsXiaomi Mi Pad 4/4 Plus - Drivers MIUI (Post Fidelich # 75506188)
You choose what suits you, for example, installing a localized firmware

Posted on 31.12.2019, 19:27:

pppppppp1 @ 31.12.19, 17:11*
If we have is multilingual, it turns out, the bootloader is unlocked.
So it is already possible to put TWRP for hedging?
Yes, the bootloader is unlocked and can sew your heart desires

Rep: (7)
Help is needed.
Reflash Mi Pad 4, did not realize before that exit the Google-account.
Now, the tablet requires a password, I enter his password on my Google-account - does not accept. CHYADNT?

Rep: (798)
evb0110 @ 31.12.19, 21:43*
tablet requires a password
that wayGoogle Account Bypass (FRP) Ways After Reset

Rep: (57)
* pppppppp1,
American Fork'shttps: //www.vxzone.com...blic/articles/218b.jpg
And you have the most that neither is Chinese. There is a difference, and easily distinguished

Rep: (4)
Hello. I put anyoneВ®Easy DPI Changer [Root]?And if so, can the screens with a modified DPI?

Rep: (939)
* Land Cruiser And why, may I ask, if all settings configured without additional software?

Rep: (4)
Fidelich @ 3.01.20, 14:56*
if the settings all without additional software configurable?
I did not know because) thanks. : Thank_you:
Let question. How dpi standard?

Rep: (10)
Land Cruiser @ 3.01.20, 15:48*
How dpi standard?

600 dpi

Rep: (0)
Prompt and explain, please.
For several days read the forum and the adjacent branches of the firmware and other things ... already mess in my head.
All I understood correctly ...? If not correct, please.

I want to buy this tablet as a navigator in the car to watch movies in a matter of travel, to see something in the internet, listen to music and maybe a little bit to play some races ...
Never before had no Xiaomi, nothing else on Android.

1) What scares me - it is the openness of the system and possible viruses ... Someone wrote that even in the installed firmware was some sort of virus ...
It is necessary to put anti-virus, right? There are some free options for tablets from reputable companies, or need to buy a key, etc.?

2) The Naked Android nowhere: neither multilingual or the Chinese?

3) Did not understand which option is best to buy: multi-language or Chinese?
If it is multilingual, it means that the seller has already unlocked the bootloader ... The question is how he did it. If after waiting for 720 hours - that's all right. And if there is a cross of something - something bad ... All right?
Suppose I buy the option, where the seller has closed. As a result, I will not be able to revert to the factory firmware version and install the proper firmware? And this version I can not tie your guglakkaunt, because it made the seller with your account?
Or is it the other way: buy a multi-language with an unlocked bootloader, snoshu all, I put the normal firmware, tie your Google account, and use?

4) About GPS and LTE. They only work together? If, for example, in another country pull out the SIM card, if I can use the Navigator with the downloaded maps? Will the GPS at the same time? Normally catches GPS?


Rep: (22)
Dvz85 @ 4.01.20, 4:37*
Someone wrote that even in the installed firmware was some sort of virus ...
the main virus, the one that keeps the tablet in his hands, the viruses themselves set)

Rep: (0)
Dvz85 @ 4.01.20, 5:37*
About GPS and LTE. They only work together?
GPS works without a SIM.

Post has been editedmaidip - 04.01.20, 09:21
Reason for editing: Removed unnecessary

Rep: (798)
* Dvz85 , Buy with any firmware. Localized may be preferable, as there is already unlocked bootloader. After receiving just asking for another localized on the basis of MIUI Or on the basis of a bare Android

Rep: (0)
All good vecher.Stal today the owner of this devaysa and the question arose: who uses Wink (rt tv) application, you also do not skrollyatsya channel to start flipping channels and application simply does not allow to do so, there is an infinite scrolling effect. Who can faced as it fixed a?

Rep: (11)
* Dvz85 Received the tablet before the new year, the Chinese set a firmware Xiaomei eu, are satisfied, there is no virus. To these things need to be treated easier, not those costs if worried, buy a tablet for example in the BPS with a guarantee of 5 thousand rubles more expensive

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