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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global / Note 5 China - Core
The cores.
The best core for everyday use.
Stock nucleus (MIUI) [ 126 ] ** [26,64%]
Stock nucleus (AOSP) [ 53 ] ** [11,21%]
IceCold [ 36 ] ** [7,61%]
KangarooX [ 115 ] ** [24,31%]
PureCAF [ 47 ] ** [9,94%]
Panda [ 16 ] ** [3,38%]
Desert eagle [ 12 ] ** [2,54%]
Caesium [ 0 ] ** [0%]
ATOS [ 1 ] ** [0,21%]
Extended [ 10 ] ** [2,11%]
Ancient [ 13 ] ** [2,75%]
dieD [ 1 ] ** [0,21%]
Rebirth [ 4 ] ** [0,85%]
Illusion [ 6 ] ** [1,27%]
RAD [ 15 ] ** [3,17%]
Strix [ 1 ] ** [0,21%]
Mystic [ 13 ] ** [2,75%]
Retarded [ 4 ] ** [0,85%]
Total votes: 473

Rep: (3480)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global / Note 5 China - Core

PictureHMN5P, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro / Note 5 China, whyred
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Rep: (37)
Nanobots @ 12/15/2018 16:13*
Put Derpy 4.0 Masik 1.7 TTL through TTL Fixer is not fixed. Someone has turned out?

Unfortunately I was covered beech. I can not check.
Brightness buggy.

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Rep: (212)
* _Refrigerator_, test? I wonder what else is?

Rep: (4)
For MiuiPro yadr any better? The games do not play

Rep: (210)
Attached Image


Version: 3.6 of 07.09.2019, EAS
creators: Reza Adi Pangestu and (Kappu) BeamGuide
core tests:Tyk
XDA: Tyk
franco Profiles
Easy setting through the core programFK Kernel Manager Because kernel supports franco Profiles . The application works only with the RTH right!
For stable operation on MIUI, it is recommended to make the application system via Titanium Backup, Lucky Patcher or other means.
Russian translation: Attached fileFK Kernel Manager_v3.12.9_RUS.apk(3.42 MB)

Original: Attached fileFK Kernel Manager_v3.12.9.apk(4.23 MB)
Previous versions of the program
The latest version with Russian translation:Attached fileFK Kernel Manager_v3.9_RUS.apk(4.01 MB)

The latest version without Russian translation: Attached fileFK Kernel Manager-v3.9_build_1812200516P.apk(4.81 MB)
Russian translation:Attached fileFK Kernel Manager_v3.10.2_RUS2.apk(3.45 MB)
Original:Attached fileFK Kernel Manager-v3.10.2P.apk(4.25 MB)
- Merge Linux 4.4.191
- Merge caf, qcacld-3.0, qca-wifi-host-cmn, fw-api LA.UM.7.2.r1-07500-sdm660.0
- ANDROID: fiq_debugger: remove
- ANDROID: sched: Disallow WALT with CFS bandwidth control
- ANDROID: Add a tracepoint for mapping inode to full path
- Compile use Clang 10.0.0

Ancient 1.1
вњ“ Merged inlinux 4.4.167
вњ“ Merged inCAF LA.UM.7.2.r1-05500-sdm660.0
вњ“ Updatefranco Profiles
Darkness governor
вњ“ AddI / O fsync
Ancient 1.2
вњ“ Upstreamlinux 4.4.169
вњ“ Updatefranco Profiles
Ancient 1.3
вњ“ Build WithClang 8.0.7
вњ“ Mergelinux-stable 4.4.170
вњ“ Merge tag 'LA.UM.7.2.r1-05800-sdm660.0'
вњ“ UC and OC CPU likesdm660
вњ“ Refreshfranco Profiles
вњ“ AddHDR displaytaken from Stormguard (need to test thanks adekmaulana)
вњ“ RemoveQCOM Panic Changes
вњ“ ImproveCPU Freq Conservative, Interactive
Msm-sleeper:limit max freq when screen is off
вњ“ Addspeaker gaincontrol
вњ“ Improvekgsl, mdss
Ancient 1.4
вњ“ Mergedlinux-stable 4.4.171
Ancient 1.5
вњ“ EnableF2fs
вњ“ Upstream tof2fs-stable-linux-4.4
Ancient 1.6
вњ“ Upstreamlinux 4.4.172
вњ“ Decrease time toenter sleeper
вњ“ Addnvs hibernate
вњ“ Revertfew changes
вњ“ Updatesdfat 2.1.8
вњ“ UpdateFKM Profiles
Ancient 1.7
вњ“ BuildClang 8.0.8
вњ“ Merged4.4.174
вњ“ MergedLA.UM.7.2.r1-05900-sdm660.0
вњ“ Refreshfranco Profiles
вњ“ Change625hztimer interrupt
вњ“ Improvekgsl
вњ“ Revert few camera change fromcodeaurora
вњ“ FixUSB OTGissue
вњ“ DisableSPI CRC
Ancient 1.8
вњ“ Merged tolinux-stable 4.4.175-rc1
вњ“ ImplementUSB FAST CHARGE
вњ“ NonUC / OC
100hztimer interupted
вњ“ thermal:import xiaomi change
Ancient 1.9
вњ“ Mergedlinux 4.4.176
Fsync: Disable by default
Ancient 2.0
вњ“ Build withclang 9.0.1
вњ“ Merged tolinux-stable 4.4.177
вњ“ MergedCaf LA.UM.7.2.r1-6500-sdm660.0, fw-api, qca-wifi-host-cmn, qcacld-3.0
вњ“ DisableBCL driver
вњ“ Upstreamf2fs stable linux 4.4
вњ“ Xiaomithermal engine
Ancient 2.1
- Clang 9.0.3
- Merge linux 4.4.178, 4.4.179
- Merge caf, fw-api, qcacld-3.0, qca-wifi-host-cmn tag LA.UM.7.2.r1-06700-sdm660.0
- Add livedisplay driver
- Fix potential kernel panic
- Fix memory leaks in mdss livedisplay
Past versions
Ancient 1.1
Attached fileAncient 1.1.zip (16.79 MB)
Ancient 1.2
Ancient 1.3
Ancient 1.4
Ancient 1.5
Ancient 1.6
Ancient 1.7
Ancient 1.8
Ancient 1.9
Ancient 2.0
Ancient 2.1
Reviews(old versions)
Before viewing the reviews, keep in mind that all of your use of the device, other firmware installed third-party patches. Have an opinion and do not listen to other people.
About the core
As I understand this core is built on the basis ofDerp Kernel . That is why I decided to post the kernel here. If you set this kernel, report bugs, leave feedback, if the course is not difficult. Just one of the core part of the creators of the founders popular rekaveri Pitchblack As well as its designer. He is the creator of the kernel SkyArk . In general, there are high hopes that the core can rise to the level Derp Kernel or even higher.

Oreo Firmware: Attached fileAncient-EAS-whyred-3.6-FW-O-20190907-0921.zip(15.76 MB)

Pie Firmware: Attached fileAncient-EAS-whyred-3.6-FW-P-20190907-0703.zip(15.11 MB)

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Rep: (201)
micky228 @ 15.12.18, 22:36*
Thanks to the protests: rofl:
until damp, and sometimes twitches interface , did not antutu and gikbench testit ....

Rep: (210)
* Karimad , It is still the first build, forward amendments.

Rep: (265)
micky228 @ 15.12.18, 18:25*
I would not mind from your gratitude
Did you know that you can not hide "beg" to you?

Rep: (210)
volod_bol @ 15.12.18, 20:50*
if it continues to update the post
Will: rofl:

Posted on 15/12/2018, 19:52:

* volod_bol , I've already fixed, he's right. Thank you for defending: D

Rep: (76)
: offtopic:
Developed ancient kernel says that GPU acceleration is possible. Well, there is still andervolt CPU, GPU, battery. We have it in tvistlupe and like Kirksey seen.

Attached images
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

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Rep: (83)
* micky228 I understand the core is designed for custom bikes?

Rep: (76)
* bagato10 , Yes

Rep: (44)
For image stretch loops, say due to a slow matrix nobody knows how to treat it?

Rep: (210)
* bagato10 , In miyuay also put, but I do not advise, yet damp.

Posted on 15/12/2018, 22:33:

* pqha , And suddenly can: clap:

Rep: (76)
Kernel overclocking CPU and GPU (2.5GHz CPU, GPU 647 MHz)
Not recommended for everyday use!
May harm your device (to burn the GPU, CPU). Everything is done AT YOUR SOLE RISK. I am the developer of responsibility for your damaged device does not carry.
Proof attached.
Attached Image
Attached Image

The kernel itself, found in the telegram.
Attached fileTwistLoop-Alpha-12-09-2018.zip(16.66 MB)

Perhaps this is fake crackdown. Kernel for lovers tsiferok MHz, GHz

Post has been editedpqha - 21.12.18, 10:35

Rep: (50)
* pqha If I remember correctly, this is not the core furychit. Run antutu or set the minimum frequency of the GPU to the maximum - will reboot.

Post has been editedNotteger - 15.12.18, 22:44

Rep: (201)
* Notteger Yes it is in the kernel adiutor not tuned like.

Post has been editedKarimad - 15.12.18, 22:45

Rep: (50)
* Karimad There was themselves that as soon as the kernel starts to work at a maximum frequency of the GPU, immediately hung up tightly. I personally spoke with the author while the kernel and it does not figured out how to overcome it.

P. S. A creator of Ancient Kernel promised not overclock the CPU? And the shortage of nucleoli (

Post has been editedNotteger - 15.12.18, 22:49

Rep: (76)
* Notteger ,
Attached Image

Rep: (50)
* pqha , Pass the test Antutu

Rep: (76)
* Notteger Already deleted: happy:

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