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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro) - Modification and decorations

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro) - Modification and decorations
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Patterns of modifications and other decorations
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[COLOR = blue] [B] Author [/ B] [/ COLOR]: Specify the author
[COLOR = blue] [B] Firmware [/ B] [/ COLOR]: Specify the version / number, code / deodex
[COLOR = blue] [B] Description [/ B] [/ COLOR]: The most complete description of the mod
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Jewelry catalog
Installing third-party themes in the MIUI 10, 11
The Chinese have complicated the ability to install third-party themes in the MIUI 10, 11.
Options for installing third-party themes, from simple to complex:

1. Install Localized MIUI firmware with the presence of a patched theme manager (see topicFirmware, for example: Xiaomi.eu, MiuiPro, MultiROM, Masik в„ў and others);
2. Install Patched Theme Manager, suitable for your firmware (look under the spoilerTopics). But here it is worth remembering that this will only work onfully deodexed firmware;
3. If you have a stock firmware without root access, it is requireddesigner account with approved content
4. And the most inconvenient way: We parse the downloaded theme, at the end we write .zip, take the component (s) and drop them along the system / media / theme / default path, issue the 0644 rights, reboot and use the theme on which you are now.

The remaining methods for MIUI 10 have lost their relevance, or they are unstable. (critical systemui errors occur, themes crash on reboot or after some time). But maybe there will be fixes with updates: xpossed + xMIUI or Miui 8 Tweak , MI Theme Editor , MI Rape
If you know other 100% working methods, write in this topic.

Prefabs and Updates
Automatic tasks
Dialer and Contacts
Sound, music, melodies
Desktop and Recent
Extended reboot menu
Status Bar and Shutter
Lock Screen and Fingerprint Scanner
Bootanimation & Splash
Butanimation Bootable logo (Splash)
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* serega.lbt,
Usually the settings are stored in the configuration repository:
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I began to look for here. Enable / Disable checkbox and looked changes to those files. Looked search for "sim".
If there are keys that control the on / off SIM cards, you can check by typing in a terminal:
settings put secure key value
settings put global key value

Then try the same in the firmware where the tick there.

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* Rznnike , Good day! Please tell me, is it possible to increase the volume in the bluetooth headset? If possible, please list the correct way and that and what the maximum value? Thanks in advance!

Rep: (4)
eehor @ 13.10.18, 1:07*
I found a way to relatively quickly get hold of the topics under miui10.
too long been interested in the question with themes for 10 ... Yesterday went through the entire store without changing the region, I have put Belarus ... From above already writing until swings without mistakes Grid and Darkoid ... But there is a Blue Dragon V10 ... I think a little more and a lot of those will maybe very many have signed v10 and many duplicate, probably therefore a warning and climbs ... Well tried components vchrea watch ... Icons change without problems, all that comes to blocking, the notification stop working immediately with the old themes and desktop just does not change

Rep: (764)
Advise, please, the black theme for MIUI 10 (Masik 1.3). To black background and white text was everywhere, and without indigo / green as in the subject of hats. And preferably without unnecessary frills clumsy.

Rep: (8)
Here are found compatible themes for 10s, Blur Ukraina.Krome region.

Attached images
Attached Image

Rep: (5)
The continuation of the story with the themes under ten. I found that certain topics change habitual tick in the status of the sent message votsapa other options: the letters point to the check boxes and ID
More pointed out that after changing the "status bar" theme component to the standard, the number of icons on top left.
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Whether it is possible to improve the playback of ringtones? I put a melody in mp3 the call through the player plays normally, but when an incoming call which is 3 carob polyphony turns out, the bass is not quite the word. Tried to convert to ogg with the default settings did not help.

miui 9 ru clean, no sound improvers is not necessary.

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Buuf_Guuf light theme

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Author : Buuf_Guuf topic authors are many: Sk37cH, Ivan1968, luzanaw, finist1
Firmware : MIUI, weather M8
Description : Ported your favorite wallpaper to this dais. Unfortunately only the wallpaper. Well, the icons. I can’t completely redo the topic.
Cheerful Temka, improves mood. It takes the weather from the M8 (it must be installed accordingly). Clouds, rain, fog are displayed. If anyone takes pictures of the snow - I will be grateful, tk. I don’t draw it myself. The change of night and day. Displayed on Lockscreen.
Add. screenshots
Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image

Installation :
1. Download the attached files.
2. Import the theme.
3. We apply.
4. Install the settings program.
5. We start.
7. Poking everything.
8. Swipe left.
9. Set the wallpaper. Reboot.
Download :
Attached fileBuufGuufSettings.apk(98.38 KB)

Attached fileBuuf_Guuf_light_theme.mtz(19.7 MB)

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marokann @ 13.10.18, 10:18*
More pointed out that after changing the "status bar" theme component to the standard, the number of icons on top left.

Confirm, and now I can not figure out how to get the standard amount

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Who among knowledgeable tell me?
Not like in the 10-ke Service, specifically - black theme. I pulled the app from the 9-ki. I replaced, alarm clock works, but when the alarm goes off if the screen is off, it does not turn on, there is a notification if forced to wake up, but the screen itself is not included, as it should. Firmware - Masik. He pulled out of deodeksa on deodeks. Is it possible to make a fully functional alarm clock of 9-ki? DeskClock changed. Right stand. Where to dig? Can be personal, then delete the post.

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* Chinamaden, For normal operation of the resources of the miui9 on topics miui10 at least need to rewrite the path to each file as it is changed. If even that does not work then the more will have to redraw the image.

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Welcome throw off somebody topic miui the drain 10

Rep: (780)
gforsx1 @ 14.10.18, 13:34*
Thread the drain miui 10
second standard theme
Attached Image
Attached fileClassic.mtz(11.28 MB)

Copy the folder / system / media / theme
Attached filetheme.zip(18.27 MB)

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* djdante
and you do not have lemitless?

Rep: (76)
* gforsx1 ,
Catalog of the MIUI v6 / v7 / v8 / v9 / v10 (Post FRust79 # 77556808)more or less similar to the limitless

Rep: (734)
Maud dialer miuipro
Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached filemod_MiuiPro_8.10.11.zip(5.9 MB)

Attached filemod_MiuiPro_8.10.25.zip(5.86 MB)

Attached filemod_MiuiPro_9.1.3.zip(5.87 MB)

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And there is a theme Miui 9 (for the factory firmware without root), to a dark background the lower strip of buttons was a dark or transparent? white (gray) strongly hurts the eyes. Sometimes the gestures do not want to use only the lower button

Attached Image

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* allexx762 ,
I am because of it completely and moved to gestures and quick ball, accustomed to fast. ) Although for a while and tried to use a third-party software for the buttons ... this band is still too fat, as for me.

Rep: (1183)
DeskClock Miui10

Author : visionetik
Firmware : Miui 8.9.20 china On the other should be checked
Description : Catabatic watch from the Chinese firmware with white decor.
* Removed Chinese, Russian added
* Light interface
* Removed the window asking you to download ring tones from the Internet
* Removed all the trash from the timer (left window only defaulted)
* The timer does not switch to full screen mode
Add. screenshots
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Installation I pray in the archive TWRP or replacement APK manually clearing application data.
Download : Attached fileDeskClock.zip (2.96 MB)


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Minor modifications to MiuiPro firmware.
Device compatibility
Redmi Note 5 (WHYRED) and Mi Max 3 (NITROGEN) since version9.3.28
Installation Method:
Through TWRP custom firmware already installed on !!!!
Build author: I
List of modifications:
1. Aroma installer with a choice of different options.
2. Selection of the displayed buttons in the dialerThank VADER
3. Toggle painting in curtainThank UserXP_
4. Lock or clearing memory shaking.
5. Ability to select your background in recentThank namin78
6. Small ukrashalki and tweaks system.
7. Location counter notification through settingsThank BadDa3mon
8. A wide range of widgetsPUMP
9. Maud painting, choosing the size and font of hours in the status barThank namin78
10. Maud font color and font type of choice for togl signatures.Thank RG_mod
11. Mod select color, size and font percent batteries(Mod set in the selection menu at Aroma) Thank finist1
12. Ability to remove the keyboard from Yandex
13. Ability to set the keyboard from Sony
14. The ability to return the music. player of nankeen.
15. Added working Viper FX
16. On \ off blur in the open folder with the settings + choice of color and the degree of blurThank BadDa3mon
17. Setting the label icons on the desktop (size, color, inscription in two lines or scrolled)Thank finist1
18. Setting up the battery type in the status barThank MiPokser
19. Extended value for animation
20. Select animation Turn off the screen settingsThank namin78
21. Customizable blur in the curtain through the settings (transparency, color and degree of blurring)Thank BadDa3mon
22. Added a new menu item in the Aroma for fashion dialer with the text at the top !!!
23. Added additional. timers for silent mode and does not disturb (10,15,20min 4 and 6 hours)
24. Added customizable to blur the background in recent (the default is off, screenshots, wallpapers Rab.Stole. Adjust the degree of blur, and color)Thank BadDa3mon
25. uvilichit interest rate for the battery mode only interest and pratsenty and graphics
26. Added switches to hide the icons in the status bar (sim 1, 2 sim, Wi-Fi icon arrow Wi-Fi data icon Arrows mobile data, the flight icon)Thank MiPokser
28. Installation alternative logo for chamber
29. Added modes for painting sliders in volume panels in red color (selected arom)
30. Added a customizable background blur for widgets (by default, screenshots, wallpapers Rab.Stole. Adjust the degree of blur, and color)Thank BadDa3mon
31. onscreen buttons are replaced by a global version.
32. Added mod painting statusbara icons (CHAR1, CHAR2, Wi-Fi, the flight icon)Thank namin78
33. Added additional values ​​for the speed of the screen off animation
34. Added ability to set animation IOS system installer aromuThanks Alex G
35. Added adjust the amount of interest the battery to drain.Thank BadDa3mon
36. Added color adjustment in volume through the settings panel.Thank BadDa3mon

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Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Android 9.0 PIE

On further updating fashion, write to the PM !!!!

Download: https://yadi.sk/d/1_Kam1fVDIBiEQ
Updated to V5
05/04/2019 at 16 h 12 min

Android 8.1 OREO

Android 8.1 OREO
Download: https://yadi.sk/d/zdfXnVHxfz13qQ
Updated to V5
25/03/2019 at 17 h 24 min

Download: https://yadi.sk/d/tVkIcvVNM1BGyw
Updated to V4
21/01/2019 in 21 h 50 min

Download: https://yadi.sk/d/NJbxwpQFMNS6SQ
Updated to V3
15/01/2018 in 22 h 40 min


Download: https://yadi.sk/d/f4HBCv25HaQh2A
Updated to V2
30/12/2018 at 16 h 30 min

Download: https://yadi.sk/d/77QLsfAWJ-d0Jw
Before installing the mod, you need to disable the blur in the folder !!!!

Updated to V4
25/12/2018 in 23 h 09 min

Download: https://yadi.sk/d/LhsZ4VDMGR4Cpg
Updated to V3
15/12/2018 in 23 h 09 min


Download: https://yadi.sk/d/7Ujy9TLvsUrpgA
Updated to V3
12/05/2018 in 15 h 30 min

Download: https://yadi.sk/d/DxKnVVMdUf_-6g
Updated to V2
24/11/2018 at 17 h 55 min



Download: https://yadi.sk/d/biIyQuGbWCmeGw
Updated to V3
11/08/2018 at 17 h 47 min

Download: https://yadi.sk/d/WYGGqH2HX1xOvA
Updated to V3
11/03/2018 23h in 41 min

It is not recommended to install on other localizers !!!!


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