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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro) - Modification and decorations

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro) - Modification and decorations
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Installing third-party themes in the MIUI 10, 11
The Chinese have complicated the ability to install third-party themes in the MIUI 10, 11.
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1. Install Localized MIUI firmware with the presence of a patched theme manager (see topicFirmware, for example: Xiaomi.eu, MiuiPro, MultiROM, Masik в„ў and others);
2. Install Patched Theme Manager, suitable for your firmware (look under the spoilerTopics). But here it is worth remembering that this will only work onfully deodexed firmware;
3. If you have a stock firmware without root access, it is requireddesigner account with approved content
4. And the most inconvenient way: We parse the downloaded theme, at the end we write .zip, take the component (s) and drop them along the system / media / theme / default path, issue the 0644 rights, reboot and use the theme on which you are now.

The remaining methods for MIUI 10 have lost their relevance, or they are unstable. (critical systemui errors occur, themes crash on reboot or after some time). But maybe there will be fixes with updates: xpossed + xMIUI or Miui 8 Tweak , MI Theme Editor , MI Rape
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Reason for editing: smart mobile network xiaomi.eu 9.3.14 - Android 8.1

Rep: (2538)
Pelmen19 @ 13.11.19, 13:12*
off-hook when an incoming call volume button?
That's try -MIUI - Modification and decorations (Post kai62 # 71191658)

Rep: (10)
: Skull: animation of the skull: skull:
Photo taken from the Internet
Animated inby thisapplication
convert toby thisapplication
SIFCO Size: 558h744
animation size in zip: 1080x1440
view gif
Attached Image

Download:Attached fileskull-resized.zip(12.63 MB)

Rep: (8)
tell and how you can increase the brightness threshold

Rep: (7)
* vitponomarenko ,
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro) - Modification and decorations (Post visionetik # 78026819)

Rep: (419)
* alex11637 , Hello do fashion Havok 3.0 fake

Rep: (206)
I can not install your own theme
11.0.3 firmware deodeks
patched the manager is installed, open design account, application updates so no threads are imported, but using threads writes that the installation of third-party themes are not supported, the error 412, what can be?

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Rep: (3)
Good day to all! Tell me who can understand, has been updated to 11 version of Global. When the phone razblokiruesh the desktop appears with the "miraculous" effects such as appearance. How do I disable it? This miracle of the appearance?

Rep: (38)
* kristik,
the last nsa suitable ???

Rep: (22)
Guys tell me how to correct Auto-Brightness, in the end I got this game. Now I mirum weekly set. What can you think of?

Rep: (718)
* Wander_380 You can ask ABTOP-C share fix for the dark and light)

Rep: (5)
Excuse me, can anyone knows the name of the blue threads, such that both the dialer, menu, SMS, in general, all that can be had on a blue background, updated on myuay 11 stable, former fell off, I can not find in the store the same is not found. Thanks in advance.

Rep: (3)
* Wander_380,
A bunch of patches and all work

Rep: (22)
je-no @ 15.11.19, 23:58*
A bunch of patches and all work
so give a reference pliz

Rep: (22)
"Always on display" for our devices.
Installation via TVRP, the main thing that was installed about zhor battery can not say anything miui 11, as he use recently, but is stable.
P.S.Posle substitution APK file does not work

Attached files

Attached fileMIUI_AOD_ MOD_WHYRED_by @ Sonyw.zip(19.4 MB)

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Prompt cool audio modes for PE 10. Senk

Rep: (23)
Ksandr1985 @ 16.11.19, 07:54*
about battery zhor I can not say anything
Jordania will be exhibited depending on the brightness of the screen: we IPS, rather than OLED.

Rep: (38)
Greetings, please tell me how to remove all clocks from the status bar? Or someone who can do for mirum 9.11.7 patch to remove the clock

Rep: (102)
* Seroko73 So they're hidden when you install the widget. Or do you need to absolutely not have been?

Rep: (38)
lfg80 @ 17.11.19, 00:13*
Or do you need to absolutely not have been?

Yes, I do need to remove

Rep: (11)
Seroko73 @ 16.11.19, 19:21*
and I really should be removed
settings screen, full screen mode, where you can hide

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