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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro) - Modification and decorations

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro) - Modification and decorations
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The remaining methods for MIUI 10 have lost their relevance, or they are unstable. (critical systemui errors occur, themes crash on reboot or after some time). But maybe there will be fixes with updates: xpossed + xMIUI or Miui 8 Tweak , MI Theme Editor , MI Rape
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Hey. Do not tell, and whether there is some sort of module for magiska Xposed or to disable unnecessary services, Google?) Does not plan to remove or disable the program itself, namely services that work on their own.

Rep: (24)
* mmihato ,
On 9 bucket Art's out of the box should work.

Rep: (52)
Muhadin @ 04/05/19, 22:43*
Do not tell, and whether there is some sort of module for magiska Xposed or to disable unnecessary services, Google?)

That way

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* MadBastard You can do this in the plugin magiska viper4android xhifi
Adjust the volume for each audio output.

Rep: (512)
* pdb55 ,
On 9 miui android plugin works?

I have set up runs for 9 anroida it.

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* MadBastard Honestly I can not say, but I think poydet.v description says Android 2.3 and above ... probovat.ne need to go, and you can carry it back

Rep: (50)
Whether anyone google sans.mtz or tell me where to download. Thank.

Rep: (2451)
Igor Zadneprovsky @ 05/05/19, 17:17*
google sans.mtz
Couple lying archives, look ..

Attached fileGoogle_sans.mtz(349.3 KB)
Attached fileGoogleMiui.mtz(464.21 KB)

If it does not, then try to go here -Catalog of themes MIUI v6 / v7 / v8 / v9 / v10or here -Font replacement

Rep: (3178)
Yustas052 @ 04.05.19, 22:25*
I also have not roll on the last space.
Try this same charging module for the voice only magisk.
I did not work on AOSP, on MIUI should.
PS In the setting of the battery signals should be included.
Attached fileVoice_signal_charge.zip(146.79 KB)

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How to install
Dolby Digital Plus on firmware MIUI based on Android Pie

(Need Magisk)

All set in Magisk!

First, we set the Viper4Android, when installed permanently, press the volume +.
We need him to translate SELinux to Permissive.
Attached fileViPER4Android_FX-v4.2.zip(15.36 MB)

Set the Dolby Digital Plus
Attached file[Oreo-Pie] Dolby Digital Plus_v.4.0- [UNiTY] [Light] _by_repey6-20190214.zip(6.48 MB)

Then set AudioModificationLibrary
Attached fileAudio_Modification_Library-v2.1.zip(17.3 KB)

Restarting the device. Turning off the phone's settings app Viper. Rejoice!

P.S .: Dolby snaps without Viper

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* AlexPechkin And why is it necessary? Briefly. Viper is just an advanced equalizer that is automatically he will not pull the sound, right? Dolby is the same, or it will automatically improve the sound?
I ask why. I can not use equalizer at all, Viper somehow put - it was impossible to unscrew something Useful. Stock sound is still the most balanced.

Rep: (405)
* AlexPechkin On the firmware from MiuiPro not put. Specify pzhl on any firmware and puts any extra. ins you have installed.

Rep: (81)
ghon_zp @ 05.05.19, 23:49*
on the firmware from MiuiPro not put

confirm, tried several times to work or dolbi or Viper, blew ..

Rep: (0)
* noskojv Not to be confused with a stereo ... This stereo module, no, I understand correctly? Established through magisk, sound quality difference is not noticeable, stereo either. What gives Module no it is not clear. Aosp ext 6.5 official whired.

Rep: (3178)
Slimshady63 @ 06.05.19, 11:04*
not to be confused with a stereo ... In this module, stereo, no, I understand correctly?
noskojv @ 05.03.19, 22:30*
Not to be confused with the mod stereo dual speakers Here is not about that.
Slimshady63 @ 06.05.19, 11:04*
Established through magisk, sound quality difference is not noticeable, stereo either.What gives Module no it is not clear
noskojv @ 05.03.19, 22:30*
audio sampling rate increased to 862000hz
Rate audio to 32bit
Bluetooth driver a2dp now has support 128bit 768000hz.
Improved effects surround_sound back scenes and enhanced audio depth.
Activated Auro 11.1
Yet it is written.
I do not know what stereo you need.

Post has been editednoskojv - 06.05.19, 09:34

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* noskojv Stereo I do not need, I would like to know why in the title indicate the stereo if stereo is not there? It's like the lights for vases to sell under the name "Mercedes headlight for Lada", and attributed to "is not about a Mercedes." Logic name of your mod where? It's like saying "in this fashion have a stereo, but it's not there.
And I realized INE have a stereo in your fashion or not. "This is not about it" - does not mean that there's no stereo, and stereo phrase in the title very fashion speaks of his presence. So where is the stereo?
And about the fact that the events alleged by an increase performance and without you I know how to read, I will write about how to verify that it works, because I did not see a difference after installation. No stereo sound quality, too. Where the difference found to ensure that I set it?

Post has been editedSlimshady63 - 06.05.19, 09:43

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* Dismass Tell me how to do this only with a different font? I moved to aosp miyui with and can not change the font. Accustomed to miyui to bold futura round runoff is now font aosp not comfortable.

Rep: (221)
Slimshady63 @ 6.05.19, 9:54*
tell me how to do this only with a different font?

Yes, exactly the same! Take folder fronts of the desired firmware you throw uncompressed file I posted. Agree on a replacement. Then what happened is placed on a different firmware. If the firmware has a font manager, after the firmware file to choose it by name. Reboot phone just.

Rep: (464)
* _xSANEKx_ On is talking about!

Rep: (702)
* Bumbura $ Vic There 96 downloads and you are the first one who did the right thing, and she does not speak. This is the replacement of standard sounds they can not work in principle,

Posted on 05/06/2019, 10:53:

* Bumbura $ Vic , Here are the modules try

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