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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro) - Modification and decorations

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro) - Modification and decorations
Description | Modifications and decorations» | Purchase » | Accessories » | Discussion » | MIUI firmware » | Custom firmware » | Camera talk » | Discussion topics for MIUI v10 » | Owners Club » | FAQ of general instructions and recommendations for Xiaomi devices - Firmware » | Useful topics section

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Patterns of modifications and other decorations
Copy the content into your message and fill
Template for modifications:
[CENTER] [SIZE = 3] [B] [COLOR = royalblue] Here we write the name of the mod [/ COLOR] [/ B] [/ SIZE] [/ CENTER]
[CENTER] Insert the main screenshot here [/ CENTER]
[COLOR = blue] [B] Author [/ B] [/ COLOR]: Specify the author
[COLOR = blue] [B] Firmware [/ B] [/ COLOR]: Specify the version / number, code / deodex
[COLOR = blue] [B] Description [/ B] [/ COLOR]: The most complete description of the mod
[SPOILER = Extras. screenshots] If there are additional screenshots, then insert it here [/ SPOILER]
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Useful and important information!
Important information. Read Required!

  • It is strongly recommended that before you do anything with your phone, make a backup!How to do it under spoilerInstructions.
    If, however, for some reason it was not made and Backupyou need to recover and not lose data, sew your firmware again without a wipe. That's all!
    All questions on the restoration of something can be regarded as offtopic and deleted!
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Jewelry catalog
Installing third-party themes in the MIUI 10, 11
The Chinese have complicated the ability to install third-party themes in the MIUI 10, 11.
Options for installing third-party themes, from simple to complex:

1. Install Localized MIUI firmware with the presence of a patched theme manager (see topicFirmware, for example: Xiaomi.eu, MiuiPro, MultiROM, Masik в„ў and others);
2. Install Patched Theme Manager, suitable for your firmware (look under the spoilerTopics). But here it is worth remembering that this will only work onfully deodexed firmware;
3. If you have a stock firmware without root access, it is requireddesigner account with approved content
4. And the most inconvenient way: We parse the downloaded theme, at the end we write .zip, take the component (s) and drop them along the system / media / theme / default path, issue the 0644 rights, reboot and use the theme on which you are now.

The remaining methods for MIUI 10 have lost their relevance, or they are unstable. (critical systemui errors occur, themes crash on reboot or after some time). But maybe there will be fixes with updates: xpossed + xMIUI or Miui 8 Tweak , MI Theme Editor , MI Rape
If you know other 100% working methods, write in this topic.

Prefabs and Updates
Automatic tasks
Dialer and Contacts
Sound, music, melodies
Desktop and Recent
Extended reboot menu
Status Bar and Shutter
Lock Screen and Fingerprint Scanner
Bootanimation & Splash
Butanimation Bootable logo (Splash)
Interesting and useful topics.
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Hello, is there for masik 3.2 redmi note 5 dialer on the entire screen with a rectangular cropping a photo?

Rep: (4878)
DMA Edition for Global Stable Deodex
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All those who gave advice, instructions! In particularMiPokser, Outs, namin78
And all the other many thanks!
Caller, Contacts
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Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

  • Ability to hide caller buttons
  • Ability to hide the "Search" in the log and contacts
  • Selecting the default SIM card contact
  • The choice of colors for the buttons, the text calls for windows
  • Color names in the call log with on \ off and choice of color
  • Dialer with full-screen photos with on \ off
  • Action after the bell
  • 2 lines call log
  • One-line dialer buttons
  • Maximum brightness when calling
  • Call window (default or full screen)
  • Accept the call volume buttons
  • Recent Status bar when calling
  • call arrows
  • Removed "My Profile" and "My Groups" from Contacts
  • Mute at the end of the call
Sound \ Volume
Attached Image
Attached Image

  • On / Off sound when connecting / disconnecting the charger
  • Time display pop-up windows volume
  • Select the default volume control buttons
  • Separate volume control
  • Disabled warning about high volume
  • The ability to shoot a photo \ video when the screen is locked
  • Font selection
  • Change the appearance of "About your device"
  • AGPS settings
  • Awakening in the capture of the hands
  • Removed line "Search"
  • Deleted items "Report" and "Update Components"
Attached Image

  • 7 icons in the dock bar
  • Automatic closing of the open folder with on \ off
  • Endless scrolling of desktops
  • Gestures and swipe on the desktop
  • Max stolbtsovv folders (3 or 4)
  • Counter Notification Setting location for apps and folders
  • Signatures icon display \ hiding
  • Blur in the open folder (on \ off)
  • Expanded mesh
  • Hiding labels
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Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

  • Sim card selection time
  • Extended selection of network types
  • Smart mobile network
  • timers connections
  • Automatic tasks
  • On / Off the screen when connecting / disconnecting the charger
  • Configuring notifications and sounds when the battery is low
    Attached Image

  • Rotate the screen 180 В° On \ Off
  • System animation
Status bar, Cargo
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Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

  • Vertical \ horizontal networks icons
  • The ability to hide icons, arrows, nets
  • The opportunity to paint the icons in the status bar
  • Choosing count togglov in a row and column
  • Select the type of status bar
  • Information about memory, temperature, etc.
  • Advanced battery indicator selection + old \ new kind of
  • Styles notifications (MIUI and Android)
  • Switches network types in the status bar
  • The transition from the curtains to the selection of long hold on the Internet togglu networks
  • Colored notification icons (on \ off)
Lock screen
Attached Image

  • Screen off animation
  • Fingerprint unlocking after reboot with on / off
  • Clock style lock screen (horiz \ vert)
  • automatic MTP
  • Modified hosts
  • Patched Theme Manager
  • Switching tracks with volume buttons on a locked screen
    Attached Image

  • Advanced reboot menu (two variants with switching in the settings)
    Attached Image

  • Extended geo-detection of numbers
  • Morning alarm summary
via TWRP
Backup has not been canceled!
Fixes and additions
  • Contacts Correction crash when adding photo - Attached fileCont.zip (7.13 MB)

  • On \ Off Sound Off Mode when "Silent" -Attached fileSound_off.zip(84.07 MB)


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Good all the time of day, can someone make a blur when you open the folder for muiupro 9.3.1, without extra buns, just blur into folders :-)

Rep: (135)
Friends tell me a program to display the% battery. To not eat the battery and the numbers do not microscopic. Firmware GS, root no.

Rep: (2)
Hello everybody. I wanted to clarify the right to do so to work from a reputable fashion Dima
1. Sew across the fastboot latest firmware Global
2. Put Magisk through TWRP
3.Proshit script magisk permissive script v 1.2.2.zip
4.proshit through TWRP firmware Deodex global
5.Proshit through TWRP fashion DMA Edition for global stable deodex
Thanks in advance .
And I understand that then update the fly will not be because of Deodex firmware.?!

Rep: (2481)
o-romantik @ 24.03.19, 12:54*
Sew across the fastboot
Well, if you so wish, you sheysya fastbut through, but it is not directly necessary, possible and through TWRP. As anything shorter.
Everything else is rightly understood.
o-romantik @ 24.03.19, 12:54*
And I understand that then update the fly will not be because of Deodex firmware.?!
Nuu connection between Deodeksom and will ask you whether to update no. Another question is how are you going to sew these refreshed. No Ogryzkov! Only complete firmware. And you will have happiness and smile: D

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Reason for editing: Edit

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* OutS,
What if I miss, I pray through fastboot latest firmware Global
more precisely through 4.proshit TWRP firmware Deodex global
5.Proshit through TWRP fashion DMA Edition for global stable deodex povverh Masik 2.3
tk vendor will remain on masik)
no problems?
Thu too lazy to download 2d off
and another question do not know at all so no mud) on deodeks firmware has to slow down during the opening of an application or reboot if the system is loaded for a long time, so I have all deodeksah
miirum IDLI and DR can not install?

Rep: (2481)
* INTELLECT_7 , My deodeks - it is not an independent firmware and it is put only on the already installed the appropriate firmware. So first she, then deodeks, then mod.
INTELLECT_7 @ 24.03.19, 13:40 *
on deodeks firmware has to slow down during the opening of an application or reboot if the system is loaded for a long time,
A properly installed deodeks should not impede the word at all. If you say that and IDLI, and mirume have lags, it is something you are doing wrong, there is in fact far from being fools.
Such lags 99% due to the regime selinuksa and the firmware it is included in the kernel, and I suggest that you then rolled some custom kernel.

Rep: (85)
For the latest firmware mirum, no fashion for the enlarged circle in the dialer?

Rep: (566)
* bagato10 , Try this

Attached files

Attached fileBig_avatarMod_AllRoms.zip(131.45 KB)

Rep: (2481)
Mods for GD 9.3.14

Firmware : Global Developer 9.3.14 deodex
Description : A little mod that type mast keV.
Installation : A TWRP after a Backup
Automatic closing folders -Attached fileFolderAutoClosing (GD_9.3.14) .zip(3.54 MB)

Unlocking the imprint after reboot -Attached fileFPUnlockAfterReboot (GD_9.3.14) .zip(20.51 MB)

Advanced network types -Attached fileExtendedNetworkTypes (GD_9.3.14) .zip(4.36 MB)

Extended reboot menu -Attached fileExtendedPowerMenu (GD_9.3.14) .zip(4.69 MB)

Automated tasks -Attached fileReturnAutoTask (GD_9.3.14) .zip(16.76 MB)


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* INTELLECT_7, I deodeks the first sit on the Global and not when you do not pay attention that something is slow. Maybe I'm not so attentive but not much difference

Rep: (30)
* belyak222,
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro) - Discussion (Post Serega Vovk # 81042876)

Rep: (2541)
Updated mod forMiuiPro 9.3.14 before V4


1. Added additional values ​​for the speed of the animation screen is turned off. Many asked.
2. Added ability to set animation IOS system aromu installer Thank you Alex G
3. Added adjust the amount of interest the battery to drain. Thank BadDa3mon
4. Added color adjustment in volume through the settings panel. Thank BadDa3mon

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Attached Image
Attached Image

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Guys, will be under such buns ?:
advanced Network
Buttons InCall
Close Folder
Full Photo
Profile and Groups off

Rep: (1323)
Hello everybody. And whether to fashion, which would generally cleaned the clocks of the status bar?

Rep: (566)
* Sirozha1973 , Enter your profile Dima Apatity, there is a link to his fashion

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Is it possible to make such a network on firmware 3.2 Masik when yuzal IDLI there so it was possible to choose such variants, can someone fumbles
Phone pH 5
Attached Image

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Dima_Apatity @ 23.03.19, 22:34*
DMA Edition for Global Stable Deodex

The sound board games almost hidden:
Attached Image

Bug or feature?
If you turn on the 180 - norms

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Weather update:
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro) - Modification and decorations (Post ctas8888 # 83311397)

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