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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro) - Modification and decorations

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro) - Modification and decorations
Description | Modifications and decorations» | Purchase » | Accessories » | Discussion » | MIUI firmware » | Custom firmware » | Camera talk » | Discussion topics for MIUI v10 » | Owners Club » | FAQ of general instructions and recommendations for Xiaomi devices - Firmware » | Useful topics section

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Patterns of modifications and other decorations
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Template for modifications:
[CENTER] [SIZE = 3] [B] [COLOR = royalblue] Here we write the name of the mod [/ COLOR] [/ B] [/ SIZE] [/ CENTER]
[CENTER] Insert the main screenshot here [/ CENTER]
[COLOR = blue] [B] Author [/ B] [/ COLOR]: Specify the author
[COLOR = blue] [B] Firmware [/ B] [/ COLOR]: Specify the version / number, code / deodex
[COLOR = blue] [B] Description [/ B] [/ COLOR]: The most complete description of the mod
[SPOILER = Extras. screenshots] If there are additional screenshots, then insert it here [/ SPOILER]
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Useful and important information!
Important information. Read Required!

  • It is strongly recommended that before you do anything with your phone, make a backup!How to do it under spoilerInstructions.
    If, however, for some reason it was not made and Backupyou need to recover and not lose data, sew your firmware again without a wipe. That's all!
    All questions on the restoration of something can be regarded as offtopic and deleted!
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Jewelry catalog
Installing third-party themes in the MIUI 10, 11
The Chinese have complicated the ability to install third-party themes in the MIUI 10, 11.
Options for installing third-party themes, from simple to complex:

1. Install Localized MIUI firmware with the presence of a patched theme manager (see topicFirmware, for example: Xiaomi.eu, MiuiPro, MultiROM, Masik в„ў and others);
2. Install Patched Theme Manager, suitable for your firmware (look under the spoilerTopics). But here it is worth remembering that this will only work onfully deodexed firmware;
3. If you have a stock firmware without root access, it is requireddesigner account with approved content
4. And the most inconvenient way: We parse the downloaded theme, at the end we write .zip, take the component (s) and drop them along the system / media / theme / default path, issue the 0644 rights, reboot and use the theme on which you are now.

The remaining methods for MIUI 10 have lost their relevance, or they are unstable. (critical systemui errors occur, themes crash on reboot or after some time). But maybe there will be fixes with updates: xpossed + xMIUI or Miui 8 Tweak , MI Theme Editor , MI Rape
If you know other 100% working methods, write in this topic.

Prefabs and Updates
Automatic tasks
Dialer and Contacts
Sound, music, melodies
Desktop and Recent
Extended reboot menu
Status Bar and Shutter
Lock Screen and Fingerprint Scanner
Bootanimation & Splash
Butanimation Bootable logo (Splash)
Interesting and useful topics.
The authors of modifications and the Administration of the forum are not responsible for the performance of your devices!
Remember: everything you do - you do at your own peril and risk!

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If someone needs.
Update Vulkan drivers.

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collected myself, patch removes the inscription in English Carousel wallpaper and flower
I checked on Globe staybal: others do not know should be checked
make backup
through recovery:Attached filecarusel.zip(226.16 KB)

Attached Image
Attached Image

You can also register in the subject
Discussion topics for MIUI v10 (Post alexman2015 @ # 82748323)

to run an old carousel works
to substitute its
Attached fileMiui_Fashiongallery_global_new.apk(6.37 MB)

Attached fileScreenrecorder-2019-03-09-09-28-10-352.mp4(85.7 MB)

New for 9,5,9
Attached filecarusel.zip(219.09 KB)

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Updating the theme Mayzhe_Navy_Blue_ +

Fixed text in dialer "Challenges"
Added large avatars (Contacts, SMS)

It was
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Attached Image

large avatars
Attached Image

Update link

Attached images
Attached Image

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Prompt! The manager will work on the Runoff firmware? The bootloader is unlocked, there is Ruth, magisk firmware global

Rep: (1335)
masj-883 @ 08/03/19, 18:16*
the manager will work on the drain insertion
You mean patched? Nope, it is necessary to deodeks firmware in my opinion. : Unsure:

Rep: (514)
* masj-883 ,
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro) - Modification and decorations (Post OutS # 74605808)
originally it ...
and only then patched the manager.

Rep: (689)
Spakainz @ 02.03.2019, 10:54*
Fashion Mirum 9.2.21:

Separate volume control, the center of the clock, unlock the imprint after a reboot

9.3.1 can be washed down for hours in the middle?

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* tselikov.oleg , can MIUI - Modification and decorations (Post colon23 # 76378355)

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Wash in this thread pedometer saw someone in Doba tape, search for the topic not Chenoa not given.

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* FrollMen , Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro) - Modification and decorations (Post kottomas # 82970278)

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* yurok_1966 , * bint79 ,
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* FrollMen , There is a folder in the firmware?
Xiaomi Redmi 3s / Redmi 3X - Modification and decorations (Post promeo123 # 69532041)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Snapdragon (3/16, 3/32, 4/64) - Modification and decorations (Post GoodDa3mon # 75541968)

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Friends Does anyone have MIUI_10_Whyred_MiuiPro_9_3_1_MOD_KISASANYA_Aroma_V2 on Yandex Disk share please:

Rep: (1335)
Antonyo @ 9.03.19, 21:51*
Please: thank_you:


Rep: (514)
FrollMen @ 9.03.19, 17:34*
there is

Ripped from their firmware 10.08.25 revolyushen here pedometer work. In my pref-up lying.
Make a backup of your file and let down with the replacement and right as in neighboring folders + on the application by the letter T ... But I think he know)Attached filePersonalAssistant.zip(19.88 MB)

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Battery Mods for Aosip Pie

A source

Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image

  1. Setting: Sew through TWRP.
  2. View app and choose the style batteries (batteries over a thousand).
  3. Do not forget about backups section System.
  4. Rejoice.
  5. Do not try to stitch on other assemblies and firmware!
  6. : thank_you:
Download: Attached fileBatteryAosip05.03.2019.zip (30.81 MB)


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Emiton41 @ 7.03.19, 0:14*
as it is possible to reduce the height of the curtain?
ShadyTiger @ 7.03.19, 11:17*
kind of like me and managed to do so picking themes
If you want to do this component of the drain of the topic, here is a parameter you need:
<dimen name = "qs_tile_content_height">180.0dip</ dimen>
When togl in two lines would look like this:
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All good.
A work mode to lock fingerprint scanner for AOSP firmware?

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For ShadyTiger. On the advice of OutS turned normul
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Attached Image

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Lord_Oden @ 11.03.19, 19:09*
A work mode to lock fingerprint scanner for AOSP firmware?

And there is not at all the same thing?
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro) - Modification and decoration (Post MANSURKIN # 76195795)

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