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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro) - Modification and decorations

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro) - Modification and decorations
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Installing third-party themes in the MIUI 10, 11
The Chinese have complicated the ability to install third-party themes in the MIUI 10, 11.
Options for installing third-party themes, from simple to complex:

1. Install Localized MIUI firmware with the presence of a patched theme manager (see topicFirmware, for example: Xiaomi.eu, MiuiPro, MultiROM, Masik в„ў and others);
2. Install Patched Theme Manager, suitable for your firmware (look under the spoilerTopics). But here it is worth remembering that this will only work onfully deodexed firmware;
3. If you have a stock firmware without root access, it is requireddesigner account with approved content
4. And the most inconvenient way: We parse the downloaded theme, at the end we write .zip, take the component (s) and drop them along the system / media / theme / default path, issue the 0644 rights, reboot and use the theme on which you are now.

The remaining methods for MIUI 10 have lost their relevance, or they are unstable. (critical systemui errors occur, themes crash on reboot or after some time). But maybe there will be fixes with updates: xpossed + xMIUI or Miui 8 Tweak , MI Theme Editor , MI Rape
If you know other 100% working methods, write in this topic.

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* Outs ,
Patch installed.

Posted 04/06/2018 22:44:

* Outs ,
I'm not saying that you have something wrong with the mod. Maybe my fault.
There were no other modifications ... If only a modification from muipro.
I tried a hard reset all the same

Rep: (79)
* OutS,
I also installed this mod, but did not install the patch.
The phone has loaded everything works, but the status bar is always in the "default" state, but it was in the AOSP style, the styles no longer switch.
Patch can help with this.
I recovered from backup, I got used to when the clock is in the middle.

Rep: (2419)
Suleyman97 @ 4.06.18, 22:42*
There were no other modifications ... If only a modification from muipro.
You contradict yourself. There were no modifications, but there was a modification from Miupro .. How is that !? : unsure: In this direction, and we must dig ..
Angelpro @ 4.06.18, 22:58*
But the status bar is always in the "default" state, but it was in the AOSP style, the styles no longer switch.

Hello. Here is the same. You have a mod that changes the location of the icons in the status bar. For all this business, one apk is responsible and this is MiuiSystemUI.apk. And you may not believe it, but it is also responsible for rotating the thumbnails: wacko: In this case, you simply replaced one with another.
Each new modification may potentially be incompatible with those already installed. Especially if they have different authors. At the exit, either a bootlap, or something does not work.
Laid out by me, work both individually and collectively. If something changes with a new mod, then I will write about it in the installation recommendations.
If you havethere are doubtsany questions thenwrite me in QMS, I am almost always in touch and will try to answer your questions ..
P.S. Here are just questions whether the modification will suit from to 8.8.28 (for example) and the like related to the firmware versions, please do not ask. Maybe yes, maybe no. Try ...

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Rep: (34)
There is a lack of fingerprint locks, I'm used to blocking on the XRN4X with my finger. .... Can knowledgeable people make any patch? )

The problem itself resolved after Miuipro firmware, in this firmware there is a fingerprint lock. I drive it for the second day, all the rules, the patches are unmeasured, all I need is there, no glitches are noticed. Actually, one fan of miuipro became more)

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Rep: (242)
Increase the volume in the headphones.

Description: raises the level from 72 to 84 units in the file mixer_paths.xml
Other levels are not affected. (source file from miui 9)
Installation: via TWRP zip archive
(root is optional)
File: Attached filemixer_paths + (signed) .zip(401.61 KB)
Thanks: Tabriz, Mr-r00t.
The archive is digitally signed. Patch for miui9

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Rep: (4856)
* d1mastuy , in fact, this device has nothing to do with, changes have occurred in the system, namely in MIUI 9 and on your old device it should have been similar. Now the clock widgets (naturally packed) should lie in / system / media / theme / default / gadgets , then the choice will be in Widgets.

Rep: (1181)
Activate video recording in 4K UltraHD

Firmware : Checked on GS
Description : Activate video recording in 4K UltraHD in the stock camera.
Attached Image

Media info
Complete name: D: \ VID_20180608_011216.mp4
Format: MPEG-4
Format profile: Base Media / Version 2
Codec ID: mp42
File size: 154 MiB
Duration: 30s 594ms
Overall bit rate: 42.2 Mbps
com.android.version: 8.1.0

ID: 1
Format: AVC
Format / Info: Advanced Video Codec
Format profile: [email protected]
Format settings, CABAC: No
Format settings, ReFrames: 1 frame
Format settings, GOP: M = 1, N = 30
Codec ID: avc1
Codec ID / Info: Advanced Video Coding
Duration: 30s 594ms
Bit rate: 42.0 Mbps
Width: 3,840 pixels
Height: 2,160 pixels
Display aspect ratio: 16: 9
Frame rate mode: Variable
Frame rate: 30.000 fps
Minimum frame rate: 29.851 fps
Maximum frame rate: 30.110 fps
Standard: NTSC
Color space: YUV
Chroma subsampling: 4: 2: 0
Bit depth: 8 bits
Scan type: Progressive
Bits / (Pixel * Frame): 0.169
Stream size: 153 MiB (100%)
Title: VideoHandle
Language: English
Encoded date: UTC 2018-06-07 22:12:50
Tagged date: UTC 2018-06-07 22:12:50
Color primaries: BT.2020
Transfer characteristics: BT.709
Matrix coefficients: BT.2020 non-constant
Color range: Full
colour_primaries_Original: BT.601 NTSC
transfer_characteristics_Or: BT.601
matrix_coefficients_Origina: BT.601
mdhd_Duration: 30594

ID: 2
Format: AAC
Format / Info: Advanced Audio Codec
Format profile: LC
Codec ID: 40
Duration: 30s 594ms
Duration_FirstFrame: 24ms
Bit rate mode: Constant
Bit rate: 96.0 Kbps
Channel (s): 2 channels
Channel positions: Front: L R
Sampling rate: 48.0 KHz
Compression mode: Lossy
Stream size: 358 KiB (0%)
Title: SoundHandle
Language: English
mdhd_Duration: 30594

Installation : Flash archive in TWRP
Download : Attached file4K_UltraHD.zip (158.11 KB)

Rep: (2419)
Met741 @ 9.06.18, 8:15*
How to make 5 or 6 icons in the blind?
So how much is specifically necessary, 5 or 6? But there is a difference ... If 5, then here's a file for you -Attached fileframework-miui-res.zip(652 bytes)
Remove the .zip extension and drop it along the path: / system / media / theme / default and give the rights "644" (the letter "G") and reboot.
If 6, then there still need to connect the element com.android.systemui, where it is necessary to prescribe a slightly smaller size of the togles themselves, so that they can be replaced all ...
All this will work onstock topic!

Rep: (1181)
dimmka05 @ 06/11/18, 23:04*
program or something else so that the front flash periodically blinked when a message arrives or missed calls.

Prof Reminder (Post danila_ru # 19663160)

Rep: (216)
Patch change desktop grid for MIUI9 / MIUI10

Author : Thanks: thank_you: urcik, OutS: thank_you: I packed it for installation via TWRP, because it’s no longer fashionable to use pens: D
Firmware : MIUI9 / MIUI10 Global Stable
Installation : Installation via any TWRP

Description Version 1 : Change the desktop grid, and according to the standard 3 icons in a folder
Download : Attached fileMiuiThemePatchV1.zip (128.74 KB)
Add. screenshot
Attached Image

Description Version 2 : Change the grid of the desktop, and already 4 icons in the folder
Download : Attached fileMiuiThemePatchV2.zip (128.76 KB)
Add. screenshot
Attached Image


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Rep: (216)
Patch to increase the width of the Wi-Fi channel from 20Mhz to 40Mhz for MIUI9 / MIUI10

Firmware : MIUI9 / MIUI10 Global Stable
Description : The mod sets the Wi-Fi channel width priority from 20Mhz (75Mbps) to 40Mhz (150Mbps), if 40Mhz is not supported by the second device, the width of 20Mhz is used.
Installation : Installation via any TWRP
Download : Attached fileWi-Fi 40Mhz.zip (397.97 KB)
Add. screenshot
Screen - it was 72 MB / s became 150 MB / s
Attached Image


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Rep: (30)
Guys, how to change the font, tell me

Rep: (2419)
Suleyman97 @ 06/13/18, 20:13*
Guys, how to change the font, tell me

And what, such a good old Orthodox method, how to download a font from a spec. topics like this -Font replacement (Post alex8405 # 4164217)or similar to it, and put through TVRP or another convenient way banned? : P

Post has been editedOuts - 13.06.18, 21:44

Rep: (41)
new_969 @ 06/15/18, 06:34*
Guys who can tell the topic so that with an increased font but without the date and day of the week there was a curtain like a drain or black?

Is it possible to somehow increase the font in the status bar in the stock topic?

Rep: (2419)
Met741 @ 06/15/18 08:57*
Is it possible to somehow increase the font in the status bar in the stock topic?

Easy! If there is a root, of course ..
Would you just write what to increase and how much? Most likely a watch? Look at your path / system / media / theme / default if there is a component com.android.systemui If there is, then send me a PM. If not, write to me in a personal, that there is no pier of such ...

P.S. For example, two screen. On one font hours 12, and on the other 14
Attached Image
Attached Image

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Rep: (3992)
Iconopak from miuipro masik and multirom

Author : Author patch I, ikonopak authorship localizers.
Description : Stopped stock icons on miui 10 assembled a patch for custom reconnaissance, to replace them from miuipro, multirom and masik firmwares, who are interested in taking them, you need to get up to other miui v9 firmwares without any problems. If the icons do not start, go to the theme manager and reassign (reinstall) the topic on which you are now ..
Installation : Flash through TWRP
Download miuipro : Attached filemiuiproic.zip (8.62 MB)
Download multirom two versions, with tsiferkoy 2 more complete Attached filemultiromic.zip (771.97 KB)
Attached filemultiromic2.zip(12.81 MB)
Download masik Attached filemasikic.zip (29.54 MB)

To return to stock miui 10 Download:Attached filemiuistock.zip(513.3 KB)

If you want to return to the stock of the firmware icons miui 9, we make a backup system, or a faster way, before installing the patch, we take the stock iconopak, the miui_mod_icons folder on the system / media / theme and replace it in my patch with the stock and also flash it through TWRP

Well, as always, the idea is your responsibility, so that no offense: rofl:

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Rep: (41)
* OutS,
Yes, you can probably write here, maybe someone else will be useful. There is no such component. I would like to increase the size of the clock and% of the charge, as well as the notification icons. In a third-party topic, I saw this, and you can probably fix it on the drain.

Rep: (2419)
Met741 @ 06.16.18, 08:19*
I would like to increase the size of the clock and% of the charge, as well as the notification icons.

Hold on. As always, we do this with such things:
1) remove at the end .zip;
2) we put along the path / system / media / theme / default;
3) we set the rights "0644" (or "the letter G");
4) reboot;
5) rejoice ...
Attached filecom.android.systemui.zip(629 bytes)

Rep: (4856)
Suddenly someone come in handy -The blanks of the basic components of the: thank_you:

Rep: (1483)
We helped figure out how to make a larger font in the bar on the stock topics. Thank you hereOuts
need root We throw the files in / system / media / theme / default after unpacking the archive and memorable to give the right "T"
Attached Image

It was already but I repeat 5 togles in a row in a blind
Attached Image

Attached filestk 5 togle.zip(578 bytes)

day day month clock enlarged font no battery icon
Attached fileui D.dd.mm clock noBat f12.zip(2.57 KB)

Attached Image

clock enlarged font no battery icon
Attached fileui clock noBat f12.zip(2.56 KB)

clock increased font no battery icon and reduce the size of network speed
Attached filestk clock Kbf9 noBat f12.zip(2.62 KB)

Attached Image

Corrected a little. now 6x3 .. font is enlarged .. installation in Tvrp Thank you hereDima_Apatity
Attached Image

Attached filetogg_6x3_f12.zip(129.01 KB)


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