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Manual disassembly and repair of laptops

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Catalog of Model Instructions
Fujitsu Siemens
HP and Compaq
- empty -
useful links
Resources where you can find service manuals and disassembly instructions:

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We post here service manuals and instructions for disassembling / assembling laptops

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I have Fujik Amilo about v7010, I wanted to mean to disassemble it, well, there to clean and all that
He removed the clave, the matrix, reached the mother. unscrew all the bolts and it is not removed a fig, and this way and that
and had to screw everything back
anyway you want to

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tod @ 14.2.10, 18:56*
Is there a Compaq Mini 110c-1100er disassembly scheme?

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1. Disassemble, repair and upgrade Toshiba laptop yourself

2. Hardware Maintenance Manual index - ThinkPad

3. HP Maintenance and Service Guide
For HP, everything is much simpler: let's go, for example,here. We find the beech of interest, we poke it. There we find in the manuals"... bla-bla-bla ... Maintenance and Service Guide", swing.
We did not find in the list of interest: we type on the right in
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and again in the manuals.

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And in the title of the theme nothing is said about fudzhik, it is said simply “Disassembly of the laptops”!
What is now surprised and why indignant?
As brought to the users info - so they answer.

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Laptop repair website
Including disassembly:

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- HP
- Samsung
- Asus
etc. ...

And the video. For example,Replacing a WLAN Mini PCI Network Card on a Laptop
etc. ...

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Well, maybe someone will find what he needsHere!

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Marvi @ 18.2.10, 16:13*
So it seems like the material is taken from the links that gave pasha_550, no?

Yes. This is the same project.
Find two differences ... :)

Notebook disassembly instructions (disassembly instructions)
Collection of links.

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We continue:

4. Dell

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Lenovo IdeaPad S10e Netbook Courseware[230 meters]
Threat Disassembly / assembly / replacement. In flush.

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Laptop disassembly

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Instructions for disassembling the Samsung NP R50 (similar to the R65, P50 etc ...)

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HP Compaq mini 311
Attached fileOfficial_HP_Mini_311_Maintenance_and_Service_Guide.pdf(2.49 MB)

Amilo Mini Ui 3520 disassembly
Shl Thanks saysanik08

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Samsung NC10
Upgrade the Samsung NC10's Hard Drive - Video Tutorial
How To: Replace Speakers on the Samsung NC10
More videos:Samsung NC10 How to de-assemble(IMHO, the process of analysis is most accurately shown)
Samsung NC10 disassembled (sort of) and very closeup shots

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As a result of a long download, he became the owner of a number of service manuals for ACER laptops.
In the spoiler - a list of available manuals.
Acer Ferrari 3000 Series.pdf
Acer Ferrari 4000.pdf
Aspire 1400 Series.pdf
Aspire 1610 Series.pdf
Aspire 1650.pdf
Aspire 1710 Series.pdf
Aspire 2920-2920Z-2420.pdf
Aspire 2930 Series.pdf
Aspire 3000-3500-5000 Series.pdf
Aspire 3610 Series.pdf
Aspire 3680-5570-5580.pdf
Aspire 3810T-3810TZ Series.pdf
Aspire 4520-4220-4520G-4220G Series.pdf
Aspire 4530-4230 Series.pdf
Aspire 4710-4310.pdf
Aspire 4715Z-4315.pdf
Aspire 4720G-4720Z-4720-4320 Series.pdf
Aspire 4920.pdf
Aspire 4930-4930G Series.pdf
Aspire 5050-3050 Series.pdf
Aspire 5100.pdf
Aspire 5110-5100-3100.pdf
Aspire 5510.pdf
Aspire 5520-5220 Series.pdf
Aspire 5530-5530G Series.pdf
Aspire 5680-5630-3690 & TravelMate 4280-4230-2490.pdf
Aspire 5710-5310.pdf
Aspire 5720-5720G.pdf
Aspire 5737Z Series.pdf
Aspire 5738G-5738ZG-5738Z-5738-5338-5536-5536G-5236.pdf
Aspire 5810T-5810TZ-5410T-5810TG Series.pdf
Aspire 5920G.pdf
Aspire 5930-5930Z-5730Z Series.pdf
Aspire 6530 Series.pdf
Aspire 6920.pdf
Aspire 6930-6930G.pdf
Aspire 6935.pdf
Aspire 7230-7530-7530G Series.pdf
Aspire 7520-7220 Series.pdf
Aspire 7520-7520G-7220-7220G.pdf
Aspire 7720-7720G.pdf
Aspire 7730-7730G Series.pdf
Aspire 7738-7738G-7735-7735G-7735Z-7735ZG-7535-7535G-7235.pdf
Aspire 8920.pdf
Aspire 8930 Series.pdf
Aspire 8930Q Series.pdf
Aspire 8935G.pdf
Aspire 9300-7000 & TravelMate 7510.pdf
Aspire 9420-9410-7110 & TravelMate 5620-5610-5110.pdf
Aspire 9500.pdf
Aspire 9920.pdf
Aspire one Series.pdf
TravelMate 2410.pdf
TravelMate 2480-3260-3270 Series.pdf
TravelMate 3000 Series.pdf
TravelMate 4070-4080.pdf
TravelMate 420 Series.pdf
TravelMate 4210-4270-4670 & Aspire 5620-5670.pdf
TravelMate 4220-2480 & Aspire 5600.pdf
TravelMate 4530 Series.pdf
TravelMate 4600-4100 & Aspire 1690.pdf
TravelMate 4730-4730G Series.pdf
TravelMate 540 Series.pdf
TravelMate 5520-5520G-5220-5220G Series.pdf
TravelMate 5710-5310 & Extensa 5610-5210.pdf
TravelMate 5720-5320 & Extensa 5620-5220.pdf
TravelMate 5730 & Extensa 5630 Series.pdf
TravelMate 6460-6410.pdf
TravelMate 6492 Series.pdf
TravelMate 6592-6592G.pdf
TravelMate 7720-7320.pdf
TravelMate 7730-7730A.pdf
TravelMate 8100.pdf
TravelMate 8200.pdf

On requests in this topic I will gradually upload them.

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Maudabout RoverBook Neo U100 upgrade :)

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Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook P1610
My charm. ;)
Manual in a very interesting format.

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