Discussion camera Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5
What versions GCam use on Redmi note 5? (Can be several options)
5.0 by tigr1234566 [ 6 ] ** [2,6%]
5.1 by Xenius [ 3 ] ** [1,3%]
5.2 by fu24 [ 11 ] ** [4,76%]
5.3 by gdb417 [ 0 ] ** [0%]
6.1 by Alexey_070315 [ 1 ] ** [0,43%]
6.1 by r0m10 [ 3 ] ** [1,3%]
6.2 by tigr1234566 (v.5) [ 11 ] ** [4,76%]
6.3 by marlin-ku [ 4 ] ** [1,73%]
7.0 by Parrot043 [ 14 ] ** [6,06%]
7.2 by Burial [ 5 ] ** [2,16%]
7.3 by The_dise [ 15 ] ** [6,49%]
7.3 by tigr1234566 [ 37 ] ** [16,02%]
7.3 by Parrot043 [ 80 ] ** [34,63%]
7.3 by marlin-ku [ 4 ] ** [1,73%]
7.3 by onFire (Abhi) [ 19 ] ** [8,23%]
Other [ 65 ] ** [28,14%]
What is your main camera?
miui camera [ 60 ] ** [25,97%]
Google camera [ 160 ] ** [69,26%]
Other [ 8 ] ** [3,46%]
Total votes: 231

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Discussion camera Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro). Model: MEE7S, MEC7S - kit. Vers .; MEI7S - ind. Vers. Codename: Whyred
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Camera specifications
Chinese version: Indian version:
  • Rear dual camera:
    12 MP, 1.25 Ојm (f / 2.2 aperture, Sony IMX 486 sensor)
    _5 MP, 1.12 Ојm (f / 2.0 aperture, Samsung sensor)
  • Front-camera:
    20 MP, 1.0Ојm (f / 2.2 aperture, Sony IMX 376 sensor)
  • PDAF, monochrome flash, face recognition, HDR, Smart Beauty 4.0
Google Camera Mod (Gcam) + MIUI cam

Important - if you have everything set up correctly, the kernel, firmware and patch correspond to each other, but all the same frontalka Freese, or other features stated in the patch does not work set magisk 20.1 stable in newer versions of patches to many users refuse to work.
Examples of photos and videos
  1. Review of the camera from melox
  2. Comparison of OnePlus 3 and XRN5. Both on gcam.
  3. Comparison of LG V20 vs note 5 (all under gcam)
  4. Comparison of cameras Redmi Note 3 Pro with its 16 MP and Redmi Note 5 with its 12 MP.
  5. Comparison of photos of the flow with GCam. 92 photos with different scenes.
  6. Sample photos from the stock on firmware
  7. Stoke, 4/64 global
  8. Sample video 1080p / 60fps in stock camera.
  9. Photos made on Redmi Note 5 Pro (without filters and editing)
  10. Photos taken on camera in the updated firmware ( + new camera functionality
  11. Examples of pictures taken on Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (China / World)
  12. A few pictures on the stock (
  13. Example with and without hdr
  14. An example with a sealed second camera and with two cameras.
  15. Some examples of daytime shooting, shooting against the sun and shooting indoors with good light.
  16. Through Snapdragon Camera, stock can only 1080/30 fps.
  17. Examples of photos stock camera and google camera advanced HDR +
  18. A few examples of photos on the stock camera.
  19. Examples of pictures on
  20. Pictures with dim lighting on note5 china, global, gcam hdr + advanced
  21. Comparison of 4K and FHD when recording via Snapdragon Camera (from the header)
  22. Comparison of 4K and FHD when recording via the Open Camera (from the Play Market)
  23. Compare Camera to iPhone 6s
  24. Comparison of cameras Meizu M6 Note, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus.
  25. Photo comparison Huawei P10 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 5
  27. Examples of photos on stock
  28. A couple of pictures with editorial and pixel
  29. Comparison of cameras with MI A1, video reviews from Indians
  30. Comparison of night mode stock camera and GCam
Archive cameras, settings, patches
The rules of communication in the subject, if you have something does not work
1) indicate what kind of firmware you have
2) what patches are installed
3) did you install custom kernels or were there any other interventions in the system
4) which camera mod was installed (preferably with a link) and how it was done
poll 05/08/2020
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Question: "What kind of camera is best for my firmware / kernel / and to the best?" Will be deleted without warning. Stable and working version in a cap + poll popularity versions.

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FrancisDarroze @ 8.08.18, 16:32*
than the HDR + differs from the advanced HDR + .... and actually runoff Khdr with cameras?


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Test chambers Xiaomi Mi8, Mi8SE and Redmi Note 5.Xiaomi test chambers of different classes: large-difference?

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* stargateplus If you want to gcam lightening shadows photos in raw then you can pick up the shadows in the photo editor

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OnRedmi Note 4 (X) when photographing of sunsets via GCam mode advanced HDR manifest unpleasant defect - lilac point .

Here's an example of images:
Attached Image
Attached Image

OwnersRedmi note 5 Who is not difficult - try to take some photos of sunsets on the Google Camera mode advanced HDR.
I'd like to see whether any defects in the photographs.

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* OlegCherr ,
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* OlegCherr ,
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OlegCherr @ 08.08.2018, 18:09*
I'd like to see whether any defects in the photographs.

Gnusotochek in Note 5 (Global / China)will not be.
Because of the camera module (s5k2l7) in which the Dual Pixel PDAF.

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* palermo6 , Google camera?

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I tried all the options in general, the result of:
flow - continuous squelch, soap
Fashion Photo - good picture, but the noise
Fashion gkam - no noise, even in low light, but vyrviglazny peresharp (settings do not remove)
frontalka only for video calls
general: solid compromise, it is clear that the qualitative module, but it is sorely lacking software

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Here you have another on guglyandiyu from arnovy v8.1. Xs, I am satisfied. If something is important then I click on the camera down, and it goes for every day. All that I do not like that sound in my ears but it's not in the subject)))))

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Attached Image
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Attached Image

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Today was an opportunity to compare the night shooting video on RN5 and Mi 6, laptop loses much by ambient light, noise in my mind twice.

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* D.AMIR , The flagship has a flagship)

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Examples of the photo to the drain foto:
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
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al_ro @ 08.08.18, 21:09*
And shdr and shdr + differ in that the first - is the technology, and the second - a mode in Google chamber.

Exactly. If you turn a blind eye to the violation of the rules of use of terms by Google. But this is not a topic for discussion here. You could not mention it all, but people ask about the difference between HDR and advanced HDR +, while others respond to them about the benefits of HDR + - is incredible ignorance.
+ HDR, HDR current implementations by Google - this is a very small part of the functions of HDR and when they talk about the extended HDR and HDR +, then say only a small part of the functions, pruning, imperfection of what is called HDRom. In fact, the HDR + - HDR is unfinished, though works better than many other implementations in soft-HDR cameras.
It's annoying women, when people do not understand the essence, but the gag writing, and minus from your ignorance.

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* LOka32432,
With daytime photos at the drain is no problem. But at night, and with poor lighting ...

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* myrfun , * martofsky ,

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* bagato10 Yes, Google Camera.

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Khdr. I did not use it at all on the second redminote because it thought five seconds. Today On Auto HDR to the drain chamber, is it over time to apply. Tomorrowon the computer I will look, what it filmed there in the end ...

It shoots quickly, by the way, probably because the sunny day.

And then there's some HDR + is. I read the article, but without root and other fuss not get, as I understand? Or the same may snapkamera?

Oh, where have I been twenty years and a camera of 0.3 megapixels in ts650y Motorola)

Napridumyvali fucking hell will deal)

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A couple of pictures in the early morning. Gkam from Arnovy.
Attached Image
Attached Image

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In the settings you set to keep jpeg + raw, and Rawka where to look?

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