Discussion camera Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5
What versions GCam use on Redmi note 5? (Can be several options)
5.0 by tigr1234566 [ 6 ] ** [2,6%]
5.1 by Xenius [ 3 ] ** [1,3%]
5.2 by fu24 [ 11 ] ** [4,76%]
5.3 by gdb417 [ 0 ] ** [0%]
6.1 by Alexey_070315 [ 1 ] ** [0,43%]
6.1 by r0m10 [ 3 ] ** [1,3%]
6.2 by tigr1234566 (v.5) [ 11 ] ** [4,76%]
6.3 by marlin-ku [ 4 ] ** [1,73%]
7.0 by Parrot043 [ 14 ] ** [6,06%]
7.2 by Burial [ 5 ] ** [2,16%]
7.3 by The_dise [ 15 ] ** [6,49%]
7.3 by tigr1234566 [ 37 ] ** [16,02%]
7.3 by Parrot043 [ 80 ] ** [34,63%]
7.3 by marlin-ku [ 4 ] ** [1,73%]
7.3 by onFire (Abhi) [ 19 ] ** [8,23%]
Other [ 65 ] ** [28,14%]
What is your main camera?
miui camera [ 60 ] ** [25,97%]
Google camera [ 160 ] ** [69,26%]
Other [ 8 ] ** [3,46%]
Total votes: 231

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Discussion camera Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro). Model: MEE7S, MEC7S - kit. Vers .; MEI7S - ind. Vers. Codename: Whyred
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Camera specifications
Chinese version: Indian version:
  • Rear dual camera:
    12 MP, 1.25 Ојm (f / 2.2 aperture, Sony IMX 486 sensor)
    _5 MP, 1.12 Ојm (f / 2.0 aperture, Samsung sensor)
  • Front-camera:
    20 MP, 1.0Ојm (f / 2.2 aperture, Sony IMX 376 sensor)
  • PDAF, monochrome flash, face recognition, HDR, Smart Beauty 4.0
Google Camera Mod (Gcam) + MIUI cam

Important - if you have everything set up correctly, the kernel, firmware and patch correspond to each other, but all the same frontalka Freese, or other features stated in the patch does not work set magisk 20.1 stable in newer versions of patches to many users refuse to work.
Examples of photos and videos
  1. Review of the camera from melox
  2. Comparison of OnePlus 3 and XRN5. Both on gcam.
  3. Comparison of LG V20 vs note 5 (all under gcam)
  4. Comparison of cameras Redmi Note 3 Pro with its 16 MP and Redmi Note 5 with its 12 MP.
  5. Comparison of photos of the flow with GCam. 92 photos with different scenes.
  6. Sample photos from the stock on firmware
  7. Stoke, 4/64 global
  8. Sample video 1080p / 60fps in stock camera.
  9. Photos made on Redmi Note 5 Pro (without filters and editing)
  10. Photos taken on camera in the updated firmware ( + new camera functionality
  11. Examples of pictures taken on Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (China / World)
  12. A few pictures on the stock (
  13. Example with and without hdr
  14. An example with a sealed second camera and with two cameras.
  15. Some examples of daytime shooting, shooting against the sun and shooting indoors with good light.
  16. Through Snapdragon Camera, stock can only 1080/30 fps.
  17. Examples of photos stock camera and google camera advanced HDR +
  18. A few examples of photos on the stock camera.
  19. Examples of pictures on
  20. Pictures with dim lighting on note5 china, global, gcam hdr + advanced
  21. Comparison of 4K and FHD when recording via Snapdragon Camera (from the header)
  22. Comparison of 4K and FHD when recording via the Open Camera (from the Play Market)
  23. Compare Camera to iPhone 6s
  24. Comparison of cameras Meizu M6 Note, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus.
  25. Photo comparison Huawei P10 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 5
  27. Examples of photos on stock
  28. A couple of pictures with editorial and pixel
  29. Comparison of cameras with MI A1, video reviews from Indians
  30. Comparison of night mode stock camera and GCam
Archive cameras, settings, patches
The rules of communication in the subject, if you have something does not work
1) indicate what kind of firmware you have
2) what patches are installed
3) did you install custom kernels or were there any other interventions in the system
4) which camera mod was installed (preferably with a link) and how it was done
poll 05/08/2020
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Question: "What kind of camera is best for my firmware / kernel / and to the best?" Will be deleted without warning. Stable and working version in a cap + poll popularity versions.

Topics Curator: TheAirKing
With regard to the filling caps communicate with the curator themesQMS

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* dymanskij67,
Sew in TVRP this file

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Can anyone should) configuration on the new version of Burial)) suitable for other Xiaomei
Attached fileGCam.zip(2.71 KB)

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A few photos from the last chamber trCamera V5 plus their settings
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

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GCam mod 7.3

Author -the_dise
Version -7.3.020
Compatibility -Android 10
Download -DMGC 7.3.020 ver.4.4
author page -All the versions on Selsoazevedo
Date of last update 05/03/2020

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GCam mod 7.2

Author -burial
Version -7.2.010
Compatibility -Android 10
Download -GCam 7.2.010 Burial-vD release10.04.20
author page -on Selsoazevedo
Date of last update 04/29/2020

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* sashaxp50 throw the files from the archive below the path / vendor / lib / having previously done backup copy the original files.
Attached filelibmmcamera_whyred_s5k2l7_ofilm_cn_i.zip(22.24 KB)

Shutter speed up to 4 seconds, it works in both stock and in GCam.

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Shutter speed 4 seconds | 4K for Gcam (Camera2 Api) | 4K + Manual settings for the camera Miui
there are downsides"Rides exposure when shooting video, if it does not fix the long tapom the drain chamber or manual selection of iso and shutter speed towards the camera"
What why
Attached file4sec_SutterSpeed_For_XRN5Global_Ofilm.zip(123.93 KB)

libmmcamera_whyred_s5k2l7_ofilm_cn_i.soandlibessecurity.so - excerpt 4sec
libmmcamera2_mct.so - 4K for Camera2 Api (for GCAM)
whyred.xml - Manual settings in Miui camera (no frills, to be able to change the shutter speed, etc.) and 4K
Unpack and Copy / Past-th throw the replacement to the corresponding folders on a smart.
Do not forget otbekapit original, exchanged files just in case .

In the form of a patchMagisk and TWRP | is packed Moonpwr

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Has anyone found a method how you can shoot video with good quality at RN5, whether the stabilization works in any resolution to remove and what the FPS, whether there are who are often shot with this phone video accomplish your goal, if you can video examples

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* Mat3kc If you turn off the sharpness and disable squelch + manual settings, removes less on mcpro24fps.

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All on the occasion of the Great Victory!

Modifications Google Camera from Parrot043
Version: 7.3.020 | V1 - Remastered.
Android 9+

After a month of work ready to publish the version in general use. Not so long ago I wrote about how it plans to make Google modify camera, but without it XML, etc. (by type "Use"). Well - we undertook this work. On the basis of this problem, we decided to restart 7.3.020 V1, but with a minimal number of settings. Basic settings are from HDR +:
• Selection of the number of frames in the extended HDR +.
• Exposure compensation / correction Selecting auto-exposure (for Astro, too).
• AWB Profile selection settings.
• Libpatcher

Strictly speaking, these settings I was asked to leave the community immediately after of information that will be such a restart.
Most likely, in future versions of the modification will be the same number of options.

Global changes :
Full settings restart. We decided to leave those settings that people use on a regular basis.
Version was created from scratch. For graphics and files thanks the_dise.
Added Sabre. Powered by modules from Sony, OmniVisison. Smartphones from Samsung module does not work with this item.
The video in 4K UHD can choose FPS. Thank Urnyx05.
The primary chamber as the basic model set Pixel 3a XL (sargo).
The front chamber is set as a basic model Nexus 6P (angler).
Added new language.
Added selection of auto white balance on the main camera on the front. For itself thanks to the basic method Urnyx05.
The Lib Patcher added choice Dehaze.
He returned 240 FPS in slow shooting. Who does not have the support of 240 frames / sec, in addition to conventional video recording.
Focus Tracking is now available in the video.
1210MB of memory is exposed.
Selected FPS video does not fly after rejoining in the annex.
Added parameter selection Shasta Factor. Thank Cstark.
The resolution 16: 9 camera does not cut the MP.
Code cleaning and optimization application.
Minor changes :
By default, your location off. It goes without, at the first start permission all camera prompts.
The settings on Oc Android 10 with gestures docking bar with the bar is not painted in black color, and blend into the background.

Attached fileMGC 7.3.020 Parrot043 V1.apk(46.88 MB)

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Modifications Google Camera from Parrot043

Version: 7.3.020 | V2 - Remastered
Android 9+.

Minor update that fixes some bugs modification and addition of functions preserving portraits in a shared folder / DCIM without creating separate folders.

Fixed Italian translation.
Point maximum shutter speed is now working on the front-facing camera.
The 4k Delete Selection FPS, because not all smartphones can work with this option. Thereby fix and 4K on LeEco.
For the base model to the primary chamber of the device 7 is used Redmi Pixel 2 (walleye).
By popular demand back saved to a shared folder portraits.
On Redmi Note7 / 8 / 8T maximum exposure in Astro 15 seconds.
Removed auto-timer in connection with the crash on some devices.
Added short-cards on the inclusion of night shooting.
Sabre off on some smartphones, even when the settings will point incl.
Minor edits.

Attached fileMGC 7.3.020 Parrot043 V2.apk(46.89 MB)

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habirov91 @ 12.05.20, 04:42*
Gkam 7 versions with the ability to view photos directly from the app
https: //www.celsoazeve...amera/f/changelog1138/

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* Lasum whether it is possible to reduce the mushy or this is the maximum that can be squeezed out of the camera?

Attached images
Attached Image
Attached Image

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SendeRukr @ 13.05.20, 02:23*
whether it is possible to reduce the mushy

Usuallyproblem noise is not (only) in the camera application, and high iso if (due to) a short stock exposure (1/3 - 1/4)

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How to start in 1080 at 60FPS PE 10+ in the last GCam from Parrot?

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Who knows why any events Google camera in the normal hdr photographs better than the extended hdr +? Firmware miui, any patches did not set only by ADB kamera2api activated. Prior to that, all is well filmed, and now a lot of noise, even the sink is better to remove.

First with the drain chamber
The second photo in the enlarged hdr +

Attached images
Attached Image
Attached Image

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ATaddition to fasting from uv Dyushes .

If there are those who do, this method does not work because of other lenses on the sensor (qtech instead ofilm . You can see, for example, Device Info HW - Play Market ) - this post is for you.
Once again: it is not the same for the old libs blobs, etc., no. It liby on exposure for those who have already used the sensors5k2l7_qtech_cn_ii .
The archive files simple. Unpack and put invendor / lib . Patched Lieb is based on the new blobs.

(Patching not do, I did not do so to help with the transfer of the old blobs, for example, nothing could)

Attached filelibmmcamera_whyred_s5k2l7_qtech_cn_ii-1.zip(22.82 KB)

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I present to you a new fashion, which has (or not - you decide) the right to life -UltraCVM Cameraby UltraM8
camera version - 7.3.020 based Arnova 5betaFinal
In related news on our forum (LINK), It was published the news about the Google camera modes.
After oprobyval - I realized that he could be of interest to some people.
The efficiency of the fashion chamber tested on an informal firmwareMIUI 10 Stable Final by Masik under Android 9 .
Of the minuses - in English, and can not include HDR Bracket mode - another crash.
One of the interesting - advanced Lieb patcher, tone adjustment and gamma curves in a photo editor as well as being the choice of the pile camera models on the front and back of the camera and of the choice of HAL ?! (Do not quite understand is this, but apparently the viewfinder)
Best settings for the camera until you say, how to act so experimentally take much time, but maybe soon I will try to do, though it is not exactly)
Image quality depends on your settings libpatchera and sensors. You can achieve both peresharplenoy pictures and supersglazhennoy with myltsem.
Screenshots of the interface of the camera:
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

If you are interested in - that's myself I've found:Attached fileUltraCVM_v4.apk(74.91 MB)

Update this camera and authorship can be found on celsoazevedo:Tyk
Or off.telegramm channel:Link
Authorship of Publications on the forum belongsjoshdigit.

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* ErlinanX, and there you have a clone? And it replaces the camera from the tiger

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18, 24, 28, 37 Mpx pseudo apskeylom not, and all of the pictures 2-5))caution traffic ...
parked pictures
18 mpx
Attached Image

24 mpx
Attached Image

28 mpx
Attached Image

37 mpx Panorama
Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Softinkoy for gluingPC

For viewing 180 - 360 on panorammPC
Attached fileFSPViewer.rar(3.06 MB)

My panoramka in GCAM 5.1 to test
Attached Image

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