Discussion camera Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5
What versions GCam use on Redmi note 5? (Can be several options)
5.0 by tigr1234566 [ 9 ] ** [3,23%]
5.1 by Xenius [ 3 ] ** [1,08%]
5.2 by fu24 [ 12 ] ** [4,3%]
5.3 by gdb417 [ 0 ] ** [0%]
6.1 by Alexey_070315 [ 2 ] ** [0,72%]
6.1 by r0m10 [ 4 ] ** [1,43%]
6.2 by tigr1234566 (v.5) [ 14 ] ** [5,02%]
6.3 by marlin-ku [ 4 ] ** [1,43%]
7.0 by Parrot043 [ 15 ] ** [5,38%]
7.2 by Burial [ 5 ] ** [1,79%]
7.3 by The_dise [ 18 ] ** [6,45%]
7.3 by tigr1234566 [ 41 ] ** [14,7%]
7.3 by Parrot043 [ 91 ] ** [32,62%]
7.3 by marlin-ku [ 4 ] ** [1,43%]
7.3 by onFire (Abhi) [ 20 ] ** [7,17%]
Other [ 86 ] ** [30,82%]
What is your main camera?
miui camera [ 70 ] ** [25,09%]
Google camera [ 197 ] ** [70,61%]
Other [ 9 ] ** [3,23%]
Total votes: 279

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Discussion camera Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro). Model: MEE7S, MEC7S - kit. Vers .; MEI7S - ind. Vers. Codename: Whyred
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Camera specifications
Chinese version: Indian version:
  • Rear dual camera:
    12 MP, 1.25 Ојm (f / 2.2 aperture, Sony IMX 486 sensor)
    _5 MP, 1.12 Ојm (f / 2.0 aperture, Samsung sensor)
  • Front-camera:
    20 MP, 1.0Ојm (f / 2.2 aperture, Sony IMX 376 sensor)
  • PDAF, monochrome flash, face recognition, HDR, Smart Beauty 4.0
Google Camera Mod (Gcam) + MIUI cam

Important - if you have everything set up correctly, the kernel, firmware and patch correspond to each other, but all the same frontalka Freese, or other features stated in the patch does not work set magisk 20.1 stable in newer versions of patches to many users refuse to work.
Examples of photos and videos
  1. Review of the camera from melox
  2. Comparison of OnePlus 3 and XRN5. Both on gcam.
  3. Comparison of LG V20 vs note 5 (all under gcam)
  4. Comparison of cameras Redmi Note 3 Pro with its 16 MP and Redmi Note 5 with its 12 MP.
  5. Comparison of photos of the flow with GCam. 92 photos with different scenes.
  6. Sample photos from the stock on firmware
  7. Stoke, 4/64 global
  8. Sample video 1080p / 60fps in stock camera.
  9. Photos made on Redmi Note 5 Pro (without filters and editing)
  10. Photos taken on camera in the updated firmware ( + new camera functionality
  11. Examples of pictures taken on Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (China / World)
  12. A few pictures on the stock (
  13. Example with and without hdr
  14. An example with a sealed second camera and with two cameras.
  15. Some examples of daytime shooting, shooting against the sun and shooting indoors with good light.
  16. Through Snapdragon Camera, stock can only 1080/30 fps.
  17. Examples of photos stock camera and google camera advanced HDR +
  18. A few examples of photos on the stock camera.
  19. Examples of pictures on
  20. Pictures with dim lighting on note5 china, global, gcam hdr + advanced
  21. Comparison of 4K and FHD when recording via Snapdragon Camera (from the header)
  22. Comparison of 4K and FHD when recording via the Open Camera (from the Play Market)
  23. Compare Camera to iPhone 6s
  24. Comparison of cameras Meizu M6 Note, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus.
  25. Photo comparison Huawei P10 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 5
  27. Examples of photos on stock
  28. A couple of pictures with editorial and pixel
  29. Comparison of cameras with MI A1, video reviews from Indians
  30. Comparison of night mode stock camera and GCam
Archive cameras, settings, patches
The rules of communication in the subject, if you have something does not work
1) indicate what kind of firmware you have
2) what patches are installed
3) did you install custom kernels or were there any other interventions in the system
4) which camera mod was installed (preferably with a link) and how it was done
poll 05/08/2020
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Question: "What kind of camera is best for my firmware / kernel / and to the best?" Will be deleted without warning. Stable and working version in a cap + poll popularity versions.

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* dikobrazzoff I was in the top ten this patch rescued) as always a lot of factors, the firmware version and the kernel to version gkam and its developer. By the way, too, I returned to the top corner. As the stability of the software and firmware in the first place. It is better to wait a couple of months, maybe 10 will all since 9 work fine, despite the fact that 10 is nothing supernatural is not present, because of what his crutches hrn5 torment.

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* Organic31 In general, the problem wasin the custom kernel Stormguard. Which is apparently not very friendly withMIUI 11. I have not worked with him not only the Google camera, but fell off sink.

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* dikobrazzoff , The same trouble. On Seabury I sat almost every day, put the camera - test. everything was fine without any patches. Not one relegation / Malevich. Decided to put a different firmware and all ..
Tried a couple of firmware, kernel changed, the patch put on Happy. None of this helps ..: unsure:

Put kangaroox core, the camera works to attempt to take a picture in night mode. Then again, in any mode, the shutter will melt gray and all ..
NA turns breaking chamber: flood:

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or simply throw the factory settings?

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I sit in peace on miui eu 9.9.3, flashed through tvrp patchhttps://yadi.sk/d/5htN-bQIplvJXg
The cameras are working properly. On Android 10 is not in a hurry, probably 2-3 months later, if all the debug
And miui 11 while also not alter, as if the patch has not fallen off to gkama

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TWRP installed, make a backup (and all), and immediately restarted the phone, the phone began to hang out after 10-15 seconds, tried to shut down - the words of eternal reboot. All through the same twrp restored through the backup system. So far, everything works fine. Actually the question - whether to completely throw off all the phone's settings to the factory, to avoid future glitches (and whether they all?), Or you can specifically do not bathe?

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Good day colleagues!
Finally, and I "flew" update MIUI Android 9. 11 not yet had time to realize all the advantages and disadvantages, in addition to the smooth interface.
I came here is the question! Heard somewhere that the new green robot will be the "enclosing" API2 camera and to install G.C. will just install apk file and it will work. So it is - the truth or conjectures "experts"?

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* kanajev66 , The official saw the Old?
Or I heard the sound but did not know where he is?
Every day the same questions. 2api switchedonlymanually.

Rep: (45)
Sorry for flooding. It is very interesting that may be in the Seabury such that no other firmware)
Already even the core set is identical to the Havoc, and still cameras are not working. Can someone answer in fact, what else can be done?

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* Tony.l And 2api checked accurately included? The first thing that comes to mind

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* vitasnsk , That is turned on, the camera is launched) well and checked by manual camera. All jackdaw green.
The bottom line is that if you put Seabury everything works fine without patches. I put Havoc 9 troubles
I put crdroid - troubles. And a patch of Happy tried and changed the core, cleaning caches, tried different cameras. Can libraries deal or that there may be more ..

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Whether to roll back to the factory in such a way and put on a clean firmware, or it does not make sense?Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global / Note 5 China- unofficial firmware (Post guguwa # 73733318)

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kanajev66 @ 19.11.19, 15:19*
It will be the "enclosing" API2 camera and to install G.C. will just install apk file and it will work
. This is not true. In a useful 43 point download twrp9, in him working patch chamber 2 api already sewn additional. On global stock it worked.

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* espionage When talking about the firmware for redmi note 5 you seek here Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global / Note 5 China - MIUI firmware (Post bullik01 # 71146118)

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Hi all, a run-out in the Global stable miui 11, put tvrp, and not as it is impossible to include 2api first tried Pachta, already took build.prop, checked everything right to change, but in the test all zachoknuto red. Posdkazhite where to dig the problem?

UPD: Established magisk, and it worked!

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* VaN2008 That is absolutely no desire to be updated on miui11, your phone is set perfectly GCAM full performance, you do not want to start these dances with a tambourine all the more so under miui11 no ready-made solutions to run 2api all necessary benchmarks from 10 non-working version cluttered system revisions.

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* Allektan To trigger enough change in 2api build.prop hal3 value 1 in the same Total Commander.
Instructions There are many who have written about it.
Attached Image
Attached Image

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Allektan @ 20.11.19, 01:03*
all the more so under miui11 no ready-made solutions to run 2api all necessary benchmarks from 10 non-working version cluttered system revisions.

Not certainly in that way. I read a few days the branch since mid-August. About twice a week every new post regularly someone appears that it is impossible to activate cam2api guglkamera and does not work. And a million of the same answers, advising that the only thing to do - to fix a 0 to 1 in a single build.prop line. Three quarters of the patches, which provide links, just the same, and do, though, with a script.
Council is absolutely correct, but not complete, and therefore do not get many. Advisers on the second part of the necessary steps are silent, meaning that if they do so, then all should be well. What exactly? What must be installed magisk! )) Or, the firmware must be properly patched kernel. Here are just a lot of know how to edit build.prop without installing root or magiska. Or handles by using fastboot \ adb, or a patch of TWRP. And Ruth even as magiska, some applications did not and put it not all.
Therefore, I specify,to successfully activate cam2api to drain insertions, including MIUI 11, or need any convenient way you can fulfill two conditions. The first - in System / build.prop file in linepersist.vendor.camera.HAL3.enabled = 0replacing zero to unity, i.e., should be -
persist.vendor.camera.HAL3.enabled = 1And second, be sure to install magisk one version - 18.1 or 19.3.
Magisk 20.1 does not help everyone, like, but some works.
On custom firmware can sometimes operate without Magiska depends on the particular EEPROM core.
P.S. Sorry if wrong, rusty, that there is a rule, the core or bottles. But two of the steps are not affected. So it was from the time of Mi5, when Magisk just appeared, and for cam2api asked to put a patch or Root)

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Guys that can not be so?
Androyd 9 (miui 10 \ 9.6 beta) patch on the camera and put a patch on the encryption of my ... And nothing menyaetsya.1 once stood standards but a couple of days passed out again, tried several times to re-raise, and no results.

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Is there any events GCam with the possibility of adding onscreen knopkok / settings, as in the Snap Camera? At least the basic parameters: shutter speed, ISO, exposure, metering area.

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