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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro - Accessories | Smartphone, 5.9 "

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Accessories forXiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro)
PictureXiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro). Model: MEE7S, MEC7S - kit. Vers .; MEI7S - ind. Vers. Codename: Whyred.
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  1. Bumpers
  2. Hacrin Soft TPU
  3. Nillkin Super Frosted Shield Hard Feedback Review2 Feedback3 Feedback4 Review5 Review6 Review7
  4. Matt Nillkin Bumper
  5. GRASALE Full Cover + 3 in 1 + Matte Feedback Review2 Feedback3 Feedback4 Review5 Review6 Review7
  6. Soft silicone coque thin
  7. Byheyang Heavy Carapace Hard PC Plastic and Soft Rubber
  8. DD Biscus Heavy Carapace Hard PC Plastic and Soft Rubber
  9. imak shockproof Silicone Soft ZUCZUG anti-knock soft caseFeedback
  10. Youthsay Shell PC Hard Cover Ma dan Silicone Pattern Case
  11. Mofi silicone edge fabric case
  12. Aibous Matte Silicone Feedback
  13. Moon & Animal Pattern Soft Silicone Pattern
  14. Anime bumper
  15. Bomchacha with closed camera
  16. LUPHIE Luxury Artificial Leather
  17. Nkobee fabric bumper
  18. MOFI softtach bumper + review
  19. CHOETECH bumper and glass + review Review2
  20. TOIKO Shockproof Hybrid Case + Review
  21. TOIKO shockproof transparent + review
  22. Keysion case with ring and magnet + Review Review2 Feedback3 Feedback4
  23. IMAK CASE (plastic) + Review1
  24. KEZiHOME Bumper + Review
  25. MSVII bumper (with camera protection) + Review Review2 Feedback3 Feedback4 Review5 Review6 Review7 Review8
  26. Bumper Cafele + Feedback Reviews2 (add.) Feedback3 Feedback4
  27. Original Xiaomi bumper + Review
  28. GLASS CASE + Review
  29. Plastic perforated + Review1 Review2
  30. Silicone with picturesReview1
  31. Silicone tinted contour + Review1
  32. PZOZ shockproof silicone + Review1
  33. The DragonReview1
  34. MirrorReview1 Review2
  35. Bright yellowReview1
  36. Mofi fabricReview1 Review2 Feedback3 Feedback4 Review5 Review6 Review7 Review8 Review8 (Alt.)
  37. Voppton Fabric (analog mofi) review
  38. IpakuReview1
  39. Pocket bagFeedback
  40. Luxury Stand Holder Ring 2 in 1 + Review
  41. Thin black siliconeReview1 Review2 Feedback3 Review4 (Month) Review5 Review6 Review7 Review8
  42. CafeleReview1
  43. TOIKO shockproof
  44. Mofi fabric / leather
  45. Shells (rubber + plastic)Review1 Review2
  46. Blu-ray TPU Soft back + review
  47. Linkee Magnetic Ring Holder 
  48. TCICPC bumper
  49. Rubber bumper cover
  50. Metal armor:
  51. Metal Armor Top For Xiaomi Redmi Note 5
  52. Luphie-Xiaomi-Redmi-Note-5-Pro
  53. Hangrui Hard Case (PC + Metal) | Feedback Review1 Feedback3 Feedback4 Review5

Book covers
  1. MOFI Leather Case Luxury Silicone Case Backtpu Fundas
  2. Lulumi matte canvas leather
  3. PHOPEER Retro leather
  4. MOFI Slim
  5. Itgoogo crocodile skin
  6. Itgoogo leather case retro
  7. wierss Leather Flip
  8. Itgoogo Flip
  9. Nillkin Sparkle
  10. ItgoogoFeedback
  11. Book nilkinReview1
  12. Mofi's BookReview1 Review2
  13. A selection of covers
  14. Selection of covers number 2
  15. Book covers
  16. PU + TPU Case

  1. 6D full coverage LITBOY
  2. About glasses - one of the first posts with links to Choetech, Bonaier and Nillkin + glasses. (who knows how many "thank you" for want to put links)
  3. LITBOY 6D + Review
  4. LUOYA 3d Curved Edge Full Cover + Feedback Review2
  5. Czwxing
  6. Holazing Hydrogel Film 4D | Feedback | Feedback + Feedback3
  7. CHYI hydrogel + Review1
  8. CHYIFeedback
  9. HydrogelReview1
  10. NILLKIN Protective Film or Matte Screen Protector
  11. Hopelf and Dreamysow tempered glass | Feedback Review2
  12. Choetech + Reviews Review2 Feedback3 Feedback4 (add. additional 2) Review5 Review6 Review7 Review8 Review9 Review10 Review11 Review12 Review13 Review14 Review15 Review16 Review17 Review18 Review19 (Alt.) Review20 Review21 Review22
  13. Bonaier glass with frames | Feedback | Feedback
  14. Bonaier and CHOETECH glasses
  15. Bonaier glass (with frames), 1pcandsets of 2pcs + Feedback Review2 (add.) Feedback3 Feedback4 Review5 Review6 Review7 Review8
  16. Bonaier glass (without frame), 2pcs each + Feedback Review2 Feedback3 Feedback4 Review5 Review6 Review7 Review8 Review9 (Month) Review10 (Alt.)
  17. Noname 5D glass (Bonaier) + Feedback (add.anddrop test) Review2
  18. Glass Nillkin H + + Review Review2 Feedback3
  19. Glass Nillkin H + Review1
  20. Glass Nillkin CP + + Review (commentandaddition) Review2 Feedback3
  21. Glass TOMKAS + Review Review2 Feedback3 Feedback4
  22. Glass Imak + Review Review2 Feedback3
  23. BoraSCOFeedback Review (add.)
  24. MofiReview1
  25. Zopo + Review
  26. Noname icoque + Review Add.
  27. ZNP + Review1
  28. HOPELF + Review
  29. A small comparison of glass 5D / 6D / 7D
  30. New 9D glass from LITBOY
  31. Glass on camera + review Review2
  32. CHOETECH Official StoreFeedback

Cables, battery and charger

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ZZMS @ 4.06.20, 15:15*
...Scotch. Imposes the glass as it should, is adhered to one side of 2 or 3 strips of adhesive tape to open like a book .... more, I think, understand. Cheap and reliable.

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* kitkrot Until imposes kleish all again in the dust and debris.
And since the first time without dancing.

Rep: (1044)
ZZMS @ 4.06.20, 15:24*
until imposes kleish all again in the dust and debris.
...not. You remove the tape at the end. This is a professional label.

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* kitkrot Why do you offer me something that I did not ask.

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* kitkrot variant does not work when the glass substrate.

Rep: (4)
Advise glass with a good but not oleofobkoy dorogoe.choetach dorogovato.litboy junk

Rep: (1044)
* maksmaks1974 , ... Cafele Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro - Accessories (Post kitkrot # 95618841)
Itself I use incomplete cut, so these #Aliexpress 211.77 rubles. for you!
https://aliexpress.com/item/-/32873527666.htmlAlways have a coupon 1/1.
But it is not always available for a subject, you need to monitor.

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* kitkrot , As the price choetach.po second to none on the subject

Rep: (50)
Thought our model is no longer doing new bumper, it was made!https://aliexpress.ru/item/4000430221698.htmlmaximum ofigitelnyts bumper for a ridiculous price. The quality of the ideal, the thickness approximately exactly to protect the camera. Above the screen is virtually the Level with protective glass, a little favor for protection but perfectly Gorny in the wrong place svayp only nicer. Under cheytech stood literally on the nose. All holes perfectly coincide. It has no odor. Material xs something between the silicone and rubber. On hand will not slip. My last expensive covers its background look disgusting. In general, I do not advise anyone to pass by. A cheap price and maximum profit.
Photos will not be xs Che my browser is not able to ship to chetyrepedea. The review took off.
Upd. photo be
Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached images
Attached Image

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Rep: (9)
A review would be helpful after a sufficiently long-term use: protection against shocks if not changed whether the color, if cracked corners normally are operating buttons, whether in the case stretched galoshes turned (including silicon), etc.
And so, yes - a cheap, Gorny, a little blue ...)

Rep: (50)
* VasyaPupkin-47, Well, the material taut and hard, barely pulled on the phone is sitting right cast so that the sand under the back cover will not. At the expense of stretch, I do not remove covers every day, I do neither stretched. If the appearance of loose, order soon two more. Pts liked, and the most cheaply. Without unnecessary patterns protruding parts disfiguring phone and without casting defects that were even nilkinah. I have long wanted to trim, not bulging, thin on many that would give protection to the screen but the camera does not increase the size and weight of the phone at the same time no protruding ledges, kaemochek and other heresies. My Wishlist to satisfy. Even charging hole for a cable. Ps can someone important, there is a hole for the strap.

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Please be advised batteries for Xiaomi Remi Note 5 to take
Original replacement battery

Post has been editedbertram73 - 25.06.20, 14:11

Rep: (50)
* bertram73, original in nature. And at the expense of the second, in the past, I can say that the phone capacity was similar to the native, in a year no longer holds.

Rep: (8)
Please tell me whether someone battery cover on the phone

Rep: (167)
* kolyaya25,
Why charge so much time? Do I have to complete by Xiaomi, that same ugreen 5v 2A - maximum 2h 10min

Rep: (167)
A little test, if you are interested.
Complete by Note 5 (5V 2A)
Attached Image
Attached Image

Another complete by Note 5 (5V 2A)
Attached Image
Attached Image

Complete from 7 Note (5V 2A)
Attached Image
Attached Image

Ugreen 5V 2A
Attached Image
Attached Image

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* Arb4 ,
No better cover
Attached Image

Rep: (50)
* thevirq It was so from nilkina. But no more so.

Rep: (20)
* Arb4 , what? In Nillkina no such covers. This model covers only has a normal material like silicone covers Apple and Samsung

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