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The club was established in the first instance to discuss the comics, movies, TV shows, and all that is associated with
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Always looking for new participants!

Theme Rules : butcher:
1. Read and do not violateForum Rulessavagemessiahzine.comandRules section "Trepalka"
2. It is forbidden to insult, be rude, rude and call names.
3. Do not write in capital letters, as well as mixed (for example: THANKS and SPACIOs)
4. It is forbidden to use obscene language.
5. Stick to the already established culture of communication in the We create our own habitat. Let's be polite and friendly to each other!
6. All images are hidden under the spoiler, regardless of size and type, with the exception of emoticons. (This item does not apply to club events)
7. Messages that contain vocabulary and words of a pornographic and sexual nature will also be deleted. Remember that the younger generation is also present on the forum!
8. The curator of the topic has the right to delete messages that violate the Rules listed above and support with the curator tag the reason for deletion.
9. If the violator does not respond to the curator’s warning, the curator has the right to discuss the punishment with the moderators.
The theme of forbidden: rudeness, disrespect in communication, mat and any profanity.

And yet, welcome goodwill in
messages and the lack of direction in

Participants: friends:
Nickfavorite characterAbout myself

FunnyFinnSpider-Man, Venom, Thor.Club founder and just a good man
55MegaMan55RorschachThanosJust leaf, which requires a reward for the hat
sergei_swimmingThor OdinsonAmateur Marvel films. I watched almost all
PuzzakStrange unknown
asadli573Captain America UNKNOWN
Slavik.netMordoAmateur Marvel games and some movies
dim ^ niron ManKinovselennoy fan of Marvel and bitter oldfagov
BabaykaDoctor Strange, Wu, Nick FuryOldfagov kinovselennoy Marvel

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MARVEL'omans! General collection!
[url = "//"][i][b] [color = Red] MARVEL [/ color] 'omany! Total collection! [/ b] [/ i] [/ url]

Participants role-playing game: girl_triniti:
FunnyFinn - Venom
55MegaMan55 - THANOS - Doctor Strange

To join the club, introduce yourself and call your favorite superhero!
: superman:

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* FunnyFinn , Well, please have actually agree with one of the answers in the club Samsung fans that do not need to do hundreds of topics, if they have little activity.

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* MogilshiKfeed46 , well yes)

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Uncanonicity logo: scare:

Posted 03/26/2018, 8:06:

Take it to yourself, I reviewed almost all)
And yes, in the cap rule ostavatsya until the end credits, Saw will realize: to_clue:

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Well ... disappointed .... War infinity out on April 23 in Los Angeles, April 27th in the world, May 3, in Russia (

Posted 03/26/2018, 9:28:

EXAMPLE signature:
[URL = //][COLOR=Red]Klub MARVEL [/ COLOR] [/ URL]

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* FunnyFinn,
Repeat! : Nono:Comic Fans Club

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* uu7jf Nea) where comics and Marvel Universe here

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* FunnyFinn,
This is repeated, you can not hear me or what? : Fool: Here Marvel, Marvel there, repeat-povtorovsky! : Girl_mad:

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Tiomka dies ...

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Guys, attention!
Everywhere spoyleryyy !!!
By endless wars!
# AntiSpoyler

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* FunnyFinn , There is unfortunately no VC hashtags do not work here.

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* MogilshiKfeed46 , Yes: 3

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MogilshiKfeed46 @ 3.05.18, 13:26*
Here, unfortunately, not the VC do not work here hashtags.

But there are markers)

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How was it possible to create such a vast universe?))

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* asadli573 , I do not know)
But I went to the World Bank

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* FunnyFinn,
it is not necessary spoilers)))

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* asadli573 And I will not spoil.
The cap to add?

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* FunnyFinn ,
Yes. Advertisement for the sale of pieces / comic books / CDs / souvenirs, too, need to put in sootvestvuyushih topics.

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* asadli573 added.
If you need a signature, here)
Marvel club (Post FunnyFinn # 71720926)

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* FunnyFinn ,
I do not support any movement, but the subject can help. Make logo hat? Slightly to the right of the club? It would be great links to the heroes of Marvel, but we all know that their users than the Large

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* asadli573 , lets do it)
Need help))

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