Development and porting of GSI firmware
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Development and porting of GSI firmware

Supported Devices

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Development and porting of GSI-firmware (Post derak1129 # 95942923)

What is Project Treble?

Project Treble shares low-level drivers and the rest of the operating system so that manufacturers and third-party developers can release updates faster and easier. For devices with Android 8.x Oreo "out of the box" support for Treble is a must, and for older smartphones and tablets the option is available.

Template for the design of the post with the firmware

Lite GSI Images- Trimmed Images From firmware zerovoid
Patches for starting firmware gsi.
Android All GSIs

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Firmware from Igor ~ s
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eduard.sumeyko @ 22.08.20, 17:44*
tap the screen when you press a fingerprint
you need to throw your keykodov Photo scanner file (/system/usr/keylayout/uinput-MODEL.kl)
well, or create with the same name, but only a blank

Here is an example, as it has done for other devices - an empty file itself is substituted boot android

Rep: (1105)
BootleggersROMQ Mod // qiDroid

Platform: BootleggersROM 5.1
The first release of 2020.08.21
the details
• version patches treble v222 +
• BootleggersROM 5.1 Stable base
• Phh Settings traveled down all the settings (do not worry, they are there)
• The launcher is added gesture to turn off the screen by dvoynoymu tapu
• tyuninig status bar icons more close to each other
• added 0.2x, 0.8x and 1.2x the speed of the animations
• 0.8x speed exhibited by default
• added to tile Quick Settings USB-modem
• replaced prlozheniya: Gallery, Keyboard, Dialer, Messaging, Contacts, Calculator
• Fixed mode is offline charging, working in enforced (not on all devices)
• Fixed a crash when deleting certain programs (with a connected SD-card with vFAT FS)
• When power saving mode is activated, you can select the light / dark theme
• SafetyNet certification on my device (sink vendor) passes without any patches and magiska
• Gapps options: use webview normal (no error when installing Chrome), stock launcher from Google ribbon (without the terrible nailed "Search Bar")
• some changes to reduce the consumption of resources - more memory, better speed, better autonomy
• Added option to specify the level of optimization of the interface, test it yourself on your device to improve the speed / battery
• disabled some controversial Google components, for example, fixed WiFi overall speed in conjunction with GPS + Bluetooth
• an option to change the distance between the icons in the status bar (for a complete application requires reboot)
• Dialer (of CAOS): the option to install the full screen photo of contact, small patches of dark themes and translating, call recording (not on all devices)
• eliminated green picture distortion at the drain chamber by activating HAL3 (present on Xiaomi devaysakh)
• added option "Open the curtain notifications" with swipe fingerprint scanner
• removed the annoying points at the top of the Settings
• fixed display state security patches (in the settings)
• removed the dividing lines in the Settings UI (not all)
• for Mi A2 Lite default put LTE
• updated overlay to Redmi 6 Pro
• switches in OOS style (taken from HavocOS)
• to lock the screen / doze removed upper icon
• Bromite webview v84.0.4147.121

Attention: assembly is fully compatible with Phh-Treble patch, the difference is only in the absence and presence of root file / system / phh / secure. With normal vendors started without any patches and even Enforced mode, as well as from the AOSP Phh. If you run AOSP and qiDroid - you not, then try to delete the file "secure"
Bugs: except for fixes, are the same as on all Q GSI (in some cases not work broadcast on TV and the normal mode does not work offline charging; calls over BT not come with some headsets, the problems with GPS and etc. and etc.)
Thanks: @phhusson and Treble community

Update (2020.08.23)
• the former base and treble patches
• Added the ability to set the indentation edges of the status bar
• Fixed a font cut network traffic indicator
• Fixed information on the status of SELinux (specifically for GSI)
(May be "dirty" update, without having framework'a modifications)

Download: all architectures ( designations )

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Development and porting of GSI-firmware (Post zerovoid # 99259589)

qiDroid 2020.08.23 small update

Rep: (27)
Device:Honor-7C (AUM-L41)
Structure / Architecture:Arm64-Aonly
CPU:Snapdragon 430
Base:Android 8 Oreo
Software version:AUM-L41 (C461)

Cut image with2.7, Gb before 2.1Gb (System / lib {lib64) -vndk27-29)
(Product / app)


It works quickly and smoothly.
It is not always possible to pass the original settings from the first (non-response system interface - a blank screen).
It does not work NFC.
Tail FM-radio.
No settings AOD inclusion of proximity sensor.
In the "About phone" deep sleep is always 0% and at the Evox 4.4 was for a month. At the same time keeps the battery rather than the drain, the Bole better than others with GSI dop.nastroykami energy saving
Added settings event LED indication for charging.
Icons sharper line state.
The rest of customization is not particularly important to me, and that can not see.
But ... has not developed yet - uvelichivayuschayusya rate of non-response system interface up to the forced reboot. Often coincides with the opening of the Notification. Logs to remove it was not possible, was only enough to quickly turn after loading file transfer (in TWRP Honor 7C MTP defective) and pour 4.4 to rebuild the image - you need a working phone.
Until it returned

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gsergey61 @ 30.07.20, 22:24*
Tablet Teclast M16

So you have a bunch of libraries does not see, look for search At least not found, dlopen, look what libraries asking them to take stock for example, and throw in the vendor.

Rep: (3)
DmitryVT @ 24.08.20, 15:48*
It does not work NFC.

Try to roll the solution I've found, with the base Honor'am EMUI 8 assists

Fix GSI's EMUI 8

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* Synerdzhy Now works nfc)
Even charging offlineearnedworks - a hike in its pofiksilii 4.6)
Only ice-light broke, fix again sewn)

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fixe of fastingIt does not work on the havoc os. Violet distortion (flicker) appear twitching not as strong, but slightly observed. Arm64ab, havoc os 3.6
On sw decoder okay. Problems with photos / video as the one of the members of the forum over there.
Flicker become very intense when some action (or simply evoking rewinding player interface), in the normal state of viewing flicker every 5-10 seconds.
MB who can finish or find a solution / fix ... working device aurora se 5732l, helio p60 percent.

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Guys and a translation phh treble settings ... What's interesting at all

Rep: (27)
* depesh1977 For there is nothing normal gsi should not work, ie from any on-off points should not change anything)))

And yet, "it depends on the vendor")

Somewhere in the themes xiaomi seen converted into an insertion havoc
apk-shka TrebleApp same at all gsi, depends on the version of the AOSP to which it stuck.
That is to find one of the freshSamsung SM-J730F / FM / DS Galaxy J7 (2017) - Firmware (Post enjoycz0 # 97516806)
I have several versions of havoc since supplanted in priv-app, then I realized that I had all of these settings are useless, and so it works everywhere except for the power network signal indication on the SIM without the priority data

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