Development and porting of GSI firmware
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Development and porting of GSI firmware

Supported Devices

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Development and porting of GSI-firmware (Post derak1129 # 95942923)

What is Project Treble?

Project Treble shares low-level drivers and the rest of the operating system so that manufacturers and third-party developers can release updates faster and easier. For devices with Android 8.x Oreo "out of the box" support for Treble is a must, and for older smartphones and tablets the option is available.

Template for the design of the post with the firmware

Lite GSI Images- Trimmed Images From firmware zerovoid
Patches for starting firmware gsi.
Android All GSIs

Android 11.x.x

Android 10.x.x
Firmware from Igor ~ s
Collection of firmwareby Igor ~ s

Android 10 release

Android 9.x.x

Android 8.x.x

Problem solving

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* RedEarth , Oneui It runs on lavender, build from the galaxy a9, minus only the sim does not work

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I can not find a fix Auto Brightness through rekaveri, although recently freewheeling and well risen. Search did not help, please post a link

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* ademir.dias ,
try this patch on ab + permissiver or permissive kernel

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Boys may be able to help you ... Such a deal at all 10 sound does not work, a camera, a microphone, calls. I am attaching a boot log. By fussonu not send, he sent me and said he did not want to hear any more about Meyzieu.

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Attached filemyLog.txt(1 MB)

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* RussianAss How to put a vendor take?

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Added a link toHavoc OS 3.0 phh 207 Arm64-ab

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Joker152 @ 16.12.19, 21:47*
Added link to Havoc OS 3.0 phh 207 Arm64-ab
He started up and running perfectly. Camera, sound and bluetooth work. Device Xiaomi Mi A2 lite. 8 put on top of the vendor. I will continue to test.

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* Vitaxa_86, Please check hotspot is working or not

Rep: (211)
* Vitaxa_86 , Havoc arm 64 and the same standards. Only without yuzayu franca.

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Hello, and Lineage 16,17 by andy yan who can rebuild a security patch for December? If anyone has the time and opportunity. I just noticed a lot of you are passionate about assembling mainly different kinds of firmware, and no one remembered LineageOS :)

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Good morning everyone. I use the Havok 2.9 are satisfied, it is one of the few that works on my phone ZTE Axon 7, set Havoc 3.0 207 all right does not slow, but Auto-Brightness is not working and how other firmwares NFC cycles then switched it off, and on the bare AOSP all working. But everything else was fine until rolled back even a little bit to wait necessary. Thanks.

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* mkbasta Cast into the vendor / overlay

Although I have myself made a patch for the Auto-Brightness Havoc 3.0 works for me, without even once I did not try to look :)

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* Dz001 And you checked the space on the disk system can have no place , and what you put franca if the system itself is not loading? I just recently on mtk6750 probyval flash through Abd, no wheels but through flashtuls , firmware and 9 and 10 Booth then patched separately through it flashed and zashol in rekaveri put Magik , was surprised to see systems was 700 mb space , and started to run the firmware flashing tin ,

Posted on 17/12/2019, 10:14:

* Serguc 10 Isa demolished in order that she had a lot of problems, the same method set all the rules of the Andes 9 , here is a screenshot
Attached Image

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Serguc @ 17.12.19, 14:10*
and you checked the space on the disk system can have no place , and what you put franca if the system itself is not loading?

Alreadyhelpedwith the installation. System to boot, 900MB of memory was available, the problem is that the GAPS installer detects the version 8.1 vendor and not put franca.

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and where to get the scripts and the image of PT Vendor'a my Galaxy S6 ARM64-A but in the header and in the discussion of nowhere. Help me find I will be grateful.

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* , Samsung SM-G920F Galaxy S6 - Informal firmware (Post LexX-V # 83394563)

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* smartmen73 I tried to do this on the instructions downloaded firmware but everything was not put such android from Samsung last 9 in the cap of the GSI flashed like for him as the core of the 9 th to the core of the treble. but bottles animation restarts and all

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RedEarth @ 12.12.19, 23:38*
Version of Android: 10
Version of MIUI: 9.12.5
Build Date: 20191211

on Medo someone put? it and poke his nose if someone has already posted. thanks

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* dimdimdimdim
Land put on.
All bugs that were in the transition to or Oreo pie.
The access point, print, misaund, radio, miklaud Haydee, night mode, hue and contrast, avtoyarkost.Na port with max 3 camera is not working, no, on mi8se port or CC9, guglkamera worked ...

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Patches for starting firmware gsi.
In this post, I suggest to combine all found patches to run gsi firmware.
To add patches refer to the manager or to me.
The patch for the vendor to flash in the first place

The patch for the vendor

Selinux patch for huawei phonefromHami_Do

Permissiver_v5.zipMake selinux permitting, helps launch firmware.

Attached MB)

Attached MB)

allzygotefix2.zipIt helps launch firmware for arm

Attached MB)

Attached MB)

Patch for crDroid10 fromHami_Doto run on
Patch frommpk_konstantin: Permissiver_v5 + allzygotefix2 +Attached file02_bl_pie_vendor-cam-n-logofix + (1) .zip(3.06 MB)
Sew after Permissiver, it helps make gsi on imperfect vendors. Redmi helped to 3s (snap430)
Variant firmware run byXopmoH97 >selinux_10

Variant firmware run bydin.rid >Development and porting of GSI-firmware (Post din.rid # 92421192)

To add a patch to this site indicates on which the firmware, processor, which helped patch.

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