Development and porting of GSI firmware
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Development and porting of GSI firmware

Supported Devices

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I remind you that our section is called«Android - Development and Programming» , Which means that the topic is primarily intended for developers.

thereforetoday the topic is prohibited to discuss the nuances of the GSI-specific firmware on devices. All of these issues are discussed in the topics rom your devices in the section «Android - Firmware."
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Read a must.
For the report / review, the problem report.
Development and porting of GSI-firmware (Post derak1129 # 95942923)

What is Project Treble?

Project Treble shares low-level drivers and the rest of the operating system so that manufacturers and third-party developers can release updates faster and easier. For devices with Android 8.x Oreo "out of the box" support for Treble is a must, and for older smartphones and tablets the option is available.

Template for the design of the post with the firmware

Lite GSI Images- Trimmed Images From firmware zerovoid
Patches for starting firmware gsi.
Android All GSIs

Android 11.x.x

Android 10.x.x
Firmware from Igor ~ s
Collection of firmwareby Igor ~ s

Android 10 release

Android 9.x.x

Android 8.x.x

Problem solving

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[Way of cutting firmware in OS Linux]

Required: good command line knowledge
OS: I did in Ubuntu 18.04 / 16.04

0. Open terminal
1. sudo su
2. APT Install SIMG2IMG.
3. Go to the directory with the image .img firmware
4. SIMG2IMG SYSTEM.IMG System.img.Ext.
6. Mount System.img.Ext / MNT / Loop
7. Go to / mnt / loop and delete the desired one (you can only delete under root!)
LIB {64} / VNDK-29 and LIB {64} / VNDK-SP-29 (Support q vendor, in most cases useless)
Product / Priv-App / Velvet (Google Search)
Product / Priv-App / GoogleTts
Product / Priv-App / Recorder
Product / APP / TALKBACK
8. Leaving from / MNT / Loop to a directory directory
9. Umount / MNT / LOOP
11. Resize2FS -m System.img.Ext.
12. IMG2SIMG System.img.Ext System-Mod.img

that's all)
The penultimate team as possible will reduce the image. If after this size does not fit, repeat steps with p. 6, deleting more programs or unnecessary VNDK. Note that there is something like a limit - even if there are 200-300MB free space on some kind of value, the image will no longer decrease!

P.S. I do not do this anymore, do not ask for QMS, I do not cut anything to order / do not collect


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Firmware for test those who have a scannergoodixor scanner on the screen.
It is necessary to check the health of the scanner. My opinion is the problem in the absolute coordinates of the scanner.
Download ARM64-AB
Answers - Reviews We write be sure to indicate a phone model, processor and installation method.
Who does not start do not forget to flash fixes through the recoveryAttached MB)

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On Redmi 3S (Land)
Miui ports on 10-ke are again launched ...
Mirum 9.12.6 with Mimaks3 from Redearth ... only one bug less and one more ...)
The camera does not work (neither the runoff nor Google, although a googlocamera works on the port with Mi8SE), the access point appeared, but it gives an error, the brightness with the failures, the reading mode, tone and contrast, radio, Mi Sound. Punk print appeared, but for the scanner In the screen, which is not on the Land ...
Stagos redid in and on the instructions, did not go ... There is no logo on one working vendor, the fastbut throws ...

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Without google services, install them immediately after the firmware.
We test, write necessarily with the model of the phone, processor.
I recommend installing through fastbut with full DATA cleaning.
fastboot erase userdata
On MTC processors, problems and bugs are possible, since the MTC is blinded from crutches and patches.
You will save only the assembly from the source specifically to your phone.

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Havoc-OS 3.0 ARM64-A With PHH 207 Patches
HAVOC-OS-V3.0-20191215-ARM64A-UNOFFICIAL.IMG.XZWithout gaps!
Attached Image

ARM64-AB https: //

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Havok updated

Posted on 12/16/2019, 04:30:
Attached Image

Havoc OS update
Havok 3 versions
Android 10
Security patch December 5
Arm64 architecture
PHHUSON'A V207 patch
without gappsov

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Installed CDDroid from this link
Development and porting GSI firmware (post Igor-S7 # 91925772)(ARMA), did not start. It turns on the butanimations. Trial on clean butt and patched. The permesters tried everything to no avail. Device MT6580 VERTEX IMPRESS LUCK.

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* sany.svenson I support MT6580 ARM.A.

Rep: (2724)
* sany.svenson I have already reminded that the MTC processors are not all full-fledged Treble support systems. All made by crutches. You must have a markup with sections System.img, vendor.img
In the section VENDOR.IMG stored all drivers, libraries and files you need to work. It is not necessary to flash it. The firmware refers to the section Vendor for the files needs, thereby ensuring stable operation. Section System.img, where the firmware is collected from the source, works as a separate system.

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* Igor-s7, I put the firmware through the TWRP with the format of factor reset started without a patch, but the imprint does not work, when you bring the finger to the scanner, the display becomes darker Xiaomi MI 8 Pro

Rep: (997)
Igor-S7 @ 16.12.19, 08:13*
Firmware refers to the VENDOR section for the files they need, thereby ensuring stable operation
Crdroid output log
01-08 21: 53: 53.894 623 623 F LINKER: CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE "/ VENDOR / BIN / MSENSORD": CANNOT LOCATE SYMBOL "__Android_log_print" referenced by "/ vendor / bin / msensord" ...
01-08 21: 53: 53.980 624 624 F LINKER: CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE "/ VENDOR / BIN / MEMSICP": CANNOT LOCATE SYMBOL "__Android_log_print" Referenced by "/ vendor / bin / memsicp" ...
01-08 21: 53: 54.247 650 650 F LINKER: CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE "/ VENDOR / BIN / IPSEC_MON": LIBRARY "LIBLOGWRAP.SO" NOT FOUND in the firmware is. Well, she is so capricious: D I would like to run it. Log.Attached filelog.rar(125.16 KB)

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* Joker152 From the log it is seen that the firmware is looking for a file that is in the VENDOR section, this is not just a folder, this is a section, the image of which you do not have.
You need ordinary firmware using the old method of accommodation in the System section.

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Igor-S7 @ 12/16/19, 08:27*
The firmware is looking for a file that is in the section Vendor
What kind of file is she looking for? So this lie is never in the vendor and there, she should be in the firmware. In principle, it is there. But why are the symlies refer to the vendor? Damn, one of the best firmware at one time, and does not start: Wallbash:
Joker152 @ 12/16/19, 08:35*
This is a section, the image of which you do not have
And where did he go? Was it out of the box and suddenly disappeared? : D No, there is a problem in the simlinks of the firmware. This is what it is going on when compiling. : offtopic:

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Pested the last husk with PHH 207 patches fall off after reboot. Snown, returned to the previous firmware.

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ERROR 20 When installing GAPPS for the last Havok 3, tell me how to fix
Attached Image

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* DZ001,
Yes, there is, you need to find the line in the in Gapps:
# Detect A / B Partition Layout
if [-n "$ (cat / proc / cmdline | grep slot_suffix)"];
device_abpartition = true
SYSTEM_MOUNT = / system
VENDOR = / vendor / vendor
elif [-n "$ (cat / etc / fstab | grep / system_root)"];
device_abpartition = false
SYSTEM_MOUNT = / system_root
VENDOR = / vendor
device_abpartition = false
SYSTEM_MOUNT = / system
VENDOR = / vendor

and replace with:
# Detect A / B Partition Layout
if [-n "$ (cat / proc / cmdline | grep slot_suffix)"];
device_abpartition = true
SYSTEM = / system / system
VENDOR = / vendor
device_abpartition = false
SYSTEM = / system / system
VENDOR = / vendor

I then asked here why when installing Gapps, I give me an error 64. I was answered not the right architecture (in fact she was true).
A source: somewhere saw on XDA

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* Igor-s7 , Joker152 ,
Crdroid is loaded on Huawei P10 Lite Vendor 8.0 with Permissive Kernel + Some files extracted from Andy Los17
(Pico-Gapps used)

Attached images
Attached Image

Attached files

Attached KB)

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* Bigmenpixel Yes, try! : D Gather with thoughts, read the topic and forward! Better after tomorrow-favorable day for undertakings! : rofl:
Yes, someone asked yesterday a trimmedEvolutionX 3.5 ARM-AONLY. , here . Almost everything is removed, right up to the camera, web view (put as custom), chromium, etc. In general, everything is removed to the maximum. The size of the archive of 1 GB because it did not climb strongly. System size less than 2 GB.

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* RedEarth , Oneui It runs on lavender, build from the galaxy a9, minus only the sim does not work

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I can not find a fix Auto Brightness through rekaveri, although recently freewheeling and well risen. Search did not help, please post a link

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