Power consumption (autonomy) Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 + | Energy talk, tips and cost saving solutions
Are you satisfied with the autonomy of your device?
Autonomy me:
Satisfied, own S9 [ 323 ] ** [17,58%]
Not satisfied, I own S9 [ 513 ] ** [27,93%]
Satisfied, I own S9 + [ 515 ] ** [28,03%]
Not satisfied, I own S9 + [ 483 ] ** [26,29%]
How do you optimize application performance?
I use the standard Samsung Optimization. Settings are automatic. [ 1093 ] ** [59,5%]
I use the standard Samsung Optimization. The settings are manual, I decide which applications to put to sleep. [ 567 ] ** [30,87%]
I use third-party optimizers. [ 42 ] ** [2,29%]
Disconnected Samsung Optimization + I do not use third-party. So much better. [ 128 ] ** [6,97%]
Total votes: 1837

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Power consumption (autonomy) Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 +

SM-G960 / SM-G965

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Useful applications
Package Disabler Pro [Samsung]- Disable unnecessary applications in Samsung, without Root.
BK Package Disabler- Disable services / applications on Samsung without Root
AccuBattery- Monitors and optimizes battery life and efficiency.
BetterBatteryStats- A utility for monitoring battery discharge. (Detailed program description)
Disable Service- Enable and disable services.(ROOT)
Greenify- Manage background processes.(ROOT)
GSam Battery Monitor- Utility for monitoring energy consumption.
LeanDroid- Automatic management of wireless connections.(ROOT)
Lux Auto Brightness- Automatic adjustment of the display brightness.
My Android Tools- Disable / enable activity, service, receiver, provider for any applications.(ROOT)
Wakelock detector- Search for reasons for not falling asleep device. (detailed program description)

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* vollomond1991, Also somehow I began to rattle speaker, or where not found the information that this may be due to dirt, so it was decided to change. At the same time I changed the battery pack, thinking that she, too, is broken. As a result, neither the speaker nor the battery Jordania did not pass ..
A year later, brushed mesh and studied branch power, the sound is clear and the battery keeps excellent. Try to clean indiscriminately tooth brush, or if there is to be thinner and more fluff blowing. I would have tried the compressor, there is a speaker at an angle if necessary

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Hello. Prompt Samsung members indicates low battery condition. Phone is no longer under warranty, it is possible to change the service center for free?

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