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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro - Marriage and Repair | Smartphone, 5.99 "

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Marriage and RepairXiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro
PictureXiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro, HMN5P, whyred
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sheller.m @ 4.08.20, 20:32*
Duck I phone a week ... It is out of the box began to do so
and production date of what? On the box it is written in the month and year.
Perhaps Accum sat down to zero and while lying began to break down. Try to make herethis
My machine has a little more than 2 years of age and wear Akuma 10%. Statistics like AccuBattery April 2019. The design capacity of the one that was in August 2018.
Just measured the real capacityBATTERY

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N1Kson89 @ 05.08.20, 00:33*
production date what? On the box it is written in the month and year.

box of all the Chinese, the devil knows where there is the date of manufacture (

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Good day, for whatever reason, does not start the phone. butluppe stands, I do not remember as well the icon MI and more personal restart does not help anything that I've tried and the battery cord peredergtval, tell me what do I do? P.S computer not see the phone

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the phone sooooo tired batteries, the question - now I Ali is accessibility
if I go to buy the battery in place, how to make sure that would not have slipped a shit? It has the markings? or certain firms whose normal battery
just like that I was not lucky to have bought the battery on r4x your battery - as a result the battery holds 2-fold worse murdered original and charged jumps
me on his xr3pro battery - and again home tired battery keeps much better than the new, though there by tanks in 4000, and half do not have

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* Killercats ,
The original is not naydete..tolko with broken bodies if ..

Posted on 08/06/2020, 13:28:

KillerCats @ 6.08.20, 13:25*
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro - Accessories (Post alx903 # 80997043)

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* Keep quiet,
I do not look forward to the original, just a waste of money it is a pity to throw out
I would like more autonomy 5:00 of the screen from time to time have to direct savings that would be enough to charge at home

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* Killercats ,
Take two years, not drawdown zametil..7-9 hours screen ..
Can you thistopicFirst look through ..

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* Keep quiet,
there has long been read, I checked the CPU speed and zhrunov - and nothing is definitely the case with battery
It is known as the telephone used to me, and how it hurts

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Guys, keep the battery became ill and I decided to change it, but look for it to Ali and reading reviews I realized that most of the batteries there shit!
Who ordered? Throw off please refer to the normal original battery!

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* habirov91 Looking kraftman so expensive but not inferior to the original

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when purchasing a used / have a hand that check?
any known deficiencies, marriage, the problem is this phone?
is it worth taking

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Today I noticed that quite strongly bent pH 5 from the front, than it is fraught? If you remove the back cover, and try to straighten carefully whether there is a chance that your phone will straighten? Or has it already "adopted" a bent shape?

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