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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro - Marriage and Repair | Smartphone, 5.99 "

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Marriage and RepairXiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro
PictureXiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro, HMN5P, whyred
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Rep: (2482)
How to check your touch on marriage?
You need to go to Google Play, dial "Screen Touch Test" and download the program. Or for those who are not friends with the GP, I attach this program) Open it, put the phone on the table and draw it in the corners of the screen.
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WITHsway: Attached filestt.apk (805.16 KB)

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Topic moved to subsectionXiaomi

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In the store, no one will give anything to rock. But in the engineering menu to go or in the developer menu for nefig do. In the engineering test I did not like the wheelbarrow. So it is better to go into my device / specifications and pozhamkat version of muyu 7 times and through the developer menu to enable touch. And also a couple of texts that you would type in a notebook in your head.

Rep: (149)
* Zooui You can still trite with the icon on the desktop.

Rep: (107)
* SL-JAR, And you can still tap the kernel version 5 times and get into the test menu with a full check of the phone

Rep: (0)
A speck of dust on a lens or glass inside the camera. In low light, a black stripe is visible, and in good light and flash, the stripe disappears and everything shoots off.
Maybe someone else had such a problem?

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Guys help please such a question, with the text of the wheelbarrow, with three touches the screen twitches just a screen or buy a screen, the screen itself works fine

Rep: (107)
* renatius_by, This glass is sitting in the back cover. Look for a p5 + disassembly on YouTube and on this principle just take off the cover and blow it off.

Posted 04/25/2018, 00:12:

* Footballmaestro, touch and screen - a single unit. I can hardly imagine where the triple touch is used. If the sensitivity is enough to type the text without problems, then you can safely score. This is if there is no possibility to return or bring down the money from the seller.

Rep: (13)
Guys, did anyone play the SIM card slot in the inserted position? I have a lot of backlash, no marriage

Rep: (3)
* naskat The same thing happens, he himself thought that marriage

Rep: (24)
* Valnes, * naskat There is no backlash.
I want to note an unpleasant bug in the firmware: occasionally when you press the buttons on the screen (confirm, continue, etc.) - the action is not performed, although the "click animation" is over. You have to press again.
Added by:
Android 8.1 Miui 9.2.6

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Rep: (3)
* Neitar, depending on what firmware

Rep: (42)
* Valnes,
Join now. Same problem. There rivets hanging out. Rivets do not press metal tightly against plastic.

I can also note something. But this is a niggle.

Power key works with a distinctive click.
Volume (+) also with a click.
But Volume (-) without a click. And the feeling that it is not pressed. Although it works.

Post has been edited! Nesquik! - 12.05.18, 18:40

Rep: (3)
* ! Nesquik !, noticed the same thing about the volume button (-)

Rep: (42)
* Valnes,
A. So it’s not for me alone. (There is a click, but it is less noticeable. Do you have the same?)
But this is never critical.

Rep: (3)
* ! Nesquik !, yes, all the same.

Rep: (2)
Good day. I bought a global version of the phone yesterday. Today I noticed that if you use one application for a long time, and then open the camera or call. That residual picture remains on the screen. Should I go to change the phone or is it a feature of the screen? Maybe someone noticed something like that. Attaching photo.
Attached Image

In the microphone area you can see the line from Votsap. Then she disappeared. But there are doubts that it can only get worse

Rep: (475)
* katya_acid worth going

Rep: (0)
* katya_acid How much does one have to sit in one application to reproduce?

If a hardware bug, it is worth it. But why then only in calls and the camera appears.

Rep: (2)
* trapishere ,
It’s enough to sit for about 15 minutes (and my job is tied to Votsap)
you can see it only on dark backgrounds, I noticed only when the camera was turned on in the dark. A top of the store called the same thing. They said come

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