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Aurora Store | alternative store for google play

Rep: (789)
Aurora Store
Version: 3.2.9

Last update of the program in the header:17.06.2020

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Aurora Store | Aurora droid

For the full functioning of the program requires root user rights.
Root rights are required only for some installation methods apk.
Everything else works without root.

Short description:
Ability to download and install programs from the PlayStore without depending on the Play Market application and google services.

Android required: 5.0+
Russian interface: Yes
Developer: WryOrean (XDA)
Homepage: auroraoss.com | XDA
Source: Gitlab
F-droid com.aurora.store

Based on the following applications :
Yalp Store, AppCrawler, Raccoon, Split APKs Installer.

  • Buying paid apps is not available however, previously purchased applications are downloaded without problems if you log into your account.
  • If you are using two-step authentication, then you need to generate a password for the application.according to this instruction.
  • Answers to other questions are collected inFAQ on the Aurora Store

Main features
  • Downloading, installing and updating software from Playstore without the Play Market and google services
  • Black and white lists for software updates
  • Anonymous Playstore Authorization
  • Fast switching between accounts (both private and anonymous)
  • Ability to save the installed apk program in the "Downloads" folder
  • Substitution of information about the device (you can download programs that are "not supported on your device")
  • Substitution of location information (you can download programs not available in the region)
  • Aurora Protect - display the number of trackers in the application based on data from the sitehttps://exodus-privacy.eu.org/
  • Themes of design (light, dark, black)
  • Select the category displayed on the main page
Aurora Store is an alternative to the Google Play Store, with an elegant design, with the help of Aurora you can download applications, update installed ones, find new ones and get detailed information about trackers in the application and much more.
You can spoof device, language, and region information to access applications that are not yet available or restricted in your country or not available on your device.
Aurora Store does not require the Google Framework to work, it works great with both GooglePlayService / microG and without GooglePlayService / microG.
In this way, it is possible to avoid various problems regarding user data leakage and privacy.
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Screenshots of version 2.x
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Version: 3.2.9 F-Droid (sol4r1s)
Version: 3.2.9 new release (Nokono)
Version: 3.2.8 new release (Nokono)
Version: 3.2.7 Aurora Store (MONSTER_PC)
Version: 3.2.6 Aurora Store (MONSTER_PC)

Aurora Services 1.0.6 Aurora Store (Post Vladimir Evseenko # 96443923)

Version: 3.2.8 Aurora Store (Post fozii # 96444722)

Previous versions
Version: 3.2.5 Aurora store (Nokono)
Version: 3.2.1 f-droid Update fdroid (Vladimir Evseenko)
Aurora Services 1.0.4 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 87874327)
Version: 3.2.4 Aurora Store (MONSTER_PC)
Version: 3.2.3 Aurora Store (MONSTER_PC)
Version: 3.2.2 Aurora Store (MONSTER_PC)
Version: 3.2.1 Post в„–1427, author And_RU
Version: 3.2.0 Aurora Store (MONSTER_PC)
Version: 3.1.9 Aurora Store (MONSTER_PC)
Version: 3.1.8 Aurora Store (MONSTER_PC)
Version: 3.1.7 Aurora Store (MONSTER_PC)
Version: 3.1.5 Aurora Store (MONSTER_PC)
Version: 3.1.4 Aurora Store (Post And_RU # 91312641)
Version: 3.1.3 Anonymous Fix (ADrive)
Version: 3.1.3 (Stripped) Update from the developer (Vladimir Evseenko)
Version: 3.1.3 Update (Vova Evseenko)
Version: 3.1.2 GoogleLoginFix (ADrive)
Version: 3.1.2 Aurora Store (MONSTER_PC)
Version: 3.1.1 F-Droid (Post Vova Evseenko # 89435124)
Version: 3.1.1 Aurora Store (MONSTER_PC # 89079191 Post)
Version: 3.1.0 Aurora Store (MONSTER_PC # 88911066 Post)
Version: 3.0.9 f-droid Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 87649438)
Version: 3.0.9 Beta 02 Update (ADrive)
Version: 3.0.9 Beta 01 Aurora Store (Post by Vova Evseenko # 87986933)
Version: 3.0.9 Aurora Store (Post MONSTER_PC # 87589669)
Version: 3.0.8 beta 02 Aurora Store (Post Vova Evseenko # 87541090)
Version: 3.0.8 beta 01 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 87414675)
Version: 3.0.8 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 87550209)
Version: 3.0.8 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 87385149)
Aurora Services 1.0.2 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 87414699)
Version: 3.0.7 beta 01 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 87377314)
Version: 3.0.7 Aurora Store (Post # SanГ«kk # 87296219)
Version: 3.0.6 f-droid Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 86258212)
Version: 3.0.6 beta 01 + Aurora Services 1.0.1 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 86402046)
Version: 3.0.6 Aurora Store (Post MONSTER_PC # 86011731)
Aurora 3.0.5 f-droid Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 85414225)
Aurora 3.0.5 beta 03 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 85987860)
Aurora 3.0.5 beta 02 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 85428008)
Aurora 3.0.5 beta 01 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 85409828)
Aurora 3.0.5 Aurora Store (Post MONSTER_PC # 85334148)
Aurora 3.0.4 f-droid Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 84929938)
Aurora 3.0.4 beta 06 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 85334024)
Aurora 3.0.4 beta 05 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 85250979)
Aurora 3.0.4 beta 04 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 85232699)
Aurora 3.0.4 beta 03 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 85066307)
Aurora 3.0.4 beta 02 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 85018935)
Aurora 3.0.4 beta 011 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 85010610)
Aurora 3.0.4 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 84838409)
Aurora 3.0.3 Aurora Store (Post Archeix # 84270857)
Aurora 3.0.3 f-droid Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 84365359)
Aurora 3.0.2 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 84127962)
Aurora 3.0.1 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 83950936)
Aurora 3 beta 06b Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 83775376)
Aurora 3 beta 06 Aurora Store (Post illialoo99 # 83672329)
Aurora 3 beta 05b Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 83641080)
Aurora 3 beta 05 Aurora Store (Post illialoo99 # 83639523)
Aurora 3 beta 04 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 83570696)
Aurora 3 beta 03 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 83495011)
Aurora 3 beta 02 Aurora Store (Post illialoo99 # 83451417)
Aurora 3 beta 01 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 83325810)
Aurora 2.0.5 beta Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 78522221)
Aurora 2.0.5 beta 28 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 79864421)
Aurora 2.0.5 beta 27 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 79787265)
Aurora 2.0.5 beta 26 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 79773684)
Aurora 2.0.5 beta Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 77900634)
Aurora 2.0.4-ОІ 25 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 77593896)
Aurora Services 1.0.1 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 77766349)
Aurora 2.0.4-ОІ 23 + Aurora Services 1.0.0 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 76989881)
Aurora 2.0.4-ОІ 22 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 76887698)
Aurora 2.0.4-ОІ 20 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 76516611)
Aurora 2.0.4-ОІ 18 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 76330054)
Aurora 2.0.4-ОІ Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 76140212)
Aurora 2.0.3-ОІ f-droid Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 74293338)
Aurora 2.0.3-ОІ 17 Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 76138661)
Aurora 2.0.3-ОІ 16 Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 76105021)
Aurora 2.0.3-ОІ 15 Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 76081601)
Aurora 2.0.3-ОІ 14 Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 75134608)
Aurora 2.0.3-ОІ 13 Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 74654865)
Aurora 2.0.3-ОІ 12 Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 74654865)
Aurora 2.0.2-ОІ Aurora App Store (Post Daeril # 74108308)
Aurora 2.0.1-ОІ 10 Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 74075435)
Aurora 2.0.1-ОІ 9 Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 74060262)
Aurora 2.0.1-ОІ 8 Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 74008526)
Aurora 2.0.1-ОІ 7 Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 73886300)
Aurora 2.0.1-ОІ 6 Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 73841682)
Aurora 2.0.1-ОІ 5 Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 73731599)
Aurora 2.0.1-ОІ 3 Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 73627657)
Aurora 2.0.1-ОІ 2 Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 73596169)
Aurora 2.0.1-ОІ 1 + mod RUS Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 73446759)
Aurora 1.0 Alpha 12 + mod RUS Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 73248446)
Aurora 1.0 Alpha 10 + mod RUS Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 73062714)

Previous development branch - Galaxy Store
Galaxy 1.0.4 В®Galaxy. Alternative playstore (Post Vavun # 71244181)
Galaxy 1.0.3 В®Galaxy. Alternative playstore (Post zoom5959 # 70696167)
Galaxy 1.0.2 Post # 8 by Vavun
Galaxy 1.0.1 Attached fileGalaxy_Release_1.0.1.apk (3.72 MB)
Galaxy 1.0.1 Mod RUS Attached fileGalaxy_1.0.1_MOD_RUS.apk (3.74 MB)
Galaxy 1.0.4 В®Galaxy. Alternative playstore (Post Vavun # 70749910)
Galaxy 1.0.3 alpha 3 В®Galaxy. Alternative playstore (Post Vavun # 70733843)


Beta versions:
Version: 3.2.8 beta 1 beta 1 (Nokono)

Post has been editediMiKED - 29.06.20, 06:23
Reason for edit: Update: A new version 3.2.9 F-Droid

Rep: (1105)
OneXpeH @ 2.08.19, 15:57*
The latest version 3.0.9 on Redmi 4prime 6.0.1 multirom, in the settings after clicking the installation item, hangs completely!

Try disabling miui optimization in developer settings

Rep: (282)
Guys who have a kitkat 4.4.4. We have to check if it works, there’s a downgrade at the club, I really need to know, because the horseradish market has died, and I’m far from the phone, at least I will drop it in exchange. : thank_you:

Rep: (221)
* Idaniar , tried to lower already, will not work. Now there is nothing to check.

Rep: (789)
Aurora Store 3.0.9 f-droid


Download:Attached filecom.aurora.store_9.apk(6.7 MB)

Rep: (228)
How to write a comment after rating an application? After filling in the title and comment, pressing the "OK" button does not lead to anything, the popup with input fields continues to hang like an aisel. 3.0.5

Rep: (351)
* gorilloid ,
does not work yet .. stretches from the beginning of the 3rd branch (at 2.x as far as I remember it worked)

Rep: (789)
Type of: A new version
Version: 1.0.4
Short description: Aurora Services + Magisk Module
  • Ability to use Aurora Services in conjunction with the f-droid builds of Aurora Store and Aurora Droid
Attached fileAuroraServices-v1.0.4.apk(2.6 MB)
Attached fileAuroraServices-v1.0.4-magisk.zip(2.17 MB)

Rep: (0)
What if the emulator (BlueStacks) cache on the application in the ship / storage but in the emulator / sdcard, you can not change the path for the cache or to make it downloaded the app (APK + cache) to a separate folder and then to scatter ?, emulator simply no this way, or it is hidden a systemic and available current / sdcard (or I cant find the same path / storage)

Rep: (19)
Aurora store 3.0.9 (from f-droid) after a certain time resets introduced Google release account and turned on 2-stage authorization is pain. Juzaju together with gapps. As it should be and / or is it a known bug / feature?

Rep: (73)
init_6 @ 12.08.19, 6:25*
after a certain time resets introduced Google release account
this unpleasant feature observed is not the first day, and it is not eliminated
Aurora Store (Post yk_grom # 87583554)

Rep: (19)
* yk_grom got it Thank.

Rep: (789)
Let's start: :)
VVNEESTI @ 12.08.19, 08:35*
Deeply optimized application graphics.

1) What kind of schedule again try to optimize? She is not there. She vector all but a couple of icons.
2) Why write changes on Inglish? That should impress?
VVNEESTI @ 12.08.19, 08:35*
Optimized application manifest.

Lies. The manifesto is identical to the original file. Bit by bit.
VVNEESTI @ 12.08.19, 08:35*
Written from scratch.
• Added support for Split APKs.
• Added in-app Download Manager.
• Added new improved Notification Manager.
• New UI based on latest MD Guidelines.
• Deployed dedicated token-dispenser.
• Improved Blacklist Manager.
• Added Favourite Apps Manager.
• And more.
- This app has no advertisements.

Cheyndzhlog aurora store version 3.0.1 already here for the same reason as that of the English language?

Why is not specified, for example, that work on arm64 only it will not? liby what to delete? Or without removing Lieb size "optimized" not impressed file?
Why it does not indicate that the used patch removes the debug information?

Well, the last question of our regular columns, for which none of modripakerov can not answer: Why modify an open source application?

Rep: (789)
For those who are facing problems with the use of anonymous accounts on the new token dispenser ^


  • settings should ->Compound
  • Enable custom address token dispenser
  • Enter new addresshttp://auroraoss.in:8080
  • restart AuroraStore
  • login again

Do not use a new server, if you do not have any problems with anonymous access.

Rep: (1105)
Vavun @ 12.08.19, 20:18*
Well, the last question of our regular columns, for which none of modripakerov can not answer: Why modify an open source application?

They have nothing to do

Rep: (12959)
* Vavun I have yet another question to him.WithoutPatches made mod for the channel and of itself, did not fill in here (as pointless) - I go a couple of days: filled, the description of the left. I do not understand where to get: D

Rep: (1105)
* Alex.Ognev ,
He has already been deleted

Rep: (292)
Installed Version 3.0.9 Android 5.1.1
In the word "Set" does not fit the soft sign, so at all or is it just me?

Attached Image

The question is removed, figured out in my font size Increase system.

Post has been editedggg33 - 14.08.19, 19:03

Rep: (2001)
* ggg33 , Large buttons :), and a small dpi

Rep: (1105)
Type of: Beta
Version: 3.0.9 beta 01
Short description: Update
What's new:
1. Fixed issues with all updates
2. The list of bug updates are not updated after installation
3. Fixed a problem with the game OBB, for big games it takes a bit of time to extract Gzips.
5. Fixed an issue with the report of the Exodus
4. Bug fixes and improvements.
6. AppList now cached to reduce network calls, cleaned after 3 days.

To get a list of dates, swipe the screen to refresh

Attached fileAuroraStore_3.0.9_Beta_01.apk(6.66 MB)

Post has been editedVova Evseenko - 15.08.19, 10:53

Rep: (22)
Aurora writes there is no internet connection, although it works. What is the problem, tell me? It is installed as a standalone application, without microG and Gapps. Could this be a problem?
The question is removed. Everything worked.

Post has been editedrizza-ri - 15.08.19, 20:21
Reason for editing: Problem disappeared

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