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Aurora Store | alternative store for google play

Rep: (789)
Aurora Store
Version: 3.2.9

Last update of the program in the header:17.06.2020

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Aurora Store | Aurora droid

For the full functioning of the program requires root user rights.
Root rights are required only for some installation methods apk.
Everything else works without root.

Short description:
Ability to download and install programs from the PlayStore without depending on the Play Market application and google services.

Android required: 5.0+
Russian interface: Yes
Developer: WryOrean (XDA)
Homepage: auroraoss.com | XDA
Source: Gitlab
F-droid com.aurora.store

Based on the following applications :
Yalp Store, AppCrawler, Raccoon, Split APKs Installer.

  • Buying paid apps is not available however, previously purchased applications are downloaded without problems if you log into your account.
  • If you are using two-step authentication, then you need to generate a password for the application.according to this instruction.
  • Answers to other questions are collected inFAQ on the Aurora Store

Main features
  • Downloading, installing and updating software from Playstore without the Play Market and google services
  • Black and white lists for software updates
  • Anonymous Playstore Authorization
  • Fast switching between accounts (both private and anonymous)
  • Ability to save the installed apk program in the "Downloads" folder
  • Substitution of information about the device (you can download programs that are "not supported on your device")
  • Substitution of location information (you can download programs not available in the region)
  • Aurora Protect - display the number of trackers in the application based on data from the sitehttps://exodus-privacy.eu.org/
  • Themes of design (light, dark, black)
  • Select the category displayed on the main page
Aurora Store is an alternative to the Google Play Store, with an elegant design, with the help of Aurora you can download applications, update installed ones, find new ones and get detailed information about trackers in the application and much more.
You can spoof device, language, and region information to access applications that are not yet available or restricted in your country or not available on your device.
Aurora Store does not require the Google Framework to work, it works great with both GooglePlayService / microG and without GooglePlayService / microG.
In this way, it is possible to avoid various problems regarding user data leakage and privacy.
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Screenshots of version 2.x
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Version: 3.2.9 F-Droid (sol4r1s)
Version: 3.2.9 new release (Nokono)
Version: 3.2.8 new release (Nokono)
Version: 3.2.7 Aurora Store (MONSTER_PC)
Version: 3.2.6 Aurora Store (MONSTER_PC)

Aurora Services 1.0.6 Aurora Store (Post Vladimir Evseenko # 96443923)

Version: 3.2.8 Aurora Store (Post fozii # 96444722)

Previous versions
Version: 3.2.5 Aurora store (Nokono)
Version: 3.2.1 f-droid Update fdroid (Vladimir Evseenko)
Aurora Services 1.0.4 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 87874327)
Version: 3.2.4 Aurora Store (MONSTER_PC)
Version: 3.2.3 Aurora Store (MONSTER_PC)
Version: 3.2.2 Aurora Store (MONSTER_PC)
Version: 3.2.1 Post в„–1427, author And_RU
Version: 3.2.0 Aurora Store (MONSTER_PC)
Version: 3.1.9 Aurora Store (MONSTER_PC)
Version: 3.1.8 Aurora Store (MONSTER_PC)
Version: 3.1.7 Aurora Store (MONSTER_PC)
Version: 3.1.5 Aurora Store (MONSTER_PC)
Version: 3.1.4 Aurora Store (Post And_RU # 91312641)
Version: 3.1.3 Anonymous Fix (ADrive)
Version: 3.1.3 (Stripped) Update from the developer (Vladimir Evseenko)
Version: 3.1.3 Update (Vova Evseenko)
Version: 3.1.2 GoogleLoginFix (ADrive)
Version: 3.1.2 Aurora Store (MONSTER_PC)
Version: 3.1.1 F-Droid (Post Vova Evseenko # 89435124)
Version: 3.1.1 Aurora Store (MONSTER_PC # 89079191 Post)
Version: 3.1.0 Aurora Store (MONSTER_PC # 88911066 Post)
Version: 3.0.9 f-droid Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 87649438)
Version: 3.0.9 Beta 02 Update (ADrive)
Version: 3.0.9 Beta 01 Aurora Store (Post by Vova Evseenko # 87986933)
Version: 3.0.9 Aurora Store (Post MONSTER_PC # 87589669)
Version: 3.0.8 beta 02 Aurora Store (Post Vova Evseenko # 87541090)
Version: 3.0.8 beta 01 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 87414675)
Version: 3.0.8 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 87550209)
Version: 3.0.8 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 87385149)
Aurora Services 1.0.2 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 87414699)
Version: 3.0.7 beta 01 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 87377314)
Version: 3.0.7 Aurora Store (Post # SanГ«kk # 87296219)
Version: 3.0.6 f-droid Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 86258212)
Version: 3.0.6 beta 01 + Aurora Services 1.0.1 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 86402046)
Version: 3.0.6 Aurora Store (Post MONSTER_PC # 86011731)
Aurora 3.0.5 f-droid Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 85414225)
Aurora 3.0.5 beta 03 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 85987860)
Aurora 3.0.5 beta 02 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 85428008)
Aurora 3.0.5 beta 01 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 85409828)
Aurora 3.0.5 Aurora Store (Post MONSTER_PC # 85334148)
Aurora 3.0.4 f-droid Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 84929938)
Aurora 3.0.4 beta 06 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 85334024)
Aurora 3.0.4 beta 05 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 85250979)
Aurora 3.0.4 beta 04 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 85232699)
Aurora 3.0.4 beta 03 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 85066307)
Aurora 3.0.4 beta 02 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 85018935)
Aurora 3.0.4 beta 011 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 85010610)
Aurora 3.0.4 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 84838409)
Aurora 3.0.3 Aurora Store (Post Archeix # 84270857)
Aurora 3.0.3 f-droid Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 84365359)
Aurora 3.0.2 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 84127962)
Aurora 3.0.1 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 83950936)
Aurora 3 beta 06b Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 83775376)
Aurora 3 beta 06 Aurora Store (Post illialoo99 # 83672329)
Aurora 3 beta 05b Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 83641080)
Aurora 3 beta 05 Aurora Store (Post illialoo99 # 83639523)
Aurora 3 beta 04 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 83570696)
Aurora 3 beta 03 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 83495011)
Aurora 3 beta 02 Aurora Store (Post illialoo99 # 83451417)
Aurora 3 beta 01 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 83325810)
Aurora 2.0.5 beta Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 78522221)
Aurora 2.0.5 beta 28 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 79864421)
Aurora 2.0.5 beta 27 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 79787265)
Aurora 2.0.5 beta 26 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 79773684)
Aurora 2.0.5 beta Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 77900634)
Aurora 2.0.4-ОІ 25 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 77593896)
Aurora Services 1.0.1 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 77766349)
Aurora 2.0.4-ОІ 23 + Aurora Services 1.0.0 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 76989881)
Aurora 2.0.4-ОІ 22 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 76887698)
Aurora 2.0.4-ОІ 20 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 76516611)
Aurora 2.0.4-ОІ 18 Aurora Store (Post Vavun # 76330054)
Aurora 2.0.4-ОІ Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 76140212)
Aurora 2.0.3-ОІ f-droid Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 74293338)
Aurora 2.0.3-ОІ 17 Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 76138661)
Aurora 2.0.3-ОІ 16 Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 76105021)
Aurora 2.0.3-ОІ 15 Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 76081601)
Aurora 2.0.3-ОІ 14 Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 75134608)
Aurora 2.0.3-ОІ 13 Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 74654865)
Aurora 2.0.3-ОІ 12 Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 74654865)
Aurora 2.0.2-ОІ Aurora App Store (Post Daeril # 74108308)
Aurora 2.0.1-ОІ 10 Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 74075435)
Aurora 2.0.1-ОІ 9 Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 74060262)
Aurora 2.0.1-ОІ 8 Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 74008526)
Aurora 2.0.1-ОІ 7 Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 73886300)
Aurora 2.0.1-ОІ 6 Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 73841682)
Aurora 2.0.1-ОІ 5 Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 73731599)
Aurora 2.0.1-ОІ 3 Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 73627657)
Aurora 2.0.1-ОІ 2 Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 73596169)
Aurora 2.0.1-ОІ 1 + mod RUS Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 73446759)
Aurora 1.0 Alpha 12 + mod RUS Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 73248446)
Aurora 1.0 Alpha 10 + mod RUS Aurora App Store (Post Vavun # 73062714)

Previous development branch - Galaxy Store
Galaxy 1.0.4 В®Galaxy. Alternative playstore (Post Vavun # 71244181)
Galaxy 1.0.3 В®Galaxy. Alternative playstore (Post zoom5959 # 70696167)
Galaxy 1.0.2 Post # 8 by Vavun
Galaxy 1.0.1 Attached fileGalaxy_Release_1.0.1.apk (3.72 MB)
Galaxy 1.0.1 Mod RUS Attached fileGalaxy_1.0.1_MOD_RUS.apk (3.74 MB)
Galaxy 1.0.4 В®Galaxy. Alternative playstore (Post Vavun # 70749910)
Galaxy 1.0.3 alpha 3 В®Galaxy. Alternative playstore (Post Vavun # 70733843)


Beta versions:
Version: 3.2.8 beta 1 beta 1 (Nokono)

Post has been editediMiKED - 29.06.20, 06:23
Reason for edit: Update: A new version 3.2.9 F-Droid

Rep: (48)
* • Best •, most likely a non-invisible split each has its own, you just need to find it)) but seriously, why so, maybe the Aurora bug, maybe compatibility with miui again, or something. I tried a couple more splits - the rules were set.

Rep: (11)
And then the search is broken, not looking for applications

Attached images
Attached Image

Rep: (789)
Problem on google servers. Do not panic.

Post has been editedVavun - 01.06.19, 18:42

Rep: (111)
The devil is not so terrible as he is painted!
Yalp died, Play Market v8.3.43 U [0] [FP] lives a strange life and some devices do not download, do not install, or pump two times and cry about error 907, and even more recent versions of the market stupidly lag ate and eat like elephants are peanuts, only carry bags! And only Aurora rescued, found, downloaded, and liked! It's a pity only androids 4.x in the span.

Post has been editedBot_0003 - 01.06.19, 19:43

Rep: (11)
It is a pity that it does not download in the background, only on the application page and that through favorites you cannot get to the application page. It would seem elementary and important functions, but they are not. And so a very good application, unlike Yalpa business though.

Rep: (221)
Darkwingzz @ 2.06.19, 10:54*
in the background does not shake
It shakes perfectly, when there will be updates, I can upload a screen.
As promised
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

The first is the beginning; the second one swings, the second starts; the third-one is downloaded, the second is not yet. Under the curtain, the desktop is visible, i.e. Aurora itself is collapsed and works in the background.

Post has been editedGalygin - 03.06.19, 06:38
Reason for editing: fulfilled promise

Rep: (91)
Does not work with two-step authentication enabled in your Google Account.

Rep: (789)
Elbeecried @ 06/03/19, 15:50*
Does not work with two-step authentication enabled in your Google Account.

https: //support.google...ts/answer/185833? hl = en

Rep: (91)
Okay thank you.

Rep: (11)
* Galygin Apparently I had some kind of failure last time. Really shakes in the background. But to get to the application page through favorites is still impossible.

Rep: (221)
* Darkwingzz I will not say for it, I do not use it.

Rep: (789)
Aurora Store 3.0.5 Beta 03

1. Improved accounts + 2FA
2. Fixed user / system app toggle
3. Added back android TV support (untested)
4. Bug fixes & improvements

Download:Attached fileAuroraStore_3.0.5_Beta_03.apk(6.07 MB)

Rep: (1536)
Vavun @ 06/07/19 18:06*
3.0.5 Beta 03
Crash sabzh when exiting the program using the hardware button "Back".

Rep: (789)
Evgeny Krupetsky @ 06/07/19, 18:31*
Crash sabzh when exiting the program using the hardware button "Back".

No crash.

Rep: (1536)
No crash.
Yes, cured by installation completely. Is this the behavior of the favorites list - is this normal? ->Attached fileScreen_2019-06-07_181853.mp4(1.8 MB)

Rep: (789)
Evgeny Krupetsky @ 06/07/19, 18:40*
Is this the behavior of the favorites list - is this normal?

Well, yes, and what is wrong?

Rep: (1536)
Vavun @ 06/07/19 18:42*
what's wrong?
I was surprised that I sort of deleted it, but when I refresh the page, everything returns to normal.

Rep: (789)
Evgeny Krupetsky @ 06/07/19, 18:46*
I was surprised that I sort of deleted it, but when I refresh the page, everything returns to normal.

And, you about it. Yes, there is. But this is definitely not normal.

Posted on 06/07/2019, 18:54:

The developer responded that while it is better not to use the option, it is planned to rewrite it.

Rep: (1)
Hello forum users, on Google there is a two-stage
authentication When I log into Google's account via Aurora (I enter the password correctly), he says to check the password. Is this a bug?

Rep: (1)
Kidzau @ 06/08/19 13:37*
he says check password.
read above, figured out

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