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Hacking PS4 | Communication hacked the Playstation console 4 users.

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Sony PlayStation 4, Pro, Slim - Hacking / Sony PlayStation 4 - Discussion / Sony PlayStation 4 - Firmware / Sony PlayStation 4 - Games and PS + / PS4 purchase / Modding ps4

Latest version of official firmware -7.0.2 hacking impossible.
Latest firmware version - 5.05/5.07

5.07 - a small update 5.05 - amenable to cracking in the same way. Below, for convenience, both of these firmware will be called simply 5.05. There is no image for updating on 5.07 on the Internet, the owners of such firmware will not be able to change the HDD on their console, or flash this firmware over the existing one.

This means that you can hackonly prefix with the official firmware version 5.05 or lower. If your console has a version below specified - update the firmware according to the instructions . If higher - look for another prefix! Downgrade is IMPOSSIBLE!

Important about exploit stability, differences in payloads, launch methods and some general theory
Detroit, spider and other new games WILL NOT BE!

  1. Learn to collect, analyze and organize information! Without this skill, explanations will not help you. No hypothetical "Vasya" from the group will be able to explain better and in more detail than the guides written by the hypothetical "Peter". Guides of Petit did not understand - Vasya’s explanations will not be understood either.
  2. If you are not able to understand the text on cracking, can you, even with explanations, perform actions in a number of required programs?
  3. Suppose, sew, what's next? The button "download all games" will not appear and magically everything will not work itself. Something may then fail. Something will need to patch later. All this information will also need to find and summarize.
  4. Learn to google and search on the wall. Most questions already have answers. Most of the mistakes happened not only with you.
  5. Learn to explain what your problem is. No one will help if you write "the game crashes." In order to provide assistance, a person needs to understand your configuration, what you tried to do and what result it led to. What result you are trying to achieve.
    Simple example- user writes
    An error in lumiya, what should I do?!?! ??!
    First in the lume. Secondly, "what". Thirdly, according to the results of the interrogation, it turns out that an error occurred when exiting freeshop using the start button. What is normal, because everyone does not fix it. And to exit freeshop you need HOME buttons.
    The interrogation took half an hour and a lot of nerves.
    How to write:
    "Hi, I have New 3DS Xl, luma 8.1 firmware, system software version 11.6. If I press the START button to exit in freeshop, I almost always get an error"
    Nothing complicated after all. And get the answer literally right away.
  6. Respect your and other people's time.
  7. Learn to read. If they give you a link, do not be lazy and read everything.
And the most important thing is that piracy is not always easy, such dances with a tambourine often need to be performed in order to join the freebies — either learn (which is always a laborious process) or pay for a license

Briefly about the important:
  1. The current implementation of hacking is imperfect
  2. After each reboot of the console, the hacking must be re-activated.
  3. Strongly recommended at this stage not to use sleep mode! It is extremely unstable and there are chances to not get out of it at all (at least without full initialization of the console) . How to turn it off you can see here
  4. It is impossible to start games and patches for games that require a firmware version higher than 5.05, but ...more in FAQ
  5. There is no online. Login to PSN and use online servicesjust updated on the latest official firmware!
  6. Downgrade from high firmware versions up to 5.05 and below is IMPOSSIBLE. All sites that say otherwise - scam. Ignore them. At best there is a miner.Hard drive with old firmware won't help either
  7. Fit any prefix of any audit. Banned sew, inoperative drive too (need to upgrade to 5.05 ofthisinstructions). The main thing is to have access to the network (not necessarily to the Internet, local as well will do) and are suitable firmware version
  8. You can install games from an external USB-drive, or throughRemote PKG Installer. Via FTP - can not. Easiest way
  9. At the moment, you can only crack the prefix with the system software version 5.05 / 5.07 and below
  10. Questions by type "long wait for hacking current versions? "Address familiar fortunetellers.

Why downgrade is impossible
Each update is encrypted with a secret key. Only the person who has the specified key can decrypt, install and unpack it. The key is so big that breaking it with current technologies will take time, which the universe hardly has. The secret part of the key is only Sony. At the time of PS3, we had these keys, so developers could modify service packs and install them. There are no keys on ps4. More information about encryption can be found.here

Everything you do - you do at your own peril and risk!

Useful information
Site to check the firmware version of the console when buying a new console
  • Breaking and setting

The working method of upgrading from 4.74 to 5.05 when broken down Blu-ray drive, or not at all.
Unlock browser on 4.74
Alternative installation of games (you can play while it is set)
Launch PS4 exploit through android device
Running an exploit from a console browser
Offline activation of the exploit
Exploit caching method
Selection of archival exploits
ESP firmware for software 4.55 / 5.05 / 5.07
Setting up an ASUS router (or any other one with Entware support) for an exploit host
Should I block the Internet on the router or console?
How to remove the notification "you need to update the firmware"
Solving the problem of "lack of RAM"
Alternative way to launch HEN through a browser

  • Games and saves

Very detailed tutorial o Save Manager
Where to download games + Torrent download acceleration
Installing online games
Simple and clear about backup
A large selection of games frommedniy84
PS3 games on PS4 - is it possible?
PSN Stuff for PS4
Transferring games to an external HDD (4.55)
Transferring games to an external HDD (5.05) + addition
Transferring (saving) game saves through disk image creation
Backup account, saves and trophies
Creating backups via FTP
Is it possible to restore saves after initialization
If the console does not see the game on the media
Errors when installing games
Installing mods on Skyrim
Ignore the required free space when installing games
Use cheats (payload PS4 Cheater)
Installation guide for Remote Play via OrbisMan (without IDU mode)
Remote Play without activating the console
Remote Play 2.0.0 for software 4.55
How to completely remove the DLC
What folder are installed games?
Recovery of games (icons) after DB reconstruction
Solving the problem of launching games installed via Mira + hen + example
Use the Program Guide
Save Wizard for PS4 MAX

  • Linux

Latest Linux Information for PS4
Small educational program
Install manjaro
Install Psxitarch
Psxitarch WiFi bug and FIX

  • Other

Creating the installation file to install the PKG on PS4 games for the PS2
Editing the main menu
Change avatar profile PS4 without access PSN
How to set the wallpaper + option via ftp
Work Media Player + additional info
YouTube worker(without PSN and the ability to log into the account)
Youtube enabled VR.
PS VR Mini Guide
Smart TV on PS4 (from browser)
How to put a theme "non-network"
A selection of 228 topics on Google Drive
A selection of 228 topics - torrent (magnet)
A selection of 285 topics on Yandex.Disk
Netflix (without PSN)
Twitch (without PSN)
Recovering games after database rebuild
Detailed educational program for cheats and trainers
SNES emulator

If you think you need to add something to the cap, write to the curatorxHR in QMS

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Q: Is it possible to lower the firmware?
A: No, there is no downgrade at the moment.

Q: Can I flash the prefix with firmware other than 4.05
A: Yes, there is a method for running games for firmware 1.76. You can also upgrade your firmware version if it is lower than 4.05.

Q: Can I play online?
Oh no. Don't even try to enter PSN with HEN activated! This is dangerous and will almost certainly lead to a ban.

Q: Can I run games that require firmware higher than 4.05?
Oh no. And you can never do it if someone doesn’t lose the game using the exploit on the firmware above and doesn’t modify it to run at 4.05

Q: How to return to the official firmware
A: Formally, you did not leave it anywhere. Details here

Q: Is it possible to patch the game to the current version?
О: Yes, see instructions here

Q: How to buy a console with the necessary firmware?
A: Some information on this issue can be found here (eng.)

Q: The prefix downloaded the update and asks for an update. How to delete?
ABOUT: Connect via FTP to the prefix and delete the file PS4UPDATE.PUP from the / update folder in the root of your prefix

Q: Can I host an exploit on a mobile phone?
A: Yes, for Android and iOS there is a corresponding software
What is Homebrew?
The word Homebrew (homebrew) usually means software not authorized by Sony. As an example, you can take different samopisnye games, programs for backup and edit the save and console emulators of previous generations (which at the moment is not so much on the PS4).

In most cases, the launch of Homebrew is 100% free and uses the PS4 internet browser.
What is Homebrew Enabler?

Homebrew Enabler (“HEN”) allows you to use almost all the features of the console that are not available to users of ordinary userland-exploits. For example, signature patches allow you to run unsigned code directly from the console menu.

HEN can be easily installed on any device with firmware 4.05 or lower.
What is installed in this manual?

The ultimate goal of this guide is to install PS4HEN on PS4 with official firmware version 4.05. If your prefix has a smaller firmware, then we will upgrade it to the required one, as well as block access to SONY update servers in order not to accidentally upgrade the firmware version to the highest.
What does HEN allow to do?
  • Run backups of games from PS4 and PS2
  • Dump the purchased games in a format that you can later install directly into the system and play without using the disc.

What you need to know before you start?
  • Before you start the firmware, you should understand the risk of hacking: EVERY time, modifying the firmware of the console, you risk getting an irreducible bric. The probability of this is extremely low, but there is still a chance. So make sure you strictly follow all directions.
  • The instruction is intended for all of the PS4 family of consoles of all regions with firmware 4.05 and below.
  • If everything goes according to plan, you will not lose anything and everything will remain in its original state (games, PSN account, save, etc.).
  • PS4 Fat, PS4 Slim, PS4 PRO have the same software, and therefore the same vulnerabilities. Therefore, speaking of PS4, we mean any prefix of this family with the necessary version of the firmware installed.
  • DOWNGRADE AT THIS MOMENT IS IMPOSSIBLE! If you have a firmware higher than 4.05 - you can not install PS4HEN.

a source

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Rep: (1545)
We are waiting for the first person in Russia, hacked PS4. To hear his story firsthand, without theory.

Rep: (961)
Payloadbackupmakes backups of saves and database.

Before launching, connect a USB flash drive in exFAT format to the console. Start the payload and wait, it may take a long time. After the screen says that the backup is finished, you can pull the media out of the console. Not earlier.

To restore the database, copy the contents of the folder to the console with the replacementDB_Backup by the address / system_data / priv / mms / via FTP connection

To restore the save, copy to the console with the replacementcontentfoldersGamesaves (and not the folder itself) to the root of the console disk via an FTP connection

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Block updates via the Internet

First of all, we should block updates via the Internet.

  1. Physically remove the Internet cable from the console, turn off the WiFi router, and then turn on the console. If there is a disc in the drive, remove
  2. Go to PS4 settings and go to “System” ->“Automatic downloads”
  3. Uncheck “System Software Update Files” and “Automatic Installation”
  4. Return to the Settings menu and go to “Power Save Settings” ->“Select functions available in idle mode”
  5. Uncheck “Save Internet connection”
  6. Turn on the router and block the following addresses on it (how to do this, google applies to the model of your router):

If your firmware version is lower than 4.05, update it to the latest

Upgrade firmware to 4.05

What is needed
  • System update file (fex.net) for Playstation 4 version 4.05 (Mega.nz)
  • USB stick
Part I - Preparatory Works
  1. Format a USB stick in FAT32 or exFAT
  2. In the root of the USB-stick, create a folder PS4, and in it the folder UPDATE
  3. Transfer the “PS4UPDATE.PUP” and “PS4UPDATE.PUP.md5” files to the PS4 / UPDATE folder
  4. Install Total Commander, go in it to the USB-drive in the PS4 / UPDATE folder and run the file “PS4UPDATE.PUP.md5”
  5. At the end of the recalculation of the check-sum in the header of the window should be written “CRC: Errors: 0”. If so, continue with the instructions. If not, then the integrity of the files is broken - download the files and check again.
Part II - PS4 Firmware Update
  1. Insert the USB drive with the firmware files into the USB port of the console
  2. Open Settings, go to “System Software Update”
  3. The prefix will write that an update has been found and will indicate its number.


  4. Complete the installation of the update following the instructions on the screen.

Next step: PS4HEN launch

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* Cannapeace ,
Good. So do.

Be sure to throw off, as in possibility, photo proofs of hacking.

Rep: (391)
* Dyuss,
there is even a video -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73leZcOTtOY

Rep: (103)
I confirm, everything works. I updated the firmware to 4.05 and installed ps4-exploit-host. I waited a long time for hacking :) I bought ps4 from 1.76 on board from the Yankee (ebay), but to my stupidity I upgraded to 2.0. And finally, it was hacked at 4.05. Delivered with a flash drive update to 4.05 and voila

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such a question: what happens if you try to install software with a version lower than 5.01 (stupid question about downgrade)?
The first version on the console was 2.55

Rep: (391)
* semzorro , There will be nothing

Rep: (103)
* semzorro will not give updated - more accurately down

Rep: (1545)
* sopilka1,
Provide proofs? Photos.
* chuvachok123,
While this is an isolated case with one game. In any case, I have not seen any other games with him.

Rep: (103)
* Dyuss,
how? Acc would not want to shine. If only screenshots of games without locks, but this will also be such when buying;) I think in 2-3 days there will be a lot of evidence;) I can only add a jailbreak worker. The only thing that is not convenient is that it works before the first reboot - it is the same type as an apple. Those. you need when you turn on, each time activate - but there is a bonus - at least every time the game does not reinstall;)

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Rep: (391)
Dyuss @ 01/27/18, 9:06*
While this is an isolated case with one game. In any case, I have not seen any other games with him.

Why do you want to see other games there? Installation for all games is the same.
And you can download games for examplehere(I think someone needs to figure out which section to download)
To be honest, I don’t understand your desire not to see and admit that PS4 was hacked and now you can safely download and run games, such as on PSV (after all, the way is still very, very far from what you can do on PS3)

Sopilka1 @ 27.01.18, 21:25*
I can only add a jailbreak worker.

so far just a little hacking, but not a jailbreak (maybe there will never be a jail)

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I confirm, you can run the game. And backups of the main exclusives have long been in the public domain on psxhax. The amount of merged suit will not leave you without games.

I bought a tent, in the store I asked to bring a glossy lid.
All 500 GB of toys are scored, and those that did not fit are stored on the external hdd for the future. :)

From the fact that I lay out the screen, weird, I do not see the point, because the installed games look 1 in 1 as if I bought them.

P.S. There is such a vidosik:https://youtu.be/y1d5NBoVikw

Rep: (6)
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Rep: (36)
Hello everyone! Perhaps a stupid question, but what will happen if you try to use this method on 5.03?

Rep: (391)
* Sanchez547 at worst brik at best nothing

Rep: (1545)
* chuvachok123,
I agree with you. But! Too much but!
Find a console with this firmware (and only a veil or slim), be confused with a tied jail, etc. This is not a hack, it is similar to it and is only suitable for geeks and rare individuals.
However, this very geeks will be useful information.

Rep: (391)
Dyuss @ 01.28.18, 13:49*
I agree with you. But! Too much but!
Find a console with this firmware (and only a veil or slim), be confused with a tied jail, etc. This is not a hack, it is similar to it and is only suitable for geeks and rare individuals.

Well, after all, the same situation with psv, everything stopped at firmware 3.60 (like so), and then does not move anywhere
and at least there will be a separate topic where you can send everyone from neighboring topics, here in the header you can put the basic principles and instructions (It is clear that there are individuals who are too blind and stupid to read them.) and more or less intelligent people will definitely stop asking stupid questions (something like hacking, hacking, hacking on such and such firmware, etc., etc.) and waiting for something

Rep: (56)
This I understand, if you buy a new console, then you need to take a tatka?

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