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Fishing World of Fishers - World of Fishermen | [IPhone], [iPad], [dev] Fishing for 1050 real fish and amphibians for 30
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Fishing World of Fishers - World of Fishermen
Version: 277
Catalog: Simulators

Last update of the game in the header:23.7.2020

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Article from the portalsavagemessiahzine.com

Short description:
Fishing Simulator 1420 fish in 38 ponds real planet, with the RPG system. Without advertising!

Catch 1420 fish species in the hardcore mobile fishing. Simulator for fishermen, who can not get to the real fishing! Download fishing, compete, communicate with other real players. Start with minnows and perch on the lake and walk to hunt for man-eating great white shark in the most exotic places on the planet! Our fishing is:

• Game created with expert help from real fishermen.
• The actual characteristics and habits of the fish, which describes the behavior of fishers and ichthyologists
• Over 5 years of collecting complete information on fish and their habitation
• Fishing around the world, on the famous and rare ponds
• Encyclopedia of fish and amphibians
• Only for the hardcore fisherman who are not afraid of the complexity of the real fishing!
•, luring in the float, bottom (feeder) and spinning gear
• A game without tackles, wear and durability of objects
• All tackles are eternal
• A large range of weather conditions of the planet, fish bite depends on it
• Change: morning, afternoon, evening. night. Fish biting depends on time
• Hundreds of real baits and spinners
• Hundreds of fishing gear
• Full RPG system
• Multi-level and multi-character development
• 1100+ multiple quests, more than 6,300 jobs, with their awards and bonuses
• 41 varied NPC and reusable tasks
• 59 perks with multi-level bonus
• 67 medals with 10 degrees, for the implementation of each condition + award
• 46 tournaments with different terms assignments and awards
• Notepad, almanac for fish, water and bait. All information on fishing
• Pedestal, Competitive part of the game for the best players in five nominations
• Hidden treasures. Catch wealth with fish
• Expeditions - catch valid specimens of all types of fish in the pond and get an award
• Everyday bonuses for players
• Convenient chat for communication anglers
• High Online
• Without advertising
• Support developers
• Many beautiful animations, some with secrets and gifts
• Online game, so there is competition between the players, no cheaters, there is protection against bots
• Frequent updating of fishing with the addition of new gaming opportunities, fish and ponds
• Bonus catch in the first day of each species of fish (x2 money x2 experience). 1360 fish!
• Bonus on the student's record catch of fish (x3 money) Legendary Fish (x5 money x5 experience), the ancient fish (x10 money, experience x10), Leviathan (x25 money, experience x25), Alpha (x100 money x100 experience)
• Two referral systems, as additional earnings to fishermen
• Fisherman hours, whether the best each hour, a reward
• Many other bonuses and opportunities
• The game was created in Germany
• Fishing in Russian
• Catch on the PC with the same base accounts
• IOS, luring on one base Android accounts

"The world of the fishermen" - it's a great mobile game about fishing, the best opportunity to catch a fish on a tablet or phone. Invite your friends and fishermen to fish together online. Communicate in Russian live chat, receive bonuses for friends to catch perch, sharks, crocodiles and other sea / river / lake fish / amphibian.

List of reservoirs of the game.

Shatt al-arab

Issyk Kul
Fish farm

Arctic Ocean
New Zealand
Marine Reserve
Mediterranean Sea
Galapagos Islands
Gulf of Thailand
Bermuda Triangle

Special water tanks:
Lapland - only for the New Year share

Official fishing sitehttps://wof.fish
Official fishing forumhttps://wof.fish/forum
The official group of fishing Vkontaktehttp://vk.com/worldoffishers
Official fishing group Facebookhttp://facebook.com/groups/worldoffishers

Video from the game.https://youtu.be/gBIqLzzUSJo
Homepage: https://wof.fish
iTunes Store: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/world-of-fishers-%D1%80%D1%8B%D0%B1%D0%B0%D0%BB%D0%BA%D0%B0-% D0% B8% D0% B3% D1% 80% D0% B0 / id1290904929? L = en & ls = 1 & mt = 8
iTunes Store iPad: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/world-of-fishers-%D1%80%D1%8B%D0%B1%D0%B0%D0%BB%D0%BA%D0%B0-% D0% B8% D0% B3% D1% 80% D0% B0 / id1290904929? L = en & ls = 1 & mt = 8

Download for iPhone / iPad:

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3.1.2020 version of the game №270

• The action devoted to the holiday "Day of Defender of the Fatherland" is over
• Now you can find out the date and time of each catch your fish. Information is the very last line in the window to catch.
• In the screen in front of a quest assignments with fish may be a new icon in the Notes redirecting Player information required individuals.
• Made adjustments to the quest system
• Increase the maximum depth at the "Kongoglanis Alula" "Fish Elephant Congolese" and "Hiloglyan Congolese"
• Now "Leech" will appear less often, and greater chance of bait

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Delayed due to sickness patch and 2 shares

29/03/2020 Version game №271

• Our ichthyologists together with Arctic scientists were able to calculate the emergence of a new anomaly in the zone of increased transgulyarnoy reality "Bermuda Triangle." This dwelling is limited coordinates of fish and amphibians of the prehistoric world. Moving on pond stock free! Be careful, you are not an attraction and not a circus, take care of their health, there may be dangerous. Once a day before the trip, you can purchase special baits.
• The game is placed 15 new fish and amphibians. For them, prepared 11 special types of bait.
• Added new medals ", the IV of the simulator," "Bermuda Triangle" and "transcripts marathon" "
• Added 2 type of sorting in the "Licensing of fish." According to the type of fish, which are licensed by the player and the maximum weight.
• Reduced price for all "Journals" for the gold
• Added a new quest for the NPC "tribal leader", "astronaut", "Stalker", "Ichthyologist" and "Steven Spinning"
• Added a new animation - a snail. It appears only during rain or thunderstorms, as well as at night. For this reason vypolzanija leech will be much less.
• Increase in the size of the animation butterflies
2 • facilitate the task of the quest "Meet the tribe" and 3 job quest "Ichthyology - knowledge about fish"
• Made adjustments and correct the problem invited friends from FaceBook a game (for this action players get buns)
• Changed the system for issuing statistics points. Now they will be issued only for the capture of fish scales transcripts from 1kg and above. And points are awarded if more than an instance of the larger. For example, an Official of the fish weight at 200kg player added to 10 times more points than 5 kilogram.
• Added animation to the NPC "The brave sergeant" and "Ichthyologist"
• Added voice for the NPC "tribal leader"
• On location "Hyperborean Ocean" added heavyweight "Finval"
• Price and expertise for several large fishes slightly adjust
• The appearance of the animation "Spider" during the tournament off
• Rather than 7 days can now be purchased 10 days premium with recalculation
• Beginners will be offered training in the game or just enter it
• Replace the fish in the 5 job quest "All the fish here 18"
• change the conditions in the first task of the quest, "The study of fish 21"
• The maximum depth of the reservoir locations "Arctic Ocean" has been increased
• Maximum depth location "Flooding of the shore" is increased
• The maximum depth of bite "polar plaice" increased
• Winter is over, the snow in the game menu does not go over
• Made some fixes and carried out work on the bugs

Promotions: "Women's Solidarity Day" and "Day of the birth of the game, we have IV of the Year"

• As we have agreed with you in FaceBook group, get a bonus! The price and the experience of fishing increased by 50%!
• For our lovely ladies are invited to the game Fairies
• According to the "Map of reservoirs' travels pretty thrush Frau Marie. At its coveted location it is delayed for a while, enjoying the beauty of nature. fish caught here beginning to be valued at 25% above the money and experience. From time to time Frau Marie changes its location and moved to another location.
• NPC "Festive Botanist" is waiting for you with their awards for simple tasks with festive beetle
• Once having come to the game get gifts (1 score in the free characteristics, 10 points perk, the VIP 1 day, 30 random golden bait)
• Every day, new bait to get the prehistoric fish
• When purchasing gold, you get the added bonus of + 20%. For example, buying a "99 + 1" gold, we get 120.
• Discounts on the purchase V.I.P
• A bottle with a note gives not 10 minutes VIP, and 30
• Only during the campaign, for the impatient, a float tackle of 3.5 tons from level 15 is available for sale
• Issued fish "Diver" for his rescue will be celebrated also in the Expedition
• Added a festive NPC "Field Kitchen"
• Added a "bonus chest". This game is different from the usual "Ground chests" that the opening comes on the seniority order. First appear the easiest chests filled, then the richer and the end - elf. Then everything is repeated again. Opening Hours goes to 3 times longer than normal, the usual chests. Chest bonus and will remain after the action, but the time marked for the opening will come only with the active VIP account. Attention when it was time to open the chest, a small addition :) icon will appear on the News
• There was a rare opportunity to purchase bait "Stockfish"
• Free movement in the pond "Bermuda Triangle"

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7.4.2020 version of the game №272

• Pond "Bermuda Triangle" was renamed "Bermuda". Increased level of access to the 37. Exhibited price for a trip to the reservoir transport "Boat".
• On the "Bermuda" added 5 new prehistoric mammals
• Now it is possible to reset all the upgrades of the cage. To pay for it is not necessary to change the fish tank too, but all that invested in upgrades, is not returned.
• Added a quest to the NPC "Romeo"
• facilitate the 5th mission of all NPC quest "Piranha"
• Save the promotional prices for VIP (except time)
• Access to the pond "New Zealand" is now possible in the presence of Transport 'boat'
• Bait on prehistoric fish and amphibians are now visible in the "Notepad"
• The changes were made in the animation of butterflies
• Shares dedicated to holiday "Day of Women's Solidarity" and "Day of the game of birth, we, the IV" finished

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Guys, hello, I have an iPhone 8 fishing Professional fishing mobile I play the game is very interesting, but for some reason after 20-minutes of the game body is heated to about 60 degrees, tell me, can be strained percent?

Rep: (8)
rafeil @ 12.04.20, 13:41*
Guys, hello, I have an iPhone 8 fishing Professional fishing mobile I play the game is very interesting, but for some reason after 20-minutes of the game body is heated to about 60 degrees, tell me, can be strained percent?

Hey. It is not our fishing. Percent and graphics can be strained, for that fishing, about which you write a full 3D. And there's another phone requirements and may well be some places not to be well balanced in terms of settings. But it is better, you ask the developers of the game is, if the answer :)

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On the eve of the Day of the Fisherman in the VC group launched a new competition. The prize fund of the contest will be 30,000 gold coins with 40 players-winners! Detailreference.

Rep: (8)
26/04/2020 Version game №273

• Added new quests for NPC: "Elder Boer", "Old Fisherman", "Stalker", "tribal leader", "inveterate fisherman," "Almanac angler", "bulletin board", "Fishing frequency", "Adventure", and reusable "Svinopaska Amell," "Brothers sumoists"
• Meet, added new-old the NPC "seasoned expert fisherman." To begin to pass his job complexity; and receive a double reward, is required to pass 32 in the usual quest NPC.
• Added a new tournament "The Passion of the Nile" for levels 40-355. And "The Passion of Colorado" for levels 10-39. Starting at 21:00, Saturday.
• Added new medal "Fishing in Mongolia"
• NPC Graphics "Pastor Parker" and "Svinopaska Amell" translated into animation
• Simplified 2-5 tasks in reusable quest "Trash Fish" and "pork delicacy"
• Simplified 4th task of the quest, "stingray grebnehvosty"
• replacement of fish per 1 job quest "Meet my wife and 2"
• At 4 and 5, reference quest "Swine delicatessen" added reward
• The shop added to the sale (at the request of lasting more than one year) for 10 tackles and 20 tons
• Maximum level upgrade cage increased by 2 levels
• Added Baubles "Rex" for high levels. At noo caught prehistoric fishes and amphibians.
• A new lure "Khan" is suitable for grayling on the pond "o.Hubsugul"
• Increased the bonus floats, "Stinger", "Enduro", "Barrel", "Nova" and "Pippi Longstocking." Swivels: "Magnet", "Light", "The Spire" and "Arkan". Signaling device "Dome", "bell", "sleeve" and "Sleigh Bells green".
• Reduced price for "Baiting sets"
• Reduced price for most Blosen
• Increased the bonus assembly "Gold tackle" float. + 5m to a maximum depth of sinking bait.
• Added a new "Land's Chest"
• Added a new type of gifts "performance parameters" that may fall in some terrestrial trunks
• Tournament "Who had time, he ate and" have been added to the condition of water bodies
• Now, the condition of the coin "Gradebook Fishing" spelled correctly
• Changed the reservoir of 9 medals condition ", the IV of the simulator"
• Bait "A piece of bacon" withdrawn from the market (it was free), so as not to come across as a reward or gift. Newcomers are always sent when you first visit the game 1000 pieces. this bait, along with other bonuses.
• Fairies!

Rep: (15)
as soon as pump skill? Now the third level. It must be at least 10th. Can anyone help?

Rep: (8)
QiX777 @ 11.05.20, 18:08*
as soon as pump skill? Now the third level. It must be at least 10th.

Quests to perform with medals.

Rep: (8)
6.5.2020 version of the game №274

• Bait "A piece of bacon" returned to the store
• Simplified 4 and 5 job quests "marbled meat" and "premium bonus"
• Increased biting transcripts and reduced small specimens "Round goby" bait "Munk"
• Added 2 rare bait biting "Trout marble"
• Meet the new-old NPC added "outdoor kitchen expert." To begin to pass his job complexity; and receive a double reward, is required to pass 29 quests at the usual NPC. We are waiting for them both to promotions!
• The chat is now possible in a single line use a maximum of 3 Smiley. In order to reduce flooding and more stable operation of the players with weak gadgets.
• Added new quests

The action "on May 9 - Victory Day!"

• According to the map moves to the valiant soldier, visited the location. Where it delayed for caught fish on her experience and increased selling price by 25%. From time to time military changes its location and moved to another location. The bonus is added to the other.
• Dragonflies, Butterflies and Beetles crushed with a finger give 100% bait
• Salting of fish from the cage, at the time of the action will require 25% less standby time
• Previous fish caught is increased by 20%
• When buying gold, the player receives + 20% on top of the additional
• Added the NPC holiday "outdoor kitchen" and "outdoor kitchen expert"
• The 2-fold increase in the chance to catch the "ancient" fish
• Issued fish "Diver" for his rescue will be celebrated also in the Expedition
• Experience of the catch and release of fish with VIP increased by 100% instead of 50%
• The time of "bonus chest" also came out for the players without a vip-status
• Easter eggs on the Lake produces 2 times more

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Guys. Hello, tell me please, tell me about fishing Professional Fishing anyone heard about it, whether to update it, thank you in advance the new location? !!

Rep: (8)
rafeil @ 18.05.20, 10:31*
Guys. Hello, tell me please, tell me about fishing Professional Fishing anyone heard about it, whether to update it, thank you in advance the new location? !!

hello - no.

Rep: (0)
There is no way !!

Rep: (8)
21/05/2020 Version game №275

• Added 23 fish ponds "r.Kongo" and "Bermuda". Total water games 1403 inhabitants.
• Added a new section with the help and news on the game. Search on the icon "News". It contains news on the latest patches, patches for a given year, the description of icons (click on the icon), plans for the future of the game and information on the gaming capabilities that you may not have noticed.
• Added new "Adventure" and the quest for the NPC "Old Fisherman"
• Made the animation on the NPC "director Steven Spinning" and "Brothers sumoists"
• The 2-fold increase in area "Bystrianka Russian" at the lake "Dnieper"
• Simplify the first job quest, "second baptism" and "Forbidden Zone 5"
• Simplified task 4 quests: "The history of the game", "test fish Meat" and "widow's Lament"
• Simplify the fifth job quest "Base on the Dnieper"
• Reduced number of small weights of some fish species
• Players on Android adds the ability to be updated immediately with the Google Play (Market). Updates can be detained Google team for a while.
• Fixed defects
• Action "May 9 - Victory Day!" He finished its action

Rep: (8)
fishing group Discord:https://discord.com/invite/vmv5aJA

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Video.Top 10 tips for beginners!fishing for real World of Fishers.

Rep: (8)
8.7.2020 version of the game №276

• In the period until the next patch, all registered players in the game before June 19, granted gifts for experienced unpleasant moments when the game server had been committed DDOS attacks.
• The shop assistant added the fisherman, "Locator". Locator - a device that shows the location on the deepest, and in addition some very small place. Depending on the quality of the device have different features: the maximum number of seats, which shows the locator on Loka, the number of possible inclusions for the real time clock and lighting places. Enable locator can button under the "depth sounder."
• Now when receiving player 4 level, he will be given locator "Sunrise"
• Added 8 new perks
• reconstruction has been done on the perks. It has been over 4 years since their introduction, and the time has come for cosmetic changes. Canceled the requirement for study perks chain in the "Fish" tab. Now you can choose to pump once every perk with fish. Also reduced the price of glasses-free pumping of perks. Logically, the cost of pumping perks should go up, but it only fell on some very + partially removed obyazalovke take unnecessary perks to get to the right along the chain. Several perks have changed their position, are thrown to the background than the naturally increased the cost jiggle - but it is logical. They will not cost less than those in front of them on a chain. Look to get used to, maybe this is not the last changes in Perks and accurately add new ones. Top perks of "Fisher" tab lost pumping levels, except for the first. So it was planned to make to the beginning of 2017 - was detained (top players do not be offended, because it was necessary, on balance, we did not increase them even the cost, and how much can be bleeding - you have already received such awards with perks should be pleasantly surprised, and not routinely, every hour). Besides it, an additional bonus to the perks will be given things-things that we'll ever finish it (the base and is ready to schedule a long time). Some perks increased the bonus, a reduced number of levels for pumping. Other changes see for yourself :)
• Reset the nested perks glasses, translated into free. Now you can put them in a different way, taking into account the accumulated experience in the game, and the change in Perk.
• Added 17 new fish in the reservoirs 3 to the "Bermuda", 3 "Pripyat", 8 "Mediterranean", 2 "r.Kongo" and 1 "r.Kolorado"
• Added 2 new medals: "Obvalschik fish" and "Fishing extinct"
• Added new quests for NPC: "The leader of the tribe," "Romeo," "Old Fisherman", "Ichthyologist", "inveterate fisherman," "Elder Boer" and "Director Steven Spinning"
• Increased the bonus for buyers of gold. Now bait "rare" and "gold" will give 2 times more than before. Also a bonus bait will be provided for the first two small packets of 25 and 50.
• Increased the number of gold issued for the establishment of a record player
• Added new "Adventures"
• increase the chances of catching fish, "Legendary", "ancient", "Expert", "Unknown", "Leviathan" and "Alpha"
• Reduced price gear with a maximum load of 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 15, 20, 27, 80, 250 and 475 kg
• Reduced price for "boat" floats "Buok" and "Enduro" alarm "Big Ben" and "Bell" swivels "Hitch" and "Magnet"
• Access to the pond r.Kongo now open from 8 level, and o.Garda 10
• Increased the bonus floats "Enduro", "Pippi", "Blade", "Le Corsaire", "Nova"
• Increased the bonus swivels: "Magnet", "spire", "Poplar", "Klang"
• Increased the bonus signaler, "bell", "sleeve", "Zigzag", "Akhil"
• Access depending on the level of the purchase added: transport, swivels, bells, floats
• Simplify the condition of 10 degree medal "Forbidden fishing"
• Simplified 2 times, 1-3 job Adventures "Jobs!"
• Simplified 5 job quest, "The study of fish 22"
• Added a new animation on the pond "Pripyat" and the starting location of the reservoir "Lake"
• NPC "Major Sidorenko", and "Merchant Cider" translated into 25 levels of access
• Increased price and experience for the catch "Bream scratchy", "Okun African stone", "Surgeon striped" and "Ptihoheylus Umpqua"
• Reduced cost and experience of the catch "flounder Polar" and "polar plaice"
• Increased population "Blue Crab" at the lake "r.Amazonka", as well as biting zachotnyyh copies
• Ear pike and triple experience now issued in 65% and 20, respectively. This ear is not for sale in the store.
• Changed the font on the system to help screen and news. Now on weak phone (with memory at least) to take off when viewing text, it should not.
• Slightly shifted toward the cross - out of the screen and the game
• Fixed typos and errors

Thanks to the team of testers and the team of moderators for possible assistance. Personally, as usual, quests Sergey Sergeev (_Serge_) and fish Denis Whistler (SVDenik)
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10.07.2020 "Day of the Fisherman"
With great joy we congratulate all fishing enthusiasts with their holiday - Day of the fisherman! (July, 12)

• Always wanted to go fishing at the pond Christmas "Lapland"? On it live 25 special fish that have common features: peck around the clock without a break for sleep, increased price and experience of catching, large specimens are not so much in the ordinary bait (not festive) Ladderpoints instances do not come across. Do you have a unique opportunity!
• Temporarily added to the sale and in the awards, festive bait, which is well suited for fishing in Lapland
• 7 Lapland tournaments
• The happy fisherman moves around the locations. On which it will linger, catch of fish + 25% to money and experience. From time to time, the Fisherman changes his location and moves to another location.
• Added the NPC promotional "outdoor kitchen" and "outdoor kitchen expert"
• When buying gold, the player receives + 20% on top of the additional
• The work of Lure and Ear increased by 3 game hours
• The fish given out by the Diver for his salvation is noted in the "Expedition"
• Only during the campaign, for the impatient, a float tackle of 3.5 tons from level 15 is available for sale
• 3 times increased chance of catching the "Legendary" fish
• VIP account will additionally give + 100% to the price of fish and 50% to the experience. The total bonus will thus become 200% and 100% of the price and experience for the caught fish. (For the time of the promotion)
• Dragonflies, Butterflies and Beetles crushed finger give 100% bait. Golden Beetle gives 2 gold.

Rep: (8)
23/07/2020 Version game №277

• Increased number of pieces in the stack sold bait "Marine cockroach" 5 to 6 "Medusa" from 4 to 5, "frog" 12 to 15 "Zhivets" from 12 to 15, "Small fish" from 15 to 18 "crab meat" 14 to 15 "eggs" from 15 to 20, "Fly dormant" from 7 to 8, "mammoth Meat" from 4 to 5, "Fish frozen" 6 to 8 "Caviar morzlaya" from 15 to 20 "Lapp edentates" from 8 to 10 and "frozen Salo" from 12 to 15 pieces
• Added a new animation of nature on location: "Sandy ples" (Danube), "Willow Bridge" (r.Sena), "convolvulaceae backwater" (fish farm), "Cliff Condor" and "Horizon" (r.Kolorado) . Attention, animation tied to weather conditions and when the wind does not behave as in the sun.
• Added a new reusable quest for the NPC "Director of zoo" authored SKAT9060
• Simplify the job 5 quest "Ancient Collection"
• Simplified 4 job quest "Black Marlin"
• Replace the reward for the quest "More than a kilo, Part 4"
• Fixed the discrepancy in depth on the wiring spinners spinning
• Added a new award similar in action to catch players 99999 + 1 fish on the server. One player who will release the fish, and it will be on the account 100 000 of all prescription on the server, will receive a reward of 20 gold. We remind you, it is not necessary to catch fish 100k, need only be so lucky, who will release the fish in a row 99999 1 of all prescription on the server.
• make an additional confirmation for the purchase of goods except for: Tablets, bait, lures and fish soup
• The action "Fisherman's Day" is over. Bait for Lapland is temporarily hidden until this reservoir back into the game.
• By last patch was taken as an additional server to download patches from the stable of players. The tests were normal. We hope that the patches will not prevent larger fish players.
• In test mode enabled in the English language. On all non-docking, married, non-compliance or lack of English, most developers are asked to report (to the forum, the group vkontakte / facebook or [email protected] mail). Part of the text translated disgusting, we will correct the situation.

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