Once upon a New Year's Eve

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Once upon a time on New Year's Eve

Maybe the New Year's Eve helped you meet your soul mate? Or maybe the car broke down, and had to celebrate the whole family in the forest near the fire? A cherished desire came true - right under the root of the New Year Salute?

They say, all sorts of wonders and different magical stories happen to the New Year ...
They say ...

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They say they tell. Under naughty ringing of glasses at midnight. On the morning of January on January 19, in the kitchen, in silence, and even the ubiquitous machines sat down in the near highway. Or outside the city, in the stove with alive fire. On the forumsavagemessiahzine.com. In our "drill". It is so different. Silent and cozy, noisy and fun, calm and saving ...

Our stories are also very different. Funny or romantic, sad and amazing - every unusual in its own way.
Tell your own - and we will listen. And maybe we will also find what to tell in response.

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NEW YEAR .. Gentle only one of this phrase led the soul into a reverent thrill .. Does the expectation of new sensations, new acquaintances, a new life in the end ..
But the paradox is that in hisOkolosoroka I can't remember anything, except drunk dances under the Christmas tree, some kind of woman in bed and half a night after in the bathroom, and terrible headaches in the morning on January 1st .. it is worth killing deeper in time?! When you have nine years old, and you drink only tomato juice and eat a real Napoleon .. Our parents were smarter than us with you. All the same dancing, ABBA, and a genuine feeling of the holiday .. Here is the only new year that I remember for all my life and which I would like to return in return to all the rest .. I drank vodka from such a jug with a glass cork in the form of a rooster .. danced with dad, then still alive and cheerful and gave me jeans that her brother brought from Canada .. and they were even small for me, but they were just happy .. then everyone sang Rasputin Groups Boney M I didn't know the words but jumped exactly in the beat)) All this remained somewhere in 84. This is a real new year of my life .. and this one, I will spend myself with you. Friends .. I hope you will go cheerful and you will remember it many more years after .. All happy !!!
Sincerely yours System_ERROR_

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Try to spend the New Year's Eve sober. There is nothing better to feel in a healthy body and consciousness. To be surrounded by sober people who do not have athloan. Such were the big New Year's clock in my not long life. Maybe you will hear, will be healthy for a long time and emery for many new years.

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Good evening. I've got a story likesavagemessiahzine.comhelped me celebrate New Year. This story is from 2012-2013, right at their junction. When in December 2012, my future wife and I went to the wonderful country of the Czech Republic, namely, the fabulous city of Prague. There we had happened, a little incident - on my super cool LG Optimus Sol flew firmware. And the smartphone was completely prepared for the trip, clogged to the dump guides, cards and navigators, for we took a car for rent on that trip. In general, we all would have any foreign languages ​​in the right degree to find the road, but there was a confusion on December 31, in the way, somewhere in the middle of the road, between Vienna and Prague. And everyone would choose a route on the main international track, and not a colorful road through the cute Austrian and Czech villages. In short, we got lost on the most tomatoes, it is unknown where and 8 hours before the new year. To really not tomorrow, I will write that I reversed us not onlysavagemessiahzine.comFrom which I downloaded the firmware and poured on a smartphone, and a local boy who worked at a gas station, which was kindly provided by operating a computer and the Internet. We got to the hotel on time, found a cozy place where to celebrate the New Year in 2013!)
Thanks to the guy and the whole communitysavagemessiahzine.com! :savagemessiahzine.com:
Huge hello steepASUS Zenfone 2 Owners Club, there are very funny guys and real friends on the forum!)
All-all-all Happy New Year! : clap: all the best in the new year and prosperity to our wonderfulsavagemessiahzine.com!)

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Once again, and then we were then 20 years old) decided to congratulate the neighbors and our friends with NG. And so we dressed up by Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden ... It turned out two comedic characters, Santa Claus - the growth of the meter with a cap and I Snow Maiden - the meter of seventy four. Put several tangerines and a bottle of champagne in the bag (just in case). When they congratulated their neighbors in our entrance, were normal. After the next entrance, it was already very good, the house is 12 storey, and our friends have a lot. We woke up in the CPZ. As it turned out later, we had a full bag with sweets, vodka, champagne, fruit, and something else, we dragged him with the wolf (and not as usual on the shoulder at Santa Claus), barely smoothly in the heap drunk. Vigilant passersby noticing two suspicious characters, Snow Maiden with a beard and Santa Claus in Kokoshnik (Sports pants visible under costumes) coming out of an entrance with a huge bag (not with red, no, and with a bag of both from under potatoes, it was just no other ) And accordingly they called where necessary. We were released, but not for a long time ... We have already decently moved away from the police station and decided to sit, relax on the bench in the courtyard (the bag of infection was heavy) and at the same time correct health. On a little bit, CognacComs. Driving past the crew of PPS, or from envy, or from harm, seeing two "fabulous" characters ... In general, we were brought to the same department 2 more times !!!
Happy New Year! Happiness to you, health, rainbow in the shower and sun in the heart!

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This NG meeting the sober, as advised above. It is connected ... and is connected, just with the best NG in my life, which happened to the year 22-23 years ago, accurately and not to mention. Sit down quickly, will be long but tediously hehe
So, I was young (yes, yes, it was also). And it was, as it should be, in love. The first love. As it should be, on the ears. With paint, what is there. Well, as it should be, a breaking-misunderstanding happened. According to a very serious occasion. Yes, yes, I expected to a young maiden body with a special passion. Well, how did it hardened? I saw (not without the help of these playful handles) Favorite topless (well, the playful handles eagerly took advantage of this). Further did not go. But for his beloved, in the end, it turned out to be unacceptable, was not ready yet. Up to physical dislike, i.e. Neither kisses nor hugs. In general, separation.
No phone, even home, nothing for the beginning of the 90s. Several months of longing. With quiet sadness, I was preparing to meet NG at home .. hours at 10 call on the door and on the threshold (Tadam !!!) She !!! In general, the chic was NG, with his beloved. If it did not come then, everyone would slowly lay down and forgotten.
Happiend, reader thinks, joined hands to the chest, posing idyll and strong family ... Avothren! Exclaim the fateful. Not happened to us. Love was (yes for me there is) Such, such ... Well, who loved, knows. Several times parted, converged. But there was one snag interfering to both. We could not solve it then. And when fate faced us later and there was no catch, there were no longer those feelings ... a pitiful similarity that no one had arranged. At 25, called to the army (officer-jacket). Just wrote her, answered. I arrived on vacation, met. Married but on the verge of divorce. Divorced, waited for me. Returned, missed and again not that ... left. With a feeling of terrible guilt, naturally. For 15 years have seen four times, minor. Tried not to think. Because she, the first love is still alive. Deep. It is impossible. Family, wonderful talented children. Favorite spouse. Full bowl.
This spring is quite by chance (in fact, there is a whole chain chance) met. Told, began to communicate in Vaiber. Without any hints for sex and so on. They pucked with children (she had three), they remembered youth, dispersed the cockroaches, who lived with both of these 15 years. She also felt guilty ... Well, be more common, I even began to sleep normally, for before that, all these years the dream was the same and the same, very gloomy and dresses ... and here Bach !!! Lech, her husband is a cancer inoperable, long remaining ... Fought three years. Three children, remind.
And I, I must say, laid out for the collar in the spring. Very laid. Prior to the fact that Karsil drank at that time in the months 9. Vodka and Carsil, OGA. Balebeev's balmchik and Carsil. And repeat. And beer from above, be sure. Yes, and before that was not afraid of Green Zmia, destroyed by all forces. Could not stop. Well, problems in business, then yes. Ordinary Alkash excuse. And here it took and tied up, more than half a year already aki glassic. If a person is kept with such problems, I have something to nod to fate? Helped her than he could. All in the framework of decency.
Her words - you need to appreciate what you have. I spoke it myself, convinced. Did not help. And here it helped, carried. I still need fate, if I decide to save this meeting.
So, that longtime NG allowed me alive and healthy (pah laid number times) to meet this NG in a circle of your beloved family. Maximum - Shampoo, but this is the question, I'll think about heh. She prepared a couple of small gifts (with his own hands, "Nognotahataknet" like then, in his youth).
Morals of this tedious narration - appreciate what is. Do not return after all, do not fix it. Well, when you understand not on your skin. Holiday greetings!

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Thanks to the head of your stories! Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
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