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howsavagemessiahzine.comIt helped me to celebrate New Year ...

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The old-timers and newcomers, permanent rare writers and readers, offering you write "work" on "How Help me meet this New Year, "No, we're not asking you to write three or four volumes of text, just briefly tell us about helped to somehow our resource to you in the New Year That can be anything, for example.:
On the resource to meet new people and now we are celebrating the New Year ...
I took in the subject Trepalki a lot of New Year recipes: "Reference to the theme"
Learned cool toasts that prompted in the topic "Link to the topic"
Installed the application with New Year's music, downloading from the forum at the link: "Link to the theme of the application"
etc. If you have such stories to write. Authors of the most interesting stories will be encouraged to share in advance.

We express our deep gratitude to the userteodim for the idea and help in the creation of this topic

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This resource is very

How many programs I downloaded from here, decorated by New Year's phone, whatever the mood was festive as downloaded applications that have to communicate, invite together to celebrate the new year, and just a lot of with whom he met there, who are to be congratulated, talk and stuff :)

Happy New Year (Happy: D)! ;)

VK Coffee- very classy client for VKontakte, I communicate mostly through it, because it is very convenient, the company is planned for the new year;)
As well as running a free preservation of music in cash and there is no limit to the audition - a lot of music found a new year, I think to arrange fun
And your life (well, to be precise application topic on your site) - helped to find, download, suggested how to set to music, etc - everything turned out.

WellWindows club- awesome club, there's a lot of fun (and a little bit crazy: D) people have someone to talk to and do not get bored, that's your life has helped me to meet

Well, wallpaper, launcher and other decorations - here were picked up and download now the new year a little bit closer to my heart: D
Yes I agree, can be found on other sites, but your closest resource, dearer: rolleyes:

Well, for a long time I will not tell, but in the past (maybe the year before), your resource saving "life to my phone, help me to stay in touch, this is where I found the firmware installed and configured, managed to get through to relatives, friends and collect them at the table, note new year: rolleyes:

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Good evening. I've got a story likesavagemessiahzine.comIt helped me to see the New Year. This story is from 2012-2013, right at their junction. When, in December 2012 we with my future wife, went to the beautiful country of the Czech Republic, namely in the fabulous city of Prague. There have happened, a minor accident - my super classy lg optimus sol flew firmware. A smartphone that was fully prepared for the trip, packed to the blade guides, maps and navigators, because that trip we took a car. In general, everything would be fine and we own foreign languages ​​to the extent necessary, to find the way, but there was confusion on December 31, in a way, somewhere in the middle of the road between Vienna and Prague. And all would do, I choose the route of the main international route rather than a colorful way through the lovely Austrian and Czech villages. In short, we got lost on the most tomatoes, no one knows where and for 8 hours before the New Year. To strongly not to torment, I will write that rescued us not onlysavagemessiahzine.comFrom which I downloaded the firmware and poured on a smartphone, and a local boy who worked at a gas station, which was kindly provided by operating a computer and the Internet. We got to the hotel on time, found a cozy place where to celebrate the New Year in 2013!)
Thanks to the guy and the whole!

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In a few words, withsavagemessiahzine.comI met by chance, because my devaysa flew firmware. After sitting a little bit on the forum I like that it was not interesting, with 02.17 on 08.17 ~ aktivnichal not on the forum ....
Again, he returned only for firmware for its devaysa, but suddenly, I became interested in the forum. I began to create a flash ... in short of:savagemessiahzine.comI got a lot of utilities)
Holiday greetings)

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* fufentus Your very wonderful story would fit for the theme Once upon a New Year's Eve

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:savagemessiahzine.comI started to use somewhere this summer. As long as it did not meet with the new year.
I think thatsavagemessiahzine.comthis new year I will meet in a special

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4 PDA helped me several times to meet the NG:
1. 2007-2008 thanks to a couple of programs (at the time spyware) on wines Mobile successfully passed the difficult exam 2 31.12 (before 2 times tried: blush:) NG was a success!
2. 2009-2010 with a pair of CCP could simulate presence at work (shift) in the New Year's Eve as found here
3. My first androyd tedefonov came exactly 29 December 2013 and of 2 days and I was able to show in the New Year holidays that I advanced YUZERR: yes2:
4. Every year scoop Christmas decoration for buns and programs, so that there is a New Year mood, and for the decoration of his wife the phone for the new year to receive information from 4pda get from it an additional "bonus"

All happy! and let each new year waiting for a pleasant surprise

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Since I was a little help in the organization of this competition, the post offer "Offside", without claiming the prizes. Just want to talk, too, very

Kato 4PDAPomaboutg mne inwithmpetits NaboutyouthGod!

To be honest, in the beginning December, there was no sense of an approaching festival. Nawal lot of work, chores, had a little trouble ... But the nature of the familyfavorite boardssavagemessiahzine.comI did their best and just enveloped the Christmas mood!
  • First of all, users were asked to make a New Year's program of contests and events dedicated to holding celebrations on the forum. I also made a few suggestions, and it's great to guide meon the snow-covered path to the holiday. NowNew Year's program fully prepared: New Year's 2018 and, I confess, I was impressed! Competitions and games are very interesting, but how much is yet to come ...
  • It so happened that at the end of last month, I have crashed a touchscreen on a smartphone, but after about a week I took the time to restore the device,(Great help instructions of threadsGlasses / screens / touchscreens )and the desire of the holiday came to me. To flash your Android device, install the required set of applications, while at the same timeI downloaded from the Forum a cool Christmas theme from here: Launcher Topics: GO EX, Apex, Nova, Holo for your launcher(I have installed: Nova Launcher ).
  • My wife's favorite New Year's holiday, she is waiting for him around ... With the end of January ... She asked me: "Rock out please from your offline and come together povybiratrecipes for New Year's table! "Detached from the forum I do not want ... And why, when there is a theme in Trepalke: Chefs! . I had never visited the club, but his wife sat and copied several recipes. And she asked me to keep a few things in tabs(Well, that in the official client has this feature, and I downloaded it here: Actual release . )
  • By the middle of the second week of December came to visit eight nephew, he boasted its first Android tablet, which he presented to the parents. Asked him what a downloadNew Year's toy . I did a little play in the game, but for some reason immediately reminded of the game Subway Surfers [3D] And I am online now learned that the update came out, where the action of the game was moved to the snowy St. Petersburg. And we had a great time in the game(For fans of the game, by the way, a great club Online: Subway Surfers Club )
  • New Year's vanity yet not pulled hard on me en masse, downloaded from the forumthe entire series of books "The Chronicles of Narnia" Author Clive Staples Lewis. Very New stuff! And wanted to Narnia in winter ...
  • On all their gadgets installedNew Year's pictures on your desktop , Download them here: Screen wallpaper
  • It is still seen miraculous happened Update notebook for Android:Omni notesI just need a notebook where you can comfortably make lists. I go for downloaded.
  • My wife and I decided tobuy for the holidays large modern TV . Already chosen here: TV - Choosing TVs We will look "irony" in 3D at home!
  • BUTpresent wife, I choose here: Selection and Comparison But what I will not say because it spies.

Holiday greetings, You gave me a Christmas mood! Everyone who participates in this and other New Year's competitions at the forum, I wish the best of luck. I want to own you it was cool and interesting! After all the main thing is not to win, but the mood and fun to participate! A-aa, even as the mother-in-a gift not chosen uu ... run! ..Hopefully by 2018 th still come around.

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Oooh, write mnogobukaf, net.Skazhu briefly, for almost 10 years, I have here, once the New Year and at work (this time), Heh.
Holiday greetings, Relating to all!
: thank_you: It helps in life .....

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4PA helped to choose gifts to friends and relatives, lay the table, and most importantly to create a Christmas mood.
Holiday greetings!!!!!

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I 4pda helped select the phone as a gift to my girlfriend on New Year back in 2010th, then the choice was between the samsung galaxy s and sony-ericsson neo. Until the new 2011th there were few, days. Choose something specific I could not. Each opponent had pluses and minuses. I chose, with the help of members of the forum sony-ericson neo. She was glad for the new year has been saved. After serving 5 years, the unit went on a holiday (in working order due to obsolescence).

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Just I learned how to reflash the phone. Look like that's it...

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He helped me understand what to write 50 posts - not so easy2 months from the date of the writing of the second post.And that there is someone above moderator.
Gridzilla @ 17.12.17, 23:37*
write "work" on "How tosavagemessiahzine.comIt helped me to meet this New Year "

"Write an essay on the topic 'How I spent summer'": lol:

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daytimer @ 22.12.17, 03:09*
"Write an essay on the topic 'How I spent summer' '

I walked well into the new year with friends from 4PDA that only came to his senses in the summer, we also spent together.: lol:

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Thankssavagemessiahzine.comI was able to reflash your phone and not using Computer thereby time
congratulate all my family and friends a Happy New Year. The truth is it was a few years ago.
: congratulate:
all visitors and users of the site and the upcoming holidays

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Yes, actually it 4pda my friends: friends: Happy

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Happy !
The first time I meet a new year with you!

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allsavagemessiahzine.comHappy New Year!

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time 23:21
I am waiting for the New Year
WITHsavagemessiahzine.comOH my new home
Of course, I write rarely, often read, but it does not mean that 4pda not happy to see me
He helped me learn the previously incomprehensible concept - the castes
Thank 4pda that you

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Many thanks to everyone who shared their little discoveries that have happened because
All with the coming 2018 year!
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