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Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus / Note 5 India - Buy | Smartphone, 5.99 "

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PurchaseXiaomi Redmi 5 Plus / Note 5 India
PictureXiaomi Redmi 5 Plus (China), Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (India)
Description | Discussion » | Purchase » | Accessories » | Marriage and Repair » | Firmware » | Power consumption (autonomy) »

Where to buy: on Aliexpress
Announcement 12/07/2017, the beginning of sales - 12/12/2017.
The official price is 999 and 1299 yuan ($ 151 and $ 196)
The price after the announcement was $ 215 to 3/32. The price at 08.12 is $ 179 and $ 239, at 13.12 it is $ 163 and $ 220
Stores on AliExpress (start of sales 12/12/17, from Global ROM - 12/01/18):
Eternal team the shop on the forum a lot of complaints, despite the good rating on Ali
3/32 4/64 , global version: 3/32 4/64
Fantacy technology
3/32 4/64 , global version: 3/32 3/32 4/64
Hong Kong Goldway
3/32 4/64 , global version: 3/32 4/64
Mi Global Store The seller has many complaints that they do not send anything
3/32 4/64
Tonke digital store
3/32 4/64
Xiaomi Mi Store (not to be confused with the Mi Global Store - just such a logo)
3/32 3/32 4/64 , global version: 3/32 4/64
Xiaomi Online Store
3/32 4/64 , global version: 3/32 4/64
Xiaomi Retail Store
3/32 4/64
Xiaomi Dreami Store
3/32 4/64
Xiaomi MC Store
global version: 3/32 4/64

Other shops

Gearbest 3/32 4/64 , global version:3/32 4/64

Lightinthebox 3/32 4/64

Prices in Russia (Y.Market)
3/32 4/64

Official Xiaomi stores in Russia and the CIS

Reviews of stores and sellers
Useful information

For those who buy a phone in their city - check the firmware version. If it is not Global (NEGMIEK) or not China (NEGCNEK), refrain from buying! Version - categorically DO NOT take! Remember that there is only one official store - mi-shop.com/ru/, the rest of the phones are being brought from China, or from the same Ali, often with “crooked” firmware. If you still decide to take another version, ask the seller to update it with you to If the phone is updated - then take it (in most cases, it will turn out "brick")

If you just need a phone so that the firmware is updated regularly and / or you don’t want to contact the firmware at all, you need to buy the Global Version of the phone. In sectionUseful information everything is written about the differences

There is no curator in the subject. For questions about filling the caps, please contact the section moderators via the buttonPictureunder the messages to which you want to add links.

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Reason for editing: How to protect yourself from such problems as "This device is Locked"

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Hi guys, and whether to change its redmi 5 plus on Samsung a20?

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Hello, my question is probably not relevant, but still, think about selling your smartphone, it is Chinese, his year, but it is worth a year global version and everything is fine, no bugs glitches did not exist.
The question is what, at what price it would be wise to sell?
He is in perfect condition, only one scratch on the camera but can not see when shooting. From complete set-box, a check of the "Park", charger with adapter for our outlets, instruction and actually very smart.

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Hong kong goldwayhttps: //m.aliexpress.c.../storeHome.htmprodavetsdissolute completely. Sent by the body scanner with a broken finger, he opened the debate, uploaded three videos where is clearly seen that the scanner is dead, but ... Administration Ali probably too tired to send Grandma back to Russia, the dispute is not in my favor. Now the scanner I repaired at their own expense. Admins Cast in hat Old pro kidalovo goldveev, let my experience will help someone make the right choice.

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* Edward80 I thought these phones are not left in the warehouses

Posted on 11/02/2019, 18:28:

* vitya21092002 , I think the red price of about 8K

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They offer of 4.5 cost? Or 8 order?

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Greetings) Now redmi 5 plus Beeline sold in 5990 at a price for the version 3/32. There are not everywhere, expose your region, the default setting Leningrad region.

https: // leningradskaya ... dmi-5-plus-32gb-black /

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Bought for shares in return recessed on winter fishing on 15 meters, the day before yesterday, yesterday ordered for 5900, today came to take away, tell me the price of 7670, I told them the order number as a result of the campaign took on staromu.NO Vietnamese, although it is written everywhere Global

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Although the difference in addition to the interface is not yet vizhu.no but new and Simca to 30GB, and 700 minutes in 5990 for a freebie.

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In short reflash on Global, was purely for Russia, it will go.

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* Alex.life.od , Reviews of who was in the Ukraine writes that the seller has delivered $ 95

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Hello! Please tell me how to turn volte? Megafon operator, it is connected to the service, the service menu included volte, I can not understand what was going on.

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