OnePlus 5T - Official firmware

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Oneplus 5T - Official firmware
Picture5T Dual SIM Global TD-LTE A5010, Dumpling, A5010
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  • Any actions to prepare for a flashing and / or flashing of a smartphone are preferably done with a battery charge of at least 50%.
  • You can not close the bootloader (fastboot oem lock) when the custom recovery is installed.Otherwise - brick .
  • Before you make a backup or reflash the phone, it is recommended to remove all types of locks (finger, pin, password, etc.).
  • About Android PAY

Drivers and Utilities
Official firmware
The official update server OxygenOS (international firmware with support for the Russian language and Google services)
Official update server H2OS (Chinese firmware without the support of the Russian language and Google services, there is English)

Past versions

HydrogenOS (China only)




FAQ and problem solving (GPAY and others)

Latest firmware bugs

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05/15/18 - What do you like?
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04/15/18 - Do you have a bug - Shutter + keyboard?
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06/20/19 - Do you have a problem of a Dialer flying out of the blind?
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* ~ Skyline ~, actively used substitution propsov when becoming the first pies (crdroid / aosp), now I have everything works, as they say, iskaropki.

Stabilku going to put on the day - to see what's on these comrades ** evertili such that they it took more time than the roll xyyx`apracticallyNitrogen works perfectly

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seems sound to the SBC codec standard has become even better in the new beta is 20, probably the very best new system has been optimized for standard codec

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The battery is fading away ... App & game closes after the launch. GP more evening check, immediately after the firmware has not worked. Bety moved to 19 without Ruth and unlock

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Skinte pliz one threadbuild.prop from the previous beta. I want to look what's the fingerprint, and then the automatic patch magiske does not work consistently.

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With play market there who have problems after updating?
Do not want to download the application.
Purification of all treated, but after half an hour again wants.
Just eternal application download

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* Razem1911,
Nitrogen which device?

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* larry747 3T (officially) / 5T (in cnp composition)

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Guys please help was rekaveri blue spark set hydra rekaveri flied now I can not help how to install it again to debug drivers are included but the device does not see a computer in fastbute what to do?

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Quick answers to frequently asked questions:

1) It does not work Google Pay, Play Store says uncertified device.
- read:OnePlus 5T - Official Firmware (Post ~ Skyline ~ # 80044505).
Others will have to wait or try a version for "For those who do not have ROOT", because OnePlus has not received the certification. After the release of the stable, everything will work even on betas.

2) Gone select "Empty Cache."
- Use an alternative, the application is admissibleGoogle files, Run and there is a point of "Unnecessary Files".

3) Beta not be put through TWRP.
- Remove to a zip file with the firmware "" file and use TWRP from Blu_Spark 9.85.OnePlus 5 - Official firmware (Post anubis72 # 80046590). To remove use: If your phone: Solid Explorer, Zipper, if a PC, 7-zip.
Or download ready-made firmware without "":

4) lost notifications about uploading files.
- read here:OnePlus 6 - Official Firmware (Post ~ Skyline ~ # 78579676)

5) Bag with dialer sensor, namely the sensor is not activated by pressing the answer button / reset call.
- Disable "Pocket mode" (Settings ->Utilities) and data cleaning dialer.

6) Bag with alarm (sensor tupit break)
- "Clock" Clear application data.

7) Nope, paragraph settings "Digital welfare" (Digital Wellbeing)
- ROOT only! We do as it says here.OnePlus 5T - Modifications and decorations (Post ~ Skyline ~ # 80051090)

8) Stock Call Recording disappeared, was not, etc.
- If there is no ROOT: I Try this methodOneplus 6 - Modification and decorations (Post AdoR # 79041309)from uvAdor
- If there is ROOT: In Magisk repository has a remarkable fashion: "OOSNativeCallRecordingEnabler" or convenience store is a remarkable app "JOnePlus Tools".

9) On 6 OnePlus OnePlus has Roaming, and we have not. Can we deliver?
- Can! We do as it says here:OnePlus 5T - Modifications and decorations (Post ~ Skyline ~ # 80060583)

10) After installing the firmware - the phone is loaded, there is a PIN code or something like that and immediately reboots.
- Prevents any module in Magisk: Remove or manually, using TWRP or set the previous beta, remove all the modules and install the new firmware and look for the "culprit." Therefore, it is desirable to always make a backup before flashing.

I will try to complement.

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peregon @ 12.12.2018, 14:44*
With play market there who have problems after updating?
Do not want to download the application.
Purification of all treated, but after half an hour again wants.
Just eternal application download

The state of my smartphone "with the box." With 19 bety moved "dirty" through a local update on the 20 th. Update flew through the air. So, problems with Google PEEM present, with a play convenience store is also okay (tested). And indeed until the flight is normal. Like the new design, but it is subjective. At the expense of battery consumption, still too early to say. But at first glance, it is not worse than it was in the Oreo. True mikrofrizy observed, not quite yet all smoothly.

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put on the net flow through 5.1.7 rekaveri, no lag, firmware flies gpey not work, both methods of~ Skyline ~ gpey start did not help, just does not work

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5.1.7 Installing from a full stok.Est problem with the updates in the google play, Gpay works.

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Once again, throw off pliz one thread build.prop from 19th beta. Then perhaps you are able to do a 100% alternative solutions gpay problems.

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Google earned drink, Magick test runs, post 8573 the first point, the second method

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OB 20 is as it should be, or a bug?

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All the time on the left side and the right side of the battery is close to the center of the steel? And how to breed them for most edges

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I thought that one brightness control differently began to work? Earlier in the half stood at 80 per cent Wait PS off Auto-Brightness

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* KEW79,
I understand what I wrote?

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* KEW79,
Yes, yes, I think so too

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* Viper_Rus ,
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