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FTP Server | FTP server

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FTP Server
Version: 2.19

Last update of the program in the header:06.05.2019

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Short description:
It allows you to open an FTP server on your Android device and transfer files from your computer to the device and vice versa.

This program allows you to easily manage FTP-server on your Android-device, allowing external programs to work with files on it when the FTP server is running.
For example, typing 'ftp: // ... 'in the address bar of your Internet browser, you can access the files on your device with your desktop computer or laptop.

When the program wasSwiftp . Then on its basis it was established fork FTP Server .
Author Pieter Pareit.
I just changed the translation, and the default port to 3721.
There is a widget.
The program is very easy. It works only via Wi Fi on the same network.

Android required: 2.3 and higher
Russian interface: Yes

Developer: pieter Pareit
Google Play: https: //play.google.co...s id = be.ppareit.swiftp?

Version: 2.19 Paid, GP (ambivalence)
Version: 2.17.1 Mod Attached fileFTP Server.apk (1.07 MB)

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Reason for edit: Update: A new version of the paid version 2.19, GP

Rep: (25)
Good softina. always yuzalServers Ultimate Pro .
And use of its powerful features only FTP. It is like a gun on sparrows.
And there is nothing superfluous in the memory space is required in 10 times less. In general, test.

Append ... Something to me the second time the phone said that "FTP program intensively eats the battery." Tick ​​"Do not give sleep off". Strange.

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On Google Play, appeared long ago a new version but not immediately spread for some reason?

Rep: (27)
Judging by the history of updates in version 2.19 added the ability to record on SD. update, please?

Rep: (6)
On MIUI 10 sleeps, regardless of the fact that all the permissions are given, plus autorun and a check mark in the application. I had to go to another FTP, though the widget really pleased.

Rep: (0)
Excellent program. download speed as an over the wire. 7 Normal flight on Redmi.

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ambivalence @ 04/12/19, 2:28*
Judging by the history of updates in version 2.19 added the ability to record on SD. update, please?

I downloaded from the F-Droid Version 2.19. Judging by the way free in the name of the package, this is a demo version. When you enter the program settings, writes that this is a demo version.
But, it works.
I had a few files to pump normally pumped. Record runs in the folder that contains the server settings in the default (/ storage / emulated / 0). If the settings in FTP server to provide a phone sd-card (mine is / storage / 6332-3166), the server immediately warns that the recording does not work there, and read-only, because lacking any rights.

Attached files

Attached filebe.ppareit.swiftp_free_21900.apk(2 MB)

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* dimedrol7,

then advisecom.medhaapps.wififtpserver. he just wrote on the card, though sometimes I have personally weird breaks happen, and nedokopirovannye files have the extension .bin. perhaps something with the network, and perhaps with the application. cured lakipatcherom advertising, I use the free version. if anything, to write to the card, you should choose the lower point (custom folder) and specify the root of the SD-card.

although still would like to see someone put a paid version 2.19 with Google pleya. Maybe she still writes in the map.

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ambivalence @ 05/05/19, 21:01*
then advise com.medhaapps.wififtpserver. he just writes to the card

Thanks for the link. However, Wi-Fi FTP-server the latest version 1.8.4 is onsavagemessiahzine.com:

I tried it, works fine. However, access to the SD-card it does not have exactly the same as that
FTP Server by Pieter Pareit version 2.19 (and other versions).

Perhaps we did not understand each other.

When I wrote about SD-card, you mean the real SD-card (mine is 8GB Micro-SD) that is inserted into the phone slot near Simcoe. I have a sd-card is mounted as / storage / 6332-3166, and write access to it via ftp servers there (no).

And you under "recording on SD" probably had in mind the folder / sdcard, which is usually based on the following:
$ Ls / sdcard /

By the way Wi-Fi FTP-server also believes in its SD terminology, it is / sdcard), which (in my case) is merely a symbolic link that leads to the folder / storage / emulated / 0, which is a folder located in one of the sections internal flash memory of the phone. Those. it is not a separate SD-card. There I have write access through both the ftp server (FTP Server by Pieter Pareit version 2.19, and through the Wi-Fi FTP-server).

Most likely write access depends on the user its sd-card is configured.
In android starting with 5 or 6 may be external sd-map format in a special way and used as the internal (if possible path / sdcard will be located on the real sd-card). I did not use this mode since I'm afraid of bugs associated with it, read it somewhere, I do not remember. So I have an android that my sd-card is a removable card, and must therefore write access via ftp to me it does not, do not have enough rights.

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Rep: (27)
* dimedrol7,

I'll be brief) No, I mean a real SD. then you have a problem with access to the card, again neither the first nor the second application does not work. I have an android 7.1, for reference. me in this program to access the real cd to do what I described above. custom a folder, and then specify the path to the root of the card. sort it out, good luck.

in any special way the map is not formed. or fat32, ntfs or even do not remember.

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ambivalence @ 05/05/19, 21:01*
if anything, to write to the card, you should choose the lower point (custom folder) and specify the root of the SD-card.

That's it, I did not pay attention. Indeed, only this setting allows you to record to an external SD-card in case of Wi-Fi FTP-server.

Dig into the settings FTP Server 2.19 (by Pieter Pareit) and it turned out that the "additional" parameter setting appears "Writing external storage" (ie recording on external media). Put it tick, I have your external media, and it worked.
And it works more smoothly. For example, when working through a Wi-Fi FTP I deleted a folder you created earlier, then it is removed from the second time. In ftp server from PPareit folder are deleted from the first.
Another noted that despite the fact that this is a demo version (free), I have not seen advertising or restrictions on use.

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Rep: (27)
Type of: A new version
Version: 2.19
Short description: the paid version, GP
I do not know whether the modified run without Google pleya / without a license. bought, did refand. he paints with the patcher.

Attached files

Attached fileFTP Server.ver.2.19.build.21900.apk(1.34 MB)

Rep: (0)
ambivalence @ 05/06/19, 15:43*
I do not know whether the modified run without Google pleya / without a license

I have modified Google pleya and varnishes patcher.
I somehow did not work. It installs without errors, run. I have connected to the phone via ftp, looked directories (read operation), create a new directory, tried to write to a file, but FTP client could not write, gave some mistake. And the phone ran out error, the exact text I do not remember, but something like, "An error occurred in the FTP server application." Tried several times, it did not work. Then I deleted the licensed version, and put it back free free demo version. I start the server, and it is buggy just like an extra charge. Then I rebooted the smartphone. And it worked. Perhaps for the first time, when there was a glitch, it was just enough to restart the smartphone. But I had not thought about it, and immediately removed the paid and free back. And now I do not know whether this bug is linked with the paid version, or after reinstalling the ftp server need to immediately restart the phone.

Rep: (27)
* dimedrol7,

I do not know how to comment on it. In principle, I have the previous FTP client working now this one set to try. in general, everything is the same, both work the same way. experience of using the free version 2.19 is not, and do not know how they differ.

I do not know all there is, but if you throw large amounts of straight through vindovyh conductor (he knows how to ftp), when continuous transfer occurs breakage. I do not know whether the case the conductor that he does not hold a connection.

probably does not differ. c F-Droid

The name Demo in the launcher just means that it corresponds to the free version on Google.The app is fully featuredso instead of buying the "Full" version as a way of contributing you can donate via the Paypal link.

the version that I laid out above, weighs 1.3mb, as stated on the website guglpleya, and the one with the F-Droid - 2MB. version number is the same. think for yourself, in short)

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Rep: (23)
FTP Server v. Paid from 08/30/19
What's new:
* Fix widget issues on Oreo, Pie and up
Version 3.0 (2019/08/28)
* Get O, P, Q support by Timotheos Constambeys
* Performance improvements in reading and writing of files
* Stability improvements
* Improve play store support
+ Show notification when AutoConnect is running (obligated by android)
+ Polish language translation by Waldemar Stoczkowski
* Improve MFMT
* Fix REST support by Terry Hooper

Attached fileFTP_Server_3.0.1_Paid.apk(1.5 MB)

Rep: (0)
The paid version does not require and does not check. Put here until about 2.17 with a convenience store, the following design changed a bit. The only thing that is inconvenient that the server does not support the team as I understand the file size. Not showing due to this progress bar corresponds to time, download the file, when to swing through a standard browser. This is very critical for files larger than a gigabyte.

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Rep: (18)
The program allows you to enter the root system and modify system files via FTP?

Rep: (0)
Shoveled forums ftp on Android and there is no solution.
The task - tvboks Android-9, has a gigabit network. An external CDM for USB 3.0
I want to make an ftp server, but for the sake of security that he turned on and off by the scheduler. For example, at 20-00 on, at 21-00 off. Even better, the entire tvboks turned on at the scheduled time, ftp taking files off at 21-00, coders suction. Timer power, such as in redmi7 in boxing there. Have an opinion?

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Rep: (5)
Something version 3.1 is nowhere to be seen.

Posted on 16/09/2020, 15:29:

lavabot @ 29.03.20, 03:21*
The program allows you to enter the root system and modify system files via FTP?


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