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FTP Server | FTP server

Rep: (106)
FTP Server
Version: 2.19

Last update of the program in the header:06.05.2019

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Short description:
It allows you to open an FTP server on your Android device and transfer files from your computer to the device and vice versa.

This program allows you to easily manage FTP-server on your Android-device, allowing external programs to work with files on it when the FTP server is running.
For example, typing 'ftp: // ... 'in the address bar of your Internet browser, you can access the files on your device with your desktop computer or laptop.

When the program wasSwiftp . Then on its basis it was established fork FTP Server .
Author Pieter Pareit.
I just changed the translation, and the default port to 3721.
There is a widget.
The program is very easy. It works only via Wi Fi on the same network.

Android required: 2.3 and higher
Russian interface: Yes

Developer: pieter Pareit
Google Play: https: //play.google.co...s id = be.ppareit.swiftp?

Version: 2.19 Paid, GP (ambivalence)
Version: 2.17.1 Mod Attached fileFTP Server.apk (1.07 MB)

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Reason for edit: Update: A new version of the paid version 2.19, GP

Rep: (106)
Small manualchik to create FTP Windows folder means.
-Opens "My Computer"
-Klikaem right mouse button on a free field
Add a new element in the network environment
Attached Image

-Then "Next" and again "Next"
-Full version of network address that we show program:
Network address
Attached Image

-Zabivaem to set up a network location:
Address of the FTP server
Attached Image

-In the next screen, remove the checkbox with an anonymous entry and put this name "ftp"
Attached Image

-Full version, select the name of the location
Well, for example ...
Attached Image

Finished folder
Attached Image

When you first enter the password prompt.

Note: What would the server's address has always been a constant in the router device must be given a permanent IP.
But that's another story ... В©

Rep: (83)
seregar @ 14.11.17, 00:56*
But that's another story ... В©

Well ... the most interesting place (please tell this story!

Rep: (106)
Solidol790 @ 13.11.17, 22:49*
Well ... the most interesting place

For each router's own settings. If necessary I can do something like manualchik of TP-Link and Zyxel.

Rep: (6)
Solidol790 @ 13.11.2017, 22:49*
Well ... the most interesting place (please tell this story!

Just zaguglit "specify the statistical model of the router address {}", it is in all routers :)

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Rep: (4)
And how to make the ability to create folders and copy files to a USB flash drive? USB flash drive and see the folders on the flash drive, too, but to copy and create directories can not (
I understand the right of the folder where you need to put but it is do not understand

Rep: (6)
The program does not stop in the usual shutdown ftp and button access to it no :(, but otherwise everything is fine

Rep: (167)
The program is small, fast, but unfortunately did not make it possible to record on a memory card for Android 7 - connects the read-only.

Rep: (167)
d88p @ 06.02.18, 19:30*
you mean the internal memory? permission to access the memory is given? there is an option / storage / 7 earned so

No, I mean something? he wrote - a memory card that SD card, external.
Path course / storage / xxxx-xxxx / and permission to access the SD data is.
Those programs (eg Total), which is actually written to the memory card at the first reading system requests a special dialogue on access to the memory card. Here it does not. Obviously the program does not receive the appropriate permissions.

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Rep: (167)
* d88p ,
in fact of the matter is that all the way to the sd card. Not plow.

Rep: (6)
* d88p
d88p @ 06.02.18, 18:22*
button access to it no

And rightly so was I have written you in the screenshot button "stop" that leaves the program in the background.
Once connected to the wi-fi, then softina itself it includes, without my knowledge, that's what I call that can not be closed.

Rep: (6)
d88p @ 07.02.2018, 06:10*
auto-tuning is enabled?

Yes, I find this option turned off, decided :)

Rep: (167)
d88p @ 7.02.18, 7:10*
Anonymous connection: Allow anonymous. - does not include accident? expanded corn settings. folder access sd worth?

Yes, it's all done.

Rep: (167)
d88p @ 7.02.18, 13:57*
(Anonymous connection) ..

I mean that the connection anonimnon off.
A sd card is available, but only for reading.
I believe this is due to the nature androjda 7.

Rep: (3)
why it can not be run on port 21?

Rep: (0)
The author, tell me, what's your weather widget?

Rep: (3)
Try narodmon. There's the actual temperature outside

Rep: (106)
teiloron @ 24.05.18, 14:28*
The author, tell me, what's your weather widget?

Weather M8 ....
M8 weather

Rep: (662)
Who does not copy to an external SD-card, do so (Root needed .... but why android without root: D) ​​-
1 Go to the file. Manager on the way system / etc / permissions /
2 Find the file platform.xml
3 is in the file piece of code that has the form:
<permission name = "android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE">
<group gid = "sdcard_r" />
<group gid = "sdcard_rw" />
</ permission>
4 And before the tag</ permission>prescribes the following line:
<group gid = "media_rw" />
5 It should look like, complete piece in the end:
<permission name = "android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE">
<group gid = "sdcard_r" />
<group gid = "sdcard_rw" />
<group gid = "media_rw" />
</ permission>
6 Save and restart

Ancient method, I have 4 and 5 androids went injection, 8 laziness inserting the card, do not use
P.S. We do not forget the very prog, in the advanced settings to specify the path to the SD-card

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Rep: (3)
if we have Ruth. tozachem use ftp if a lot more convenient to use samba

Rep: (3)
* slavan-1, В® SambaDroid

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