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spidkuberov club and puzzle fans

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Thanks for the logo of the club55MegaMan55 : drag:

There are going to all who love to twist the Rubik's Cube and similar puzzles: yes:

The club lay out photos of their cubes, screens with high scores, tells about the algorithms used and assembly techniques, and share the secrets of their own experiences: derisive:

Is forbiddenFlooding and insult the participants of the club, as well as use profanity
: butcher:

Club members : friends:
chymakandreii - About Me - moYu Guanlong
EFreeDeeK - About Me - MoYu MoofangeJiaoShi MF3RS
Olegnck - QIYI MoFangGe Warrior W
sergei_swimming - MoYu WeiLong GTS2M
55MegaMan55 - QiYi MoFanGe Sail
В®udzinsky - About Me
elixcat - cube-nouneym for $ 100: D
RostislavArts - Rubik's 3X3 Cube
$ ta $ ik
Men0vv @ - QiYi MoFangGe 3x3x3 YongShi Warrior W
Zildim - gan 354m
Training videos for beginners : happy:
Best Software For spidkubinga
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Speedclub Club
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Club Sp was going ku be po at

Successful assembly! : Thank_you:

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And, of course, justcommunicate

The only thing thatis prohibited , this flood

I do not understand ...

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You are here now
Interest clubs

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Something quiet here ...

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* EFreeDeeK , Nope hikers: sorry:

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* chymakandreii , Well, I say, an amateur.

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* EFreeDeeK , You can add to the club? :)

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* chymakandreii Let: happy:

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Began to collect three or four weeks ago, is now a record - 36 seconds. It seems that I am spidkuberom - after collecting less than a minute, but I xs.

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* EFreeDeeK , Well, I'm going for 28 (a record), but I've been doing this year, cu Chinese fast you will not collect on it)

You learned by what method?

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* chymakandreii ,
chymakandreii @ 23.01.18, 11:44 *
You learned by what method?

For newbie tutorial ala "How to assemble the Rubik's Cube: the easiest way to 2189282929 years." Now Friedrich slowly learn.

Posted 01/23/2018 11:11:

chymakandreii @ 23.01.18, 11:44*
Well, I'm going for 28 (record)
I also record 36 seconds, on average, I collect for 45-55 seconds. Cube is also a tent of some sort, smeared Vaseline: rofl:. Soon me MoYu MoofangeJiaoShi MF3RS come with stickers (the correct spelling of the name is not sure). : D

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* EFreeDeeK And myself on other Aurora will order: rolleyes: but that's not soon dnyuha: scratch_one-s_head: can be used to buy)

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* chymakandreii Oh, fully. And I will try myself to others Valk 3 Power Magnetic get it, left some 4 months in all.

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* EFreeDeeK So no one comes here

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* chymakandreii Probably few among geeks spidkuberov, or vice versa.
By the way, the record is broken. Now 30.28 seconds.
You as a success?

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EeFreeDeeK @ 13.02.18, 14:16*
You as a success?

28, has not beaten yet: rolleyes:

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* Olegnck , Hi. I Guanlong, for its price regulations; for a second I do not know

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Collect from October Friedrich for beginners (Cubeday) tent cube total of 1 minute is the norm? Slowly I teach professionally Friedrich.

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* Olegnck Norm, but I advise you to learn the method for example Rostovikova

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* Olegnck ,

In the upper-
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Bit difficult, but you will collect 30-35 with a free

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* Olegnck I have a black plastic + stickers

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