Do your eyes get tired from Amoled?

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Hello! Now I am facing a choice of device. Many decent models with Amoled displays. But I read that many people write that eyes hurt from PWM. Would you like to know if this problem is not far-fetched? Tell me, do your eyes hurt from Amoled? Thank!

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* emtec I have - yes. But not everyone hurt, depends on the sensitivity of the eyes.
And here in more detail about PWM with examples and an explanation why the eyes hurt from him:
Capacious battery and a good camera, instead of dead protsa? Is there such a thing? (Post hValle # 65252571)

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But I read that many people write that eyes hurt from PWM. Would you like to know if this problem is not far-fetched?

Not contrived, many eyes hurt.
Tell me, do your eyes hurt from Amoled?

No, they don't hurt me.

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* emtec,
it is individual. I didn’t even feel sick, but I was tired, but I quickly adapted. even more than that. This feature is used in their own selfish interests :)

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All this is very conditional. Everyone has their own eyes with their own characteristics. I now do not like a bright light, and maman the other way around. Also with the backlit screen - I have a third, she has two thirds. Eyes get tired no more than viewing the monitor with IPS. But obviously not hurt.

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* yan_d , IPS can also be with PWM. :)

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No, I did not notice the transition from IPS

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Conditionally. I hurt. Not only from shima, also from acid saturation.

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No, I did not notice the transition from IPS

cool and i am the opposite. From Amoleda to ipies adapted longer

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For fatigue, I do not see any difference between amolead and ipies. On the whole, for me they are +/-

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If you don’t stare at the screen for hours on end, that's fine.

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* emtec,
Tired soon - with Amoleda 30 minutes maximum for me. On ips for hours and everything: ok:

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A little tired on the Galaxy S7 than on models with IPS, but the difference was not too great. In any case, regardless of the type of screen, it is better to take breaks and small gymnastics for the eyes more often. Then it will be easier to live with any display))

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Personally, I got used to amold about a week. In fact, the first week my eyes hurt. Now I understand that I will have the next phone on amolead too.

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Well, my eyes is that sore. Blush, hurt and tears. After about 30 minutes, sometimes less, sometimes more. Suppose depends flicker frequency. I want them to close, do not look at the screen to go to the street - into the sun to see. Rest your eyes helps, but every 30 minutes it is not always possible to do, especially as the holiday itself for at least 15 minutes of calls. If you suffer and look at the screen through the power, then after a while the vision in general may disappear for a few minutes (I have a 3 times it was). I learned of the PWM after the first deshmanskih LED-displays, which suffered from this problem, even though at the time square monitors with CCFL did not even know about it. From the monitors immediately get rid of. Even at work I convinced all such monitors change. Since any monitor / TV / smartphone choose meticulously. I have all of these devices (well, except the TV) on the screen a few hours a day is incident, it is important to me that my eyes feel fine. One laptop is now left with PWM - so stupid lying. He is a powerful and, in principle, a good, but his eyes from the screen flow after 15 minutes of continuous operation. But sometimes the need for travel. I would like to buy a laptop without PWM, so go and find these. If you will find, the price to at least prepare a piece of dollars, if not more. Alas, I noutom not often use the money for it as a spread for the car.

P.S. Yes, my eyes hurt from PWM, in principle, not only on amoles. They say that the OLED LG does not have PWM, but I did not check it.

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even more than that. This feature is used in their own interest

Wean yourself from gadgetdependence? ;)

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I have a headache from low-frequency PWM monitors. But, smart with AMOLED enjoyed without problems. On the contrary, when with 5 "SuperAmoled I switched to 5.5" IPS at the first time my eyes were more tired of reading texts (there was not enough contrast on small fonts).
However, I do not look at the smartphone screen for hours, unlike laptop screens.

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Tell me, do your eyes hurt from Amoled? Thank!

Eyes uncomfortable only in one case, the lack of lighting and light only from the smartphone, the eyes usually refuse to perceive the information
Well, when the room light brightness usually put such that the PWM little noticeable

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Many samsungs were in use, starting with the first raccoon, and there all the screens are S amoled, and now there are 3 raccoons and 7 galaxies, the eyes do not hurt and do not flow, but this is probably due to the fact that I don’t have time for more than 10-15 minutes continuously look smart, and especially not at toys. But I always chose a laptop with a “perfect” screen, as it happens that I have to work for days ....

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Since then, any monitor / TV / smartphone I choose meticulously.

Hmm, give a couple of tips, what to look for, how to check etc? : rolleyes:

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