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iPhone 3G (2008)
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For iPhone 3G, the latest supported firmware is iOS 4.2.1 (8C148)
Unbound jailbreak of iOS 4.1 / 4.2.1 using Redsn0w
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Roll back firmware 4.2 on iPhone1,2_3.1.3_7E18 with a rollback of the modem
Games, programs, and some tweaks for iPhone 3G

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iPhone 3G
a photo
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[spoiler = more photos:]Attached Image]
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[/ spoil]

Start of sales - July 11 in 22 countries:
Australia, Austria, Belgium (French), Belgium (Dutch), Canada (English), Canada (United Kingdom), Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland (French), Switzerland (German), UK, USA.

[spoil = Features and Specifications:]
- 115.5 x 62.1x 12.3 (egg shaped like a MacBook Air);
- weight 133g;
- the back cover is entirely made of plastic;
- The controls (volume, vibro, turn) are now iron;
- audio input is no longer drowned;
- two colors: black and white (only 16GB) - only the color of the back cover changes, the front panel is unchanged;

- 3G;
- GPS (works with Google Maps);

Price for us:
- $ 199 - 8Gb;
- $ 299 - 16Gb;
- standard plus $ 35 - state tax;
- prices are announced only for those who have signed a contract for 2 years. Without it, it will be significantly more expensive;

Two sales scenarios:
1) The device will not be sold without a contract for 2 years, then you have to pay a penalty for termination of the contract - $ 150- $ 200 (based on: the minimum tariff for 2 years + penalty). Packing option for sellers, increasing the final cost. An unlikely option.

2) Selling an iPhone in AT & T offices for $ 199 and $ 299, plus a two-year contract. At the same time, selling at the Apple Store without a contract, but at a higher price - for example, $ 400 and $ 500, is correspondingly.

Working hours:
- Standby - 300h;
- talk mode (2G) - 10h;
- talk mode (3G) - 5h;
- Internet - 5-6 hours;
- watching video - 7h;
- music - 24 hours;

Changes included:
- missing cradle (now only the cable);
- other charging (without interchangeable plugs);
[/ spoil]

The price in Russia is 23 and 27 thousand rubles for 8 and 16 gigabytes of memory, respectively

How to determine where your iPhone is from.

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eXodusN about design is a subjective matter. I, behold, did not like the soft metal back cover. I prefer white plastic.
If it is "ovoid", this millimeter may not be noticed.
It’s not clear about prices either: this is for ATT or for mere mortals.

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Mah @ 06/09/08 1:30:19 PM
eXodusN that you have such analogs)))) up to 440 bucks pull)))

If you look closely at the site of the app, it says that $ 200 is with a 2-year contract. Under similar conditions, the 1st iPhone costs $ 80. And you can think a head, there are no fairy tales

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Well, under similar conditions, the old iphone cost $ 425 with the same contract for 2 years ... And there it seems nowhere said that it will be sold without a contract with the operator ... And they took the price of 80 dollars))) So that then you fantasize ... I live in the states and I know what taxes are in the eplotor on the old iphone and what tax in the stores on the same iphone ... EQUAL))))

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Mah 06/09/08 1:44:06
Well, under similar conditions, the old iphone cost $ 425 with the same contract for 2 years ... And there it seems nowhere said that it will be sold without a contract with the operator ... And they took the price of 80 dollars))) So that then you fantasize ... I live in the states and I know what taxes are in the eplotor on the old iphone and what tax in the stores on the same iphone ... EQUAL))))

Atm is not specified with which contract. Yes, and you might think your head will not be the best phone in the world to cost as Nokia 6233. Many different contracts with different operators under different conditions. I am sure that 200 ye under the contract will cost more

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In general, the old Impon cost for all contracts equally. Theabonent himself could choose his own plan for his pocket. The price itself did not change from this ... for whom there is no better for whom there is no ... maybe for states is a dear toy, and for Russia, it is unlikely because What there are many phones of more expensive ... In the same Europe, it cost much more expensive with the same contracts, and with the disdicker in general, it is quite acceptable ... so I don't know how to do with other countries ... anyway In Russia, more with the United States will be held ... Even if it costs it more expensive than 200 ya, they will still buy for 200 and not more expensive))) Invent the unlock and everything ...

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Zhdems 11 ... :) I think I'll bring a bit for "relatives": victory:

For those who are not clear ... more precisely, in one place on the home site it is written that A-GPS (http://www.apple.com/iphone/specs.html)
in others, there is a GPS module ...

Where is the truth ???

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daimon_savagemessiahzine.com A-gps works better than normal gps. You can disable the Internet and it will be just GPS

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Anathema , thank you, although for me the RPS is first and foremost a car, here the A-RPS does not get nadot (just as you just caught a glimpse of the info that A-GPS is supposed to work only with the Internet and cell towers, but does not catch signals from the satellite Do not beat for ignorance :()

Then the question is the GPS chip installed in the ike ??? + Is there a chance of creating / porting other progs for GPS (not Gugele map, ugh)?

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daimon_savagemessiahzine.com ,
No, you heard the stupidity. Just A-gps you can get through the Internet info on satellites, but everything works fine without that. Almost all HTC Assisted-GPS

I'm no longer interested in that. zhps zhpsom, but with navigation as it will be. routes there. cards. poi ...

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Sloven ,
No way, the current Google Map and everything ... in short everything is for Americans

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Sloven , iGo has long threatened to release something, Tom Tom has already announced

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daimon_savagemessiahzine.com ,
But what about? This is the most promising market. half the country on poppy crazy ...

Anathema ,
Well then, nothing to worry about)

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Here is the answer.
TomTom has just announced in an interview with Reuters that they are ready to start selling their navigation software developed for iPhone3G.
With the release of this “package” it will be possible to stop using GoogleMaps.

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Stopping It Come Out! I will buy myself a little white goose and a black shesStNadTsiTi GiGovOchKU and bolfe Nenada: -R

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layer2222 , white only 16GB - infa from the site.

Damn, even Israel is not ...

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Anathema ,
Well then the opposite is white 16 and black 8: lol:

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With the price a complete bummer
Apple and AT & T strike back at the gray iPhone market

While the iPhone community strenuously cracked the second version of the iPhone firmware (and I must say, very successfully), Apple and AT & T found another way to give it a pig. Today it became aware of changes in the conditions of sale and activation of the communicator.

Now it became clear why Apple went on such a radical decline in prices for new models. The fact is that the company has completely changed the format of its relationship with AT & T. If before the devices were sold at full market value, and Apple received its commissions from the subscriber’s account from the operator, now AT & T pays for Cupertino for each iPhone sold, but that’s where the deductions end.

Thus, Apple will be able to more aggressively compete with counterparts from Blackberry or Windows Mobile, and AT & T will receive a fresh batch of new subscribers. Everyone is happy? Yes, with the exception of dealers.

In order to purchase an iPhone, two major changes have occurred. First, now you can activate the device only in the Apple or AT & T store. But it's okay, another thing is that the buyer, who does not activate the iPhone within 30 days after its purchase, will now be penalized. Their size remains to be seen, but good enough.

Then there are two possible scenarios: either the second-hand dealer simply turns off his “business”, or ... include the cost of penalties in the price of the “gray” iPhone. We multiply this by the entrepreneurial spirit of the subsequent intermediaries and get not at all 200 or even 300 dollars, but much more.

That's how the dream of the popular iPhone 3G is crumbling ... :-(

A source:DeepApple.ru

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Mobi95 , in principle, I wrote it in the first post. By the way, indicate the source (deepapple.ru))

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