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iPhone 8 Plus Charging Rate Comparison with Original Apple Chargers

Hard Reboot {Hard Reset} Device
If you need to do a hard reset, you must first quickly press and release the volume up button, then decrease the volume, and finally press and hold the power button until the apple appears
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Additional Information
The iPhone 8 Plus differs from the younger version with a 5.5 ″ screen, a larger battery and a dual camera that can take photos in portrait mode.
iPhone 8 and 8 Plus received a glass case in three colors - black, white and new pink. Moisture protection, stereo speakers, Touch ID. 12 megapixel camera with f / 1.8 aperture (the second camera of the 8 Plus has a 12 megapixel module with a f / 2.8 aperture).

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* Boshmay, Yes, in the airplane mode. Or you need to wake up for the dialer to shoot after 3 hours in a cold sweat?

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Dreamer92 @ 26.02.20, 10:06*
As it is connected to the battery and wear ?!

Smartphone can correctly determine the wear battery.
The ios 13 still have an optimized charge. It saves wear and tear on all night if left to charge the phone.

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* Dreamer92,
Well, already mentioned above.
And also pay attention to your screen. Have you read "Battery Sosotoyanie (beta".
It is generally on the first bulldozer to operate in many.
Some after update and a couple of percent increases.

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Dreamer92 @ 26.02.20, 10:24*
Or you need to wake up for the dialer to shoot after 3 hours in a cold sweat?

No, in any case ... But wonder accelerated deterioration of the battery is also not necessary in this case,

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That's exactly what the accelerated and unusual for the phone. I'll try to support the Apple call, listen to it say. Well, in the extreme case, simply authorized ai new original Accum money stick and all.

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Dreamer92 @ 26.02.20, 18:13*
I'll try to support the Apple call, to listen to tell

"Update the software on the device. Support for iOS 12 is finished. "

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I was unsure about the quality of images with an input iOS 13 12 version was a direct app detail on top, with a yield of 13, and the new unit was soap in the pictures. And it was with the release of 13.

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* Nighsiber, it is likely that you bought 11 Pro Max. I almost bought a 11 Pro is a very good discount to receive, but after 8 plus he has some kind of tiny and narrow, it turns out only alternative pro max

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Nighsiber @ 27.02.20, 23:27*
output 13 and the new unit was soap in the pictures. And it was with the release of 13.

I have no complaints. All photographs clearly

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Dreamer92 @ 26.02.20, 07:23*
Good day to all. Phone 11 months, bought in Russia March 24, 2019. I went into the battery settings and found just such a sad picture (see. Screenshot). I use the phone as usual, at the home charging put nightly including airplane. Is this normal percentage of wear and if not whether Accum replaced under warranty? What to do?

Which iOS worth?

Posted on 03/01/2020, 21:10:

Dreamer92 @ 26.02.20, 09:06*
I do not want me, and 12.4 is normal. As it is connected to the battery and wear ?!

In 13.3.1 wear shows more precisely and have protection against overcharging the battery

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When you copy contacts from the SIM card pokazyvat only the number without a name, it is not so I do?

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Tin sure it prices quickly fall .. on Avito watched about 2 months ago, used 35 sold .. Now look: 24-25 thousand ...
I'm already thinking to sell it and take about 11

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TiNO07 @ 6.03.20, 13:51*
it rapidly falling prices.

Wow fast ... 25 for bu ... 2017 smartphone, it is a very good idea

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lugovs @ 06.03.20, 10:56*
bu for Smartphone 2017 ... it's pretty good

It's not in the year. And the fact that voplne Useful phone yet.

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Not always clearly fulfills swipe up - as if floating touch, but in all places of work - and in the bottom of the screen, too - this is such a feature of the machine or I'm starting not to carry?

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MrKrot @ 06.03.20, 14:01*
Not always clearly fulfills swipe up

Me too. already Prvic

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* vitalik_tr,
And, if nothing else :) Just on the SE and 5S are all very clear in this respect :(

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MrKrot @ 06.03.20, 17:13*
Just on the SE and 5S

I had SE and 5S. By the way, yes. Similarly ludshe SE worked)))

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* vitalik_tr,
I did not come to an understanding on what basis it happens - sometimes works perfect, and sometimes - well, no, not at all easy. Due to the running application of some or due to the sequence of actions ...

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MrKrot @ 07.03.20, 11:03*
I did not come to an understanding on what basis it happens

I understand the matter in ios 13 I 12.4 works perfectly. Only battery consumption strange. What is your version of ios? I plan to update some things are alarming

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