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Pro theme manager and install third-party themes

1. Topics from third-party sources are not supported.
Use modules:

Try importing through MI Rape:

Put the patched MT (ask in the branch of your phone):

Try to throw the topic into the firmware instead of the standard one:

2. For some time, themes that have been recently installed are no longer applied in the theme manager.

At 9.5 themes do not apply without having a deaccount and without themes / wallpapers downloaded from it.

Be careful on the latest firmware versions (mi6 phone, Oreo Global firmware) using themes. A critical systemui error appears and the phone goes into perpetual reboot (download in native recovery), only the wipe date helps.

If all of the above does not help, contact the topic of your firmware!

The basics of editing topics for a beginner

1. Question: How can I download themes from a site on a computer? I do not see the buttons for downloading.
1. New way to download themes from PC + video instruction(Not relevant)
2. New way to download themes from PC(Not relevant)
3. No longer relevant option(Not relevant)

2. Question: I install a third-party clock / weather widget. But after exiting the edit mode, nothing changes. What to do?
Answer:The use of clocks from the topic and not using them separately is a clear symptom that one of the permissions has disappeared from the desktop. Most likely to access memory.INSTRUCTIONS IN PICTURES
Starting from 7.6.13, the opportunity to change the theme of the 2x4 hours widget was lost, the miui developers decided so, until the prospects for the return of this feature are foreseen, there is no solution to the problem, just apply the theme of the widget as part of the theme

3. Question: I installed a separate component of the theme: icons or lockscreen. In the topics it is not. Where to looking for?
Answer: detailed instructions in pictures.

4. Question: set a third-party clock. In themes and components they are not. Where to looking for?
Answer:In the desktop editing mode, add a standard 4x2 clock widget, then click on the icon in the upper right corner of the already applied clock and select the desired clock skin. Here you can also remove an unnecessary clock widget, if installed as a separate component.

5. Question: I liked butanimation in the third-party topic, but my manager is unable to apply it. What to do?
Answer:The method without root is describedHERE

6. Question: I can not unlock the screen after installing the theme / lockscreen, what should I do?
Answer:Press the "Back" and "Volume +" buttons simultaneously.
Another simple way: in advance of experiments with installing new themes in the phone settings in notifications, you must enable access on the lock screen to avoid such incidents. If suddenly unlocking does not work - then we ottyagivaya down the curtain on the lock screen, enter the settings, and voila the main screen is available.

7. Question: How can I install the theme for the MIUI firmware?
Answer:Download the theme to your computer or device, then remove the .zip extension from it. Sometimes you want to extract a topic from the archive, see in the post with a specific topic it is written. Put the theme in any place in the phone’s memory or on a memory card (this should be a file with the .mtz extension). Go to the Themes application, go to the "Local" tab and click on the button at the bottom of the "Import" screen. After that, the topic will appear in the directory and it can be applied.

8. Question: How to remove or add an extension "ZIP"? What is it all about?"
Answer:first option | second option

9. Question: where can I find the installed theme to edit it?
Answer:explicitly ANYWHERE. The theme manager parses and pulls the theme into separate components in folders in /sdcard/miui/theme/.data/content
The most correct way to save the whole theme is to download from the site. However, there is a relatively simple way to tear out almost the entire installed theme: apply it and pick up all the components of a theme from / data / system / theme. There will not only be a file describing the topic, butanimation (if any) and fonts (if they were in the subject).

10. Question: I want to edit the topic. How can I disassemble it and assemble it back?
Answer:In short, the theme package isZIP-archive, respectively, and you can open it as an archiver by changing the extension.

11. Question: I want to find the mtz of the stock topic MIUI, or its standard resources
Answer:ANYWHERE. We read very carefullyhere

12. Made an account designer, and the theme just do not want to be imported. I click on the import button and instead of choosing a topic for import, I’m thrown back to the list of topics. What am I doing wrong?
Answer:This is because the standard file manager is frozen or deleted. It is through him that the import of themes takes place.

13. Question: I have a designer account. How to edit the data in it ?.
Answer:Mi Account - We are discussing everything related to the account!

14. Question: I have no opportunity to change the font of the theme. What to do?
Answer:as a possible solution, we lookhere, hereandhere, or put another manager to those from the branch of their firmware.

15. Question: Why does the font not apply to the clock widget on the lock screen and the desktop when installing themes? How to fix?
Answer:Because in almost all the clocks on the desktop and in the lock screen, the numbers themselves are in the form of pictures, and do not depend on the installed font in the system.
Solution: Disassemble Lockscreen or clock widget, and replace the images with the ones you need.

16. Where did the bold text disappear in the firmware?
Answer:To completely replace all the faces, you need to flash the font pack through the recovery or replace it in the system along the way: system / fonts. In this case, it is necessaryat firstremove all existing fonts from this folder,and only after thatcopy your own. And reboot.

17. Question: I want to change the standard curtain, but I do not have the com.android.systemiu file in the firmware
Answer: look here

18. How to change the color to white in the blind?
Answer:This is because the curtain itself is applied separately from the topic in which the corresponding text is registered.
You can change it yourselfaccording to this instruction

19. Question: How to add a picture from the phone to the spoiler?
Answer:picture instructions

20. Where are the files to adjust the sound? Substrate, icons, progress bar?
Answer:Located along the path: framework-miui-res / res / drawable-xxhdpi. Icons start with the name "ic_audio _...". And the substrate itself under the volume panel is volume_dialog_background.9.png

21. How is the transparency of the text in the topic?
Answer:we readhereandhere

22. How can I remove annoying vibration when pressed from a third-party lockscreen?
Answer:add loxgrin to manifest.xml after Unlocker name = "......"haptic = "false"
For example:<Unlocker name = "unlocker"haptic = "false"visibility = "# e * # c * # dh" bounceInitSpeed ​​= "2000" bounceAcceleration = "3000" alwaysShow = "true" delay = "500">

23. How to find out the name of the application package in MIUI?
Answer: here
Or find them along the data / system / customized_icons path. There will be icons that are not replaced by the theme.

24. Why in the topic in general apply the filter "filter.xml"?
Answer: here

25. Mini FAQ on fonts for data output
Answer: here

26. Where are the miui basic themes in which directory? Is it possible to remove them correctly? Everything except the default one, so that the manager of the themes also has no tails left.
Answer:On the way: \ system \ etc \ precust_theme. You can safely delete the entire precust_theme folder. In the manager, they all disappear, except for default. [/ Url]
useful links
Theme editing programs and patches for MIUI v8
Manuals and instructions

Video player

The calendar

Clock widget



Alarm clock






Theme Manager




Activity in the topic

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* matheus , Attached fileMusic.apk (12.83 MB)

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* alexandr270483 ,
I record
<color name = "notification_media_action_color"># b3ffffff</ color>
It does not work at all. Apparently, this is for 7ki.
And it is strange that you have to cut off the screenshot button.

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For icons used theme that puts on the available icons mask. How can I get the system ready-made icons with a mask, where they are stored? The / data / system / theme is always the same theme with masks, and where the processed icon ... I assume that they may be somewhere in the cache, but where exactly?

Rep: (566)
All the good guys tell me where to get a program to vytaskivoniya with the phone, all the odd breakage can not find, or tell me the name I only remember backup. thanks in advance

Rep: (487)
swyat23 @ 31.03.18, 10:01*
where to get a program for those with phone vytaskivoniya

In the hat
Discussion topics for MIUI v9 (Post Viirastus # 64913613)
"The program for the packaging used on the phone at the moment"
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* tris77 ,
There I was there it .....

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* swyat23 , and what's that? Discussion topics for MIUI v8 (Post alex lifanow # 59671887)

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Prompt please who knows where you can change the font color to black
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* samovary4 ,
<color name = "txt_memory_info_color"># fff00000</ color>


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* fonjager ,
Hello, please tell me where to download this theme. (Gray-green)

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GOG.A in my one of the best isCatalog of the MIUI v6 / v7 / v8 / v9 (Post alexanrin # 66046963)

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HOORAY! Today has applied imported from phone theme!
It took three days after the first approval of the content on the designer's account.
I do not know that's just, it's the timer content publishing in a shop or a letter helped in Xiaomei, where I reported the problem and your account.
Details under the spoiler.
Like many, I have MIUI9 (firmware and smart in the signature) was impossible to apply the theme, imported from your phone, even though almost a year have a design account, but still nothing there is not downloaded.
Worked only theme of the store, even after one of my themes 27.03 and approved at the design account, but even that is not intended for import to the phone, not to mention others.

After the approval of my first theme (the first content to the designer's account) 27.03 I spent two days trying to find a topic approved by the Store to download and install it officially, but it could not find.
Then 29.03 wrote a letter to the address [email protected]
Text of the letter:
My first theme was accepted and I can see it in On shelf page.
But I can not find it in Themes store. Can you help me?

My designer account isxxxxxxx
Thank you.

Best regards.

Today, quite by chance, picking various themes from the store in the hope to collect what I want, hoping for a miracle, once again one of those imported from the phone and tried to install it from a set of icons and they were established!
Not believing his eyes went to the store and found their approved topic. By the way, the subject prior to injection chased through MIUI Theme Editor and then right hands description.xml, otherwise it does not pass the first test in the injection and does not appear in the audit expectations tab. Example file description.xml
<? xml version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8"?>
<version><! [CDATA [1.0]]></ version>
<uiVersion>6</ uiVersion>
<author><! [CDATA [Name Surname]]></ author>
<designer><! [CDATA [Designer account]]></ designer>
<title><! [CDATA [Theme name]]></ title>
<description><! [CDATA [Theme description]]></ description>
<author locale = "zh_CN"><! [CDATA [Name Surname]]></ author>
</ authors>
<designer locale = "zh_CN"><! [CDATA [Designer account]]></ designer>
</ designers>
<title locale = "zh_CN"><! [CDATA [Theme name]]></ title>
</ titles>
<description locale = "zh_CN"><! [CDATA [Theme description]]></ description>
</ descriptions>
</ theme>

Name Surname - your name and surname
Theme name - nazvante topics
Designer account - your nickname (login) design account
Theme description - description of the topic
All write in English.

Hence the conclusion that the installation of third-party access to the imported and their components does not appear after approval of the first content to the designer's office, and after his appearance at the store.
This applies, of course,the first content approvalon account of the designer.
Tried different versions of the content are not imported from the store - all set!

All patience and good luck!

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Hi guys tell me how to do cropping pictures, settings, etc., that this
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Rep: (657)
gruzin799 @ 31.03.18, 13:18*
how things are done cropping the picture
In terms of crop? IMHO, this is so drawn dies settings ...

Rep: (775)
Sinister @ 31/03/18, 13:36*
this is so drawn dies settings ...
and it is clear, I think cropping ...

Rep: (9)
Vetalay_V @ 30.03.18, 9:14*
Quote: McBandit @ 29.03.2018, 23:41 While the theme of the third-party sources do not apply gathered himself from the store

Links have the opportunity to give your theme?
* Vetalay_V ,

Links to the studio, please ...

Here is my version of a off.magazinchega ...
Tel. XRN3Pro 3/32 ... first body, which for the second year walkin 'out of the box ", globalka, rue not, do not unlock, refreshed regularly fly through the air and that's enough ... it was ... until 9.5 is not broken off with topics ...

The main theme Tilt 999 desktop to change - like a grid of icons 4x6 .... wallpaper separately their ...
Choosing curtains - required at least 5 Toggle, on a dark background, but would look for other icons piers too ...
So can someone come in handy ...
Ps .: I want as before, is forced through the manager so that a pleasant and fopda lepota ... I Knew not have been updated to 9.5 ....

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I understand thatThe lesson was not helpful
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Better to spit on the avatar ... Why deprive beginners useful information: thank_you:

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Good day. Please tell me a set of icons which display icons of the old sample Instagram.

Rep: (0)
Tell me where to replace the font color?

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Rep: (92)
* Jim_Hopkins , Please tell me which of these themes clock with weather?
Also from the official picked up a something more or less acceptable, but want like weather with a watch

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