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Theme for those who do not know where to describe their problem.
Ask HERE, we will try to help you.

If you have a problem, and you can not find your device, do not create a new topic, ask here.

So that you can be of assistance, describe in detail your problem.
We recommend to specify as detailed as possible all the characteristics of your device. There are many devices on the market, with similar characteristics, from different manufacturers, to give you all possible help, let's give as much information as possible about the device and the problem.

Also look, or you can ask your question in the topics.

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If you are tormented by the agony of choice, you cannot decide what to choose, you want to compare with similar devices, in the sectionSelection and Comparison - Multimedia Devicesyou will be sure to help dispel all your doubts
Just pay attention to the sectionDo it yourself

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Good day! My problem with the Philips HTB5151K soundbar is that when it starts up, the message “starting” appears on the display of the soundbar itself, and nothing else happens. I did not find any adequate information on the Internet on this issue. Perhaps, on this forum there are masters who could solve the problem?

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ArtyZimmermann @ 09/13/17, 17:23*
Perhaps, on this forum there are masters who could solve the problem?

Most likely you will have to carry it to the service center. He has a lot of problems, and
ArtyZimmermann @ 09/13/17, 17:23*
"starting" appears and nothing else happens.

This is one of the most common.

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I would like to make a video-nanny of the existing video camera samsung. The camera has connectors: HDMI and some proprietary small square (like mini-usb). Is there an adapter that we insert into the camera's HDMI and it transmits the image via wi-fi to the phone (android)?

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MOHAX777 @ 09/14/17, 12:33*
video nanny from the available samsung video camera

You do not bring any characteristics of this camcorder. Is it possible to just do it, at least do something? It may be possible if there is an HDMI connector, so it can output audio and video, another question is how expensive it will be. Try asking your question in the section.Do it yourselfJust describe in more detail, the model of the camera, that would at least understand what is at stake.

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Hello. I purchased a portable speaker Sven PS-420. With the computer does not connect, although the computer sees it. Writes not updated drivers on the bluetooth device. Defines a column as a bluetooth headset. It’s written on the manufacturer’s website that separate drivers are not needed for the column. Smart sees .. plays, with no computer. Tell me pliz solution ... if it exists at all

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Karaburgut @ 09/21/17, 10:41 PM*
Smart sees .. plays, with no computer. Tell me pliz solution ... if it exists at all

Most likely the computer bluetooth does not support the audio profile. I can be wrong, ask better in the topicFirst Aid Technotrepalki (Post tempico # 8403312)This column is not a multimedia device with some sort of operating system, so you will most likely go there. But the wire you can just connect it.

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Hello. I need help: the Digma HDMP-650 Media Player is not working. Namely: accidentally pressed the microswitch button next to the power socket, after which the player stopped responding to the remote and manually pressing. After pressing the button on. the backlight turns on for 5 seconds and the player goes off again.
How to bring the media player back to life ???
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Attached Image

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Hello. Friends, help advice. There are two TVs on which you want to watch movies in HD. Now I have a hard disk, I download movies to it and connect it to one of the TVs, everything is OK, not counting two BUT: 1. I am constantly tired of switching from the computer and carrying it back and forth 2. The HDD began to crumble, soon it would die.
I would like to have some kind of network storage, which it would not be necessary to carry there and there, to which you could connect via WiFi and download movies, at the same time connect from TV. One of Smart TV, but on WiFi it seems that high-quality movies cannot be watched without brakes. The second is not Smart, can not connect to the network at all, to it only via HDMI or USB.
While I imagine the solution to this problem by purchasing network storage with a USB interface that I connect to a TV without a network via USB, it will live there. At the same time, the device should have WiFi, so that you can download movies to it, the second TV will connect to it via WiFi too, apparently there will be an ambush, but there's nothing to be done (as an option, try extending the Ethernet to it if it helps).
The question is - do I really imagine the solution, or are there more interesting ways? It is necessary to have a volume, say no less than 200GB, in order not to worry much about the place, because I plan to download kins at night.
Question in dogonku. I truly understand that with the help of such a device (here) can the hard disk be connected to the computer and the TV and by switching the toggle switch to change the connection to this or that device?

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Andrew.n.semenov @ 09/23/17, 14:24*
I truly understand that with the help of such a device

This is a question rather to the seller. China is China. What and how they pissed off there ... And maybe something on your question, you will be prompted in the subjectFirst Aid
The question is - do I really imagine the solution or are there more interesting ways

There are hard drives, in the external version, and network home storage, as they say in taste and color. Everything depends on your finances and interest in picking and tuning. Again, the link gave, there is a little wrong section.

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* mihadom
Thank you for your reply, I will go to another branch :)
And in this thread there is such a question - if you buy a simple TV-Box, can you connect a hard disk to it via USB and cling to it via WiFi to download video? And will it be possible from Smart TV to the TV-Box, and accordingly, to pick up the hard one via WiFi?
The goal is to solve the problem at the lowest possible budget.

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Dear Aksakals, Good day to all
There is a question * request. Help to connect the Laptop and Android Phone via the TV set-top box X98PRO to the Samsung TV UE48J5100. I mean via WiFi
I need step by step instructions) because I’m going to be a noob)
I ask you to write instructions in HP, as I’ll quickly see the result and the answer

Dear moderators. if you did not write there, forgive and redirect. Thank you in advance

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Hello, I have a TV LG 47LA669V, recently purchased a home theater Sony BDV-E6100 and faced with a problem - the HDMI cable is not output sound from the TV to the DC. In the TV has an HDMI connector with support ARC function for DCs also have similar support HDMI v1.4 cable itself (as I understood version that supports ARC). TV, when activated in the ARC menu, DC recognizes the transmitted picture and no sound. The only way to connect to the transmission of sound - an optical audio cable (S / PDIF). As a result, only works ligament HDMI + S / PDIF.

But after all in HDMI ARC = Audio Return Channel is a reversible audio channel. The technology with which you can transmit sound through any intermediate device, the same DK receiver, without using a separate optical audio cable.

Advise what to do. Maybe I'm not right, doing something, I would like to use only HDMI (ARC).

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And in this thread there is such a question - if you buy a simple TV-Box, can you connect a hard disk to it via USB, and cling to it via WiFi to download video

Again, TV boxes are different, with different capabilities, there are so many different BUT ....
The goal is to solve the problem with the lowest possible budget.

As for me, the most convenient solution is
network home storage,

Access and on the home grid, and from anywhere in the world where there is Internet. And with inexpensive, very budget solutions, permanent problems are possible. And the budget is minimal, everyone is different. Choose and pick you up.
I use Synology DS213 air, already 7 years old, never let down. I have access to it from anywhere in the world. Photos, multimedia, documents, everything is there. Well, a simple search for a letterNAS will show you a lot of things. As for me, this is ideal. Once set up and forgotten. And TV and media boxes, and smartphones, tablets all connect to it without problems. And on the wafer and on the wire. But it's up to you to decide.

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Hello, everyone! I wanted to find out about the mini PC, I only need to watch TV, so that I could draw on the Internet and 4k movies without brakes, I looked at a couple of brands at voyo, cenovo and mele.

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* inkubator88, And what you are not satisfied with the work of Smart on your LG G6?

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* inkubator88,
And Tv box is not considered?

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* johnson72 , parents took tv boxing on the android and didn't like something

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* inkubator88,
Yes, of course, they are of different quality. If you know what to take, it can be very good. There are boxes and on Windows.

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I wanted to know about the mini pc

Mini PC, in another section
To compare the device with competitors and on the choice of devices, please contact:Selection and ComparisonOr immediatelyComputers and peripherals
And they tell you
They are of different quality

If the goal is only multimedia, then the choice is huge. And here on the forum, not all existing models and manufacturers are represented. I useSuchEverything works, just set up once.

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If the goal is only multimedia, then the choice is huge.
In the cap of this topicChoice of Chinese Android media player (General theme)All is well painted. Here on WindowsSelection of Windows-based media players (as well as miniPC, barebone and nettop based on this OS). A Openbox is a good office. I have a Skyway satellite office (same as Openbox).

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