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The base model of 64 GB will cost $ 999. In addition, 256 and 512 GB versions are expected on sale, but their price has not yet been reported.
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TheMysterious @ 09/13/17, 00:10*
It at least looks better than the black spot on the video.

What good is cropping or stretching a video? You feel better, I feel worse. I'd rather look at iPhone in my native resolution. And as the pictures look 4: 3 on the Samsung screen, so do laughter and sin.

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* A.R.S,
I tried, but it didn't work out very well. Enough already, this should be a shame to justify.

Posted on 09/13/2017, 00:14:

* GloomAngel,
You decide

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* The mysterious
I quote Apple website: "Testing was conducted by Apple in August 2017 on test samples of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X with a preliminary version of the software; Apple Power Adapters USB-C were used (A1540 model - 29 W Model A1719 - 87 W). Testing of fast charging was carried out on a discharged iPhone. Charging time depends on environmental factors; actual charging time may not match the indicated one. "

And here is the photo of this USB-C charging:
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and in the complete set there will be a usual for 5 watts, it is written on the site of Epla

Posted on 09/13/2017, 00:17:

TheMysterious @ 09/12/17, 23:10*
And all applications have video trimming support.

Well, cropping is even worse in the sense that even more information is lost.

Imagine a TV set (usual, which is the one at home). Now take a piece of cloth similar to the "island" of iPhone X and attach it. Some of the information from the video is lost. Now take pieces of fabric cut out in a manner similar to trimming videos to a narrower format and attach on top and bottom. This is a loss of information when stretching ...

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* A.R.S,
Well then, Apple went this way. It is foolish to introduce fast charging into the smartphone and then put the usual in the box .. The phone is not worth $ 200 .. Although Apple is probably why it is so rich that it earns on every little thing.

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Definitely, this island is a failure. No matter what anyone says, but C8 is better. And in fact, even if you pour a black side, you get a straight edge on top and rounded from the bottom ... The island is thick enough to dissipate at a glance, if it were a couple of three mm, it would be better.

Rep: (360)
Definitely, this island is a failure. No matter what anyone says, but C8 is better.

Another would be the owner of the C8 said that something was worse in his smartphone than in iPhone: lol :. I would be very surprised :) And "unequivocally" - loudly said, this is only your subjective opinion. I now think that 18.5: 9 is a failure, so what?) Or do you think that your opinion is the most objective?)

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* GloomAngel, and I think that C8 with its “magnificent”, “speed” tachvis and reject rate is just that same animated emoji and the device is already on avito ... But the implementation of the framework is objectively better. Symmetry is always more pleasing to the eye than a thorn from above.

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GloomAngel, and I believe that C8 with its “magnificent”, “high-speed” tachwiz and reject rate is just the same animated emoji and device already on avito ... But the implementation of the framework is objectively better. Symmetry is always more pleasing to the eye than a thorn from above.

For me, a thorn was black bars on either side of the screen when I'm watching a 16: 9 video on a C8. This is really annoying and conspicuous. Ayfon same problem rather far-fetched, I doubt that these millimeters can be lost any useful information, and application developers certainly adapt. I would even may emphasis on this island would not pay (about the loss of any of information), if it is not deducted these snot, which as usual divorced after another ayfon presentation).

But the implementation of the framework, objectively done better.

Objectively only for you. I repeat, do not give your opinion for the only correct one. I doubt that Johnny Ive understands design worse than any Vitek from Russia, who has everything objectively and unequivocally.

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* GloomAngel, stick on the left of the TV in proportion to the cardboard and watch a movie. Already at the presentation, it was clear that the game interface was in no way in contact with this site, the icons climb under this island. In 10ke, too, as if not a 16: 9 screen. Do you think that 16: 9 video will not work the same way as on C8?

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GloomAngel @ 09/12/17, 23:45*
applications developers probably adapt

This is yes. The undeniable advantage of iOS is the standardization of devices. There are only a few screen resolutions: iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ and now iPhone X. All other iPhones on the screen are identical to the data. So - the developers will "finish" the actual applications, as they once reworked the applications under 6-ku after its release ...

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All we are waiting for iPhone X? I thought the pre-order would be 15 and then the end of October! (Sadness ... there’s no point in taking an iPhone 8

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* Ponomarev86 Well, I would not say that no. 10ka as a technology demonstrator, of course, live emoticons are fun, but there are controversial points. Well, for those who just want the flagship flagship, yes, wait for 10k sales.

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* ViTeK161rus , the problem is that with the usual 8ki the screen is too small, after May 9 I would hardly take it with a small screen, so I have to wait
I also broke off the news that the iPhone 10 will be only in November. And there still X box X goes, some spending

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* meccu,
So on November 3, he goes to the people at them. In Russia, most likely, a little later. And certainly with horse cheat.

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* Aivengo73 ,
I live in England, so I don’t think that he will be much later than in the US, so it remains only to wait and not change my mind about how I left 7, the shoals surfaced and took met instead

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* decomeron It’s naive to believe that people buy an iPhone that it’s bad, I only have the phone and the clock from the android (and not the android in principle), from the Apple TV, iPod, Mac and iPad, and I really like it, the whole ecosystem of Apple thought out

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What prevented the apple to put the OLED screen in normal models? They are even in the Chinese put, but in the expensive flagship of the epla is still IPS.
There would be a mast hev smart.

And there is no desire to take this raw pseudo-frameless.

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Article onsavagemessiahzine.com - iPhone X - A New Page in Apple History

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* meccu,
Well, I also have a bunch of iPhone 7 +, iPad and iMac very happy. I got rid of all the Vidroid-screw and I do not regret the truth. It now remains to wait for November 3 and order from the states. Personally, the so-called “island” at the top of the screen doesn’t bother me at all - I don’t play games, and I rarely drive hairs. But the necessary fotik is very good.

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Someone will explain to me - as because of this island -https://3dnews.ru/asse…/958421/Untitled-7.jpgWill the notifications on the top panel be shown in the form: Vibera, Skype, Vk, mail, VTSAP, SMS and other things?

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