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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 - Discussion | Smartphone, 5.99 "

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DiscussionXiaomi Mi Mix 2
PictureXiaomi Mi Mix 2, Chiron
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• Dimensions: 151.8 x 75.5 x 7.7 mm, weight 185 grams
• Screen: 5.99 inches, IPS, FullHD +, 1080 x 2160 pixels, ~ 403 ppi, 18: 9, 1500: 1, DCI-P3 color gamut, 94% NTSC color coverage
• Body materials: ceramics + aluminum
• Operating system: Android 7.1, 8.0 + MIUI 9.0
• Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, 2.45 GHz, 10 nm (Octa-core, 4x2.45 GHz Kryo & 4x1.9 GHz Kryo)
• Video accelerator: Adreno 540
• Memory: 6 GB (LPDDR4x) + 64/128/256 GB (UFS 2.1) or 8 GB (LPDDR4x) + 128 GB (UFS 2.1) (white version); no memory card slot
• Wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi (802.11 a / b / g / n / ac Wi-Fi Display, Wi-Fi Direct), Bluetooth 5.0 LE, NFC, GPS (A-GPS, GLONASS)
• Number and type of SIM-cards: 2, Nano-SIM + Nano-SIM
• Battery: non-removable, Li-Ion 3400 mAh, Quick charge (Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, up to 9V / 2A)
• Camera: main -12 MP (Sony IMX386, f / 2.0, pixel size 1.25 microns, 4-axis image stabilization), front - 5 MP
• Interface connector: USB 3.0 (Type-C)
• Fingerprint scanner: Yes, on the back.
• Optional: ultrasonic distance sensor, gyroscope, acceleration sensor, proximity sensor, Hall sensor, barometer, electronic compass.
• None: Infrared port (IrDA), Audio jack (3.5 mm), FM radio, Protection against dust and moisture
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* Yasha !,
Of course, normal, until daylight!

Rep: (688)
* Mocx And at night I work or sleep: D

Rep: (308)
* Yasha !,
In the evening ?;)

Rep: (688)
* Mocx , eat! But seriously, it's all relative, compared with the same Redmi 5plus. The camera produces an excellent result.

Post has been editedYasha! - 09.03.18, 19:35

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People, do not tell ksiomi minutes mih2 and ksiomi minutes mih2 se what is the difference and this thread in 4pda I have not found

Rep: (308)
* Oskar1979,
The first is already on sale, the date of the start of sales of the second announcement will be the 27th.

Post has been editedMocx - 09.03.18, 21:28

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* Mocx , * Oskar1979 I have a suspicion that he was asked about the publication of 2-ceramic mix is ​​as the first mix: rolleyes: In this case, the only difference in the case - it is entirely made of ceramics and white, no other differences

Rep: (121)
* Mocx, * Iozeg
Well in the first 27 will be 2s, and it 2se ceramics with 8GB default operatives

Rep: (189)
* hdd007 Yes, I was about him and wrote)

Rep: (8)
* Iozeg By the way, not just white - Ali and black sell. Only the price they have, of course, completely inhumane ...

Rep: (9)
* GuestWho , Was. Not now. After disabling notifications from the browser

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Hello. Purchased this unit Global Version 6/64. Firmware Miui 9.1.2, writes that last. Popolzovalsya day and got out a few flaws. Of course the screen, it is actually much yellow if the brightness is less than the maximum, although quite juicy. Curve software (firmware) in comparison with the more accessible and pro Redmi 4 Redmi Note 4 Global Version (the overall impression). in general, like the camera, optical stabilization is "vesch". The sound in the headphones that is the normal (expected better) do not eat. For 25,000 rubles. (Namely, for me as it has managed to Ali) still did not go far, but for 35,000 rubles. at the official, is too much, especially since I have in him, and have not seen on the market. IMHO.

Post has been editedDuGuR - 10.03.18, 13:41

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Polnoekrannye gestures
Powered by China Developerke or Beta Globalke 8.3.1 or on the MIUI 9.5 and above!
Only for full-screen ustrystv!

  1. If you want toreturn to the main screen , You can simply do svayp bottom upwards Rather than pressing the "Home" button
    Attached Image

  2. makingsvayp below the screen upwardly And then stop at center of the screen, you can open "Recent apps" (Task Manager)
    Attached Image

  3. If you want tocome back , You just need to do swipe from the left edge of the screen to the right
    Attached Image

  4. Some applications have their own specific gestures. They can be activated by makingswipe from the left edge of the screen to the right top of the screen
    Attached Image

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* bullik01,
When globalka?

Rep: (2479)
* rygiy1, http://en.miui.com/download-334.html#491

Rep: (3)
* Iozeg just such garbage, in an Internet found the online store can not remember the name, in short, they offered stock at prebreteniyu ksiomi mi Micah 2 se for 10,000 pe, I clicked the order to leave your phone number, so I called back, as a result, the next day I called back to the room +79222671172 I confirmed the order, but not paid, said that the payment will be made at the post office in the preparation, together with shipping cost 10500, I asked why they responded so cheap type of action which is, and then I decided to google the true price devaysa characteristics, but in 4pda I have not found, and asked here in this thread, and I think that's how to check it ??? that will advise ???

Rep: (189)
* Oskar1979 , Advise not to be so naive and can not lead to such divorces :) no one in their right mind would give you such a device for the money. At best, buy a fake.

Would you like to check the place of the program such as hw info or aida64 and see what hardware is determined by the program.

Post has been editedIozeg - 10.03.18, 23:25

Rep: (87)
* Oskar1979 But why not add for free poverbank to order? Think yourself. Who! 4raza give in cheaper product even at the super-duper action?
What do you like children then, it was she ...

Post has been editedbluesman96 - 10.03.18, 23:26
Reason for editing: Added beech

Rep: (7)
bluesman96 @ 10.03.18, 23:25*
What do you like children then, it was she ...
Taki freebie same seer.

Rep: (29)
* Oskar1979, at the post office, first pay, then receive the parcel and opened it or brick, or that is likely to be the phone of a basement china which Ali worth 2-3 thousand, and the phone from which the call to answer once, say call back tomorrow we will clarify everything, and everything on it. Describe this scam in the Internet full. I have an employee standing as DVR 17t so bought for 5500

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